Nikita Review: Secret Fathers Revealed

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Percy is one clever dude, way too clever for his own good. He may not be in charge of Division anymore, but in "343 Walnut Lane" it was made it clear who is getting things done. Percy, even in his glass prison, has made Amanda impotent.

Nikita vs. Father

Percy's manipulation of Alex, Amanda, and ultimately Nikita was brilliant. It was quite the well-thought out plan, but cruel beyond belief. That Percy would manipulate a new recruit with a fake father demonstrated just how long Percy has led a highly questionable existence.

I know, Division itself was and is a nefarious organization, but this showed how inhumane Percy could be. At the same time, I have to give Percy credit because his plan basically worked perfectly until the end. He understands how to manipulate people into doing his bidding without them even realizing it. At the beginning of the season, I wasn't sure how Percy would be incorporated into the show given his situation, but have you noticed that Alex and Amanda both are spending more and more time down in Percy's domain?

I was surprised at how easily Alex and especially Nikita were played. They were both clouded by their emotions. Alex feared Gogol and was blinded by getting revenge on Semak, while Nikita had an uncontrollable desire to find her family.

More shocking than finding out that Richard was a Division plant and not Nikita's father -- her telling Michael that Max is his son. Wow. I think she was more hurt by Michael's reaction to the news and letting go of her hands than by the truth about Richard.

I'm glad that Nikita told Michael that truth; that wasn't a secret I wanted hanging out there indefinitely. But I also don't think Michael is the only one who knows. When Richard and Birkhoff were fighting, Amanda commented that there was a disturbance on the comm. That's how she knew that Richard was compromised. If he was wearing a comm then, he was probably wearing one the whole time. Nikita killed Richard to protect the secret, but it was already out there.

What will Division do with that secret? Will Alex find out and be able to warn Michael and Nikita? If Nikita keeping the secret from Michael caused a divide, Michael will be furious to find out that she let Division in on it even if inadvertently. 

What do you think will happen between Michael and Nikita? Does he love her enough to forgive her?


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I like Nikita and Maggie Q's superb acting skills! She's a naturally good actress, probably one of the best but i don't like her beauty so much. I think another actress more beautiful would still have pulled it off but made everything even MORE appealing and beautiful. I'm not saying Maggie ain't beautiful though. But still I am thankful for everyone's especially Maggie's acting skills. The film would have held no appeal for me if their acting sucked. I guess you can't have beauty and skill equally balanced, noh? Love the show!


Irealy like this show its good but in fact idon't like nikita at all idon't know why


Every time Roan has survived something, very Terminator-like music plays--it's amusing, but it got us thinking about Roan possibly being cybernetic--Percy has had a ton of money and a ton of access to secrets--who KNOWS what he's been able to accomplish! LOL I keep thinking the end-result involving Michael's lovechild is that the mother is going to die, and Michael will get the kid out of the country and back to the states. My problem with my own theory is that I don't see Michael and Nikita playing house anytime soon. It's simply not compatible with their line of work. I also anticipate Nikita becoming pregnant, at some point soon, as well...


I am so sad for Michael. And Nikita too (i am female too in, at times, very shaky relationship, so i can relate very good). But my opinion is that Nikita doesnt really deserve M, that was my opinion since 17 ep of S1..... i dont know, yes, u can see how much she loves him, but i dont think they are loving equally. u read me?


Oh and I was literally so sad when Alex learned that Nikita's father wasn't real. The look on her face! Although I did think it was weird that Nikita seemed to be blindly trusting a stranger, I really wanted that to be her father. Well played Percy, you devious ba$tard, you.


Did everyone miss Nikita's last name on her file???? Nikita Meers---anyone???


i loved this episode.i liked the part where alex first contacted birkoff and he said who told you that searching my name would contact me or somthing like that and the alex told him somthing like you did when i was a recruit because you wanted to see which girls where checking you out.i also loved the part where alex woke birkoff up at 2 in the moring and told him nikitas father was a division plant then he just jumped up and tried to go warn nikita and i liked that part because when alex told him he believed her right away and didn't question her or say no that's impossible he just went to go and try to warn nikita and michael but ended up fight her fake father.i don't think division knows that michael has a kid because roan said there hasn't been an update in a while and even though her fake dad was wearing a com they only here what they want the others to hear its only certain times when they have them turned on so the others can here everything.i loved the part where birkoff sent the missel to his house even though it could of killed all of them.i still can't believe that roan survived the explosion and his glasses didnt even have a scratch on them i mean what does it take to kill happy that nikita told michael that he has a son and i think that it will take him a while to completely forgive her for keeping it from him.i think that alex will rejoin nikita and michael soon and i really hope she does soon.i don't think percy owns alex like he thinks he does because she can beat amandas lie detector test because she has done it before.i can't wait till the next episode it looks great.


Good review! I love this show!


It Seems To Me That Nothin Can Kill Roan Or Destroy His Glasses..Loved The Episode and Loved When Amanda Showed Percy Who was Boss And Ripped The Picture In Half And Told Him Sometimes When You Gamble You Sometimes Win..or something like tht but anyway I loved it and cant wait for next episode


i don't think the secret is out yet. i am really proud of Nikita for telling the truth to Michael. i hope he forgives her or keeping it it from him so they could continue on as a couple. I think Alex might be joining the team soon.

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