Person of Interest Review: Love and Other Drugs

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On Person of Interest this week, we saw Reese maintain his bad-to-the-bone, "let's be honest, I'm not gonna get hurt" swagger.

But we also learned he has great taste in the ladies because who doesn't love a self-assured woman that can go head to head with you while heating up sexual tension by simply handing you a paper clip? Looks like someone may have met their, ahem, match.

"The Fix" jumped right into the storyline, forgetting lame trailing tactics that took up half the episode before anything interesting really happened. Instead, the plot was in full swing, focusing on corrupt pharmaceuticals and the Machine's new target: Zoe.

Reese and the POI

After only one episode, I'm a fan of the character. Paige Turco played her with such a determined, cool and mysterious edge that it allowed her to be an equal to Reese, but at the same time, a potential love interest. Boy, was there chemistry between them with their glances and light banter about doing something illegal. Their conversation was so sparring, yet so playful that I just kept waiting for them to jump each other.

I swear she would be Catwoman to his Batman. These two were practically made for each other. Reese seemed both fascinated and amused by her that I think even he wasn't sure what to make of her. He definitely liked that kiss. Who wouldn't?

I can only hope that Zoe makes more appearances because she was a delight to watch. Imagine if he had to go up against her?

In fact, I wished that Zoe's attitude and style was how Detective Carter would act. I would have a far better time believing she could stop him and I'd even have an understanding as to what makes her do the things she does. Maybe we'll learn more soon and I can stop lamenting this missed opportunity each week.

That said, I didn't find Carter's scenes boring this week. Sure, she served the story's purpose in advancing the mysterious plot of M. Elias (mentioned back in "Mission Creep"), but she was involved in something other than being obsessed with the man in the suit. Again, yes, her case was technically connected, but it wasn't all about Reese.

Someone out there killed the alleged murderer of an old cold case. Justified? What about the detective that was killed? Is there another "Reese" out there? This side plot was just enough to keep me interested and start wondering how it will all connect. Just please don't let it be Reese's twin brother or something.

The main plot was fully enticing, not because it was guessing if Zoe was a victim or perp, but in following a mystery laced with action and corporate corruption. Who knew business was so cutthroat? Plus, there was a certain amount of tension in waiting for Zoe's murder attempt and even figuring out how to outsmart the bad guys.

What was great was that everyone had a relatively equal hand in getting to be bold and a bit bad ass.

Zoe was all about the poker play and some on the spot decisions. Yes, her outcome relied on Reese, but she was daring enough to trust in him, especially when the only real person she trusted was herself.

Reese was the resident human weapon with a smile. It's hard not to think he's too cool when he sits handcuffed to a chair with a look of disinterest and zero fear. We all know his outcome, it's just how he'll manage to do it. Turning that needle around on his enemy, shooting one of the men in the car and tasering another with confident precision? All in a day's work.

I even loved that Finch was allowed to do more than sit behind a computer. Verbally beating Keller and explaining how he not only gained money but essentially took down the company was as exciting as Reese's fight scenes. Sometimes words are just a painful as fists and Michael Emerson delivered them perfectly. Matching up his moment with Reese's illustrated the importance of both men and their ability to get the job done.

The two make a great team.

This was a solid episode that left me confident in CBS' decision for a full season order. With a continuing focus on a tighter story, great character moments, and a dabble of mystery and intrigue throughout, Person of Interest is fitting all the pieces together to create a show truly worth watching.


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@Maka I agree about Carter. That is what is so frustrating. IT's like clearly you see the writers can work wonders with how they write characters, but then you have her...she's just there. I know why she's important as a plot device but I'm completely disinterested and not invested in her as a character, which is a shame because I actually love Taraji as an actress. Half the time when she's onscreen I'm shooing her away like an annoying's like the act that comes on during intermission when you get up to fetch refreshments.They have to do something about that. Take us home with Detective Carter, flesh her out, let us get to know her so that we can be convinced that she actually could be a threat to Reese, because right now, she isn't. It's the one flaw of this show, and they could do better with it, I know they can fix it. I just hope they do. I thought the episode was fantastic. I loved Zoe. She was a female Reese, he's a guy that is hard to find an equal but they did. She does seem to be one of those characters that could return at any point. I loved that she kept Reese and us viewers wondering whether she was on "our side" or against us, until seconds before she handed him that paperclip. It was great watching their dynamic, she was like the catwoman to his batman. Also loved that Finch got some redemption, he had some badass in him too and gave me chills. I was practically cheering when he was calmly explaining how he was taking his money. Speaking of cheering, I feel so morally conflicted after watching this show sometimes, because I should be disturbed by the fact that Reese kills like three people in each episode with ease and no repercussions...but I'm not.


This show might be a good one--but its confusing! Too many 'white boxes' and how does the old guy decide who to follow and help? I've tried watching every week--and last night's episode just added another confusing person (the woman) into the mix!


Loved Zoe...and true both the bills fit.. Catwoman - Batman and Holmes - Irene.. Hope to see Paige sometime soon.


Oh Maka - I love your assessment of the Carter role. Spot on and perfect!
This episode was WOW! Farsia2010 - so right about the chemistry between Zoe and Reese - and Finch! Soooo very good!! Loved it!!!


Reese is the essence of Too Cool For School.
OMG he is amazing and so is this show.
i absolutely agree that it was nice to see everybody take the spot light and shine this ep. Finch is a dangerous person to get on the bad side of, they make a great team!
the sexual tension nearly made my screen steam, Zoe and Reese better not say goodbye for good, those two are so the right fit for each other it is scary. i feel sorry for city when these two pair up. @Maka
you are so right about Carter! i have been say this since i first saw her, plus the actress is way out of her league!


So impressive. We have our show's Irene Adler. Woo hoo? This is the problem with Carter. She serves a purpose in the story. She's a plot device. Nothing else. Not a character.

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Person of Interest Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Finch: You need to get her talking.
Reese: Easier said than done.

Reese: She does favors for a price. She's a fixer.
Finch: Assuming that she's the victim, any idea who'd want to take her out?
Reese: Who wouldn't?