Pan Am Review: Flirting with Disaster

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"One Coin in a Fountain" focused on Kate, Dean and the coupling of Ted and Laura. The espionage story had an edge this week as Kate was led into a high fashion, high stakes assignment, one that gave her an opportunity to show her girlish side, as well as bring out her sexy seductress.

I was surprised we learned nothing new on Laura's new living arrangement with Maggie, with these two being so incredibly different. Let's discuss the good and the not-so-good below.

In Monte Carlo

My favorite part of Pan Am
I can't tell if the goal of Ted and Laura and their many interactions is romantic in nature or if they're going to be great friends. I guess it's also a possibility that if they keep bumping heads, they could become great annoyances to each other. But I don't think that's where things are heading.

I like both characters more when they're together. They bring out that fun banter in each other that always leads to great things with couples.

After their time together last week, I find myself rooting for them. When I discovered Ted wasn't a total cad, via his history in the Navy and his NASA aspirations, the man grew on me. In turn, Laura's desire to cleanly cut the strings with her ex-fiance gave her back her dignity. That it was a task they ultimately achieved together sealed my interest in them.

Little Annoyances
Do any stewardesses other than Laura need to stand on the scale, or did the show do one shot of the scale... and is now stuck using it weekly?

This was the first time I noticed some really bad set backgrounds. The view of the coast behind Dean and the red convertible were especially suspect. If you can't do it well, don't aim so high.

There is no way that Dean would continue a flirtation that could cause him his position as the youngest captain of the fleet, but giving his card to Ginny lead me to believe just that. Losing Bridget seems to have thrown him off his game.

The good points of of "Coins in a Fountain"
I'm not usually a fan of the flashback mode of storytelling, but for some reason it works on Pan Am. Leaning how Laura pawned her ring came to pass after a turbulent moment on the jet, and then segued into Ted and Laura on a bumpy subway car. It was a seamless effect.

Like so many other differences between flying in the Jet Age and flying today, the fact any passenger could cruise on into the pilot's cabin still throws me. I can remember when stewardesses used to give out wings to kids on board flights, but never did I get the child's view into the cockpit. Guess I never will now.

Playing Nico, Goran Visnjic fit the show's atmosphere perfectly and made for an interesting foil between Kate and Maggie. I wouldn't have guessed Kate to be a pool shark, but the skill sure came in handy. She's also getting very good at her job. She's confident and secure in her assignments. Nice move getting the fingerprints she needed by spilling red wine on the mark.

Colette was barely a blip on the radar, and Maggie was a bit of a pain this week. Her selfish side rubs me the wrong way and I didn't miss her lack of screen time. So far, the shows have highlighted the characters at a fairly decent pace. Tune in next week - promo HERE - to see who will be in play on the subsequent episode of Pan Am.


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I don't like this Ginny girl I want Dean to end up with Colette and you can see in this episode that she is jealous.



Sabrina m messenger

All of the stewardess I liked, but I have to say my favorite is Laura. Why? Because she reminds me a lot of how I was when I was in my late teens/early 20s. Wide eyed, curious, innocent, but sometimes a bit afraid and unsure of myself. I think Laura will "grow up" in front of us, and she'll be a good influence on Ted. It's pretty obvious they're getting paired up eventually. As for Kate, I thought she improved this week. Glad they didn't play up the sibling rivalry thing and she, too, is coming into her own. LOVED the way she "stole" that Yugoslav diplomat right out from under the perky but sometimes waaay too cocky Maggie's nose! Mind, I like Maggie but little miss manic needs to slow down a little and perhaps a bit of a wing-clipping is in order? As for Collette, I really wish she would've gotten more air time, but I'm sure she will in other upcoming episodes. As for Dean, I'm wondering if this affair is the way for ABC to get his character out to make room for a more age-appropriate pilot? Guess we'll see.


Another observation - the dresses are gorgeous and completely unforgiving. I don't think any of the actresses take a breath when they're onscreen. Ironically, their Pan Am uniforms seem to be the most comfortable, relaxing garments they possess. Meanwhile, the guys' suits look so classy and really lounge-worthy. This is how people looked when jeans were worn only to do yardwork!


Anyone else floored by 2 lines in the episode stating that Kate isn't paid by the CIA? What the *&^%?!?! Even though it's the Cold War & she could consider it her patriotic duty, yadda, yadda, I would hope there was some sort of compensation plan in place back then to reward Kate for her risk-taking on behalf of the USA. Be it extra health insurance, a retirement plan, heck - even a hefty expense account. Pay the lady! She's taking all the risks.


I love Colette and Kate's story lines. They are so interesting. Not a big fan of Laura but I like her better when she is with Ted.


Hope this show doesn't get canceled! I'm enjoying it. Maggie is super annoying, and I would love it if she went away. Not seeing any real purpose for Laura. Loving Kate's storylines, and I hope Colette gets more scenes...especially with Dean!


P.S. Why is Colette not pictured above,in the site's heading picture???


I really like this show a lot. I agree with this reviewer and the one on that Colette needs MUCH more screen time. Kate's storyline is getting interesting now and I like that the writers are writing her to be more competent and capable in her "spy assignments". (not sure what else to call them)Maggie wears way too much make-up,even for the '60s.


I like Maggie not a big fan of Laura. I don't see anything but friendship between Laura and Ted. I would like to see Ted with Maggie.

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