Private Practice Review: A Cooper, Duper Surprise

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The theme of trust defined this week's Private Practice episode.

From the drama among the doctors to the unique medical cases, there is always something to love week in and week out about Oceanside Seaside Health and Wellness. "Deal with It" was certainly no different.

Addison and Violet

While Sam and Addie seem happy, there is still an underlying problem in regard to the latter wanting a baby and Sam, well, not still not. It doesn’t appear that he will be changing his mind any time soon, either, and I just can’t see how their relationship will continue to work. Although Sam expressed he was happy for Addison and it’s her “thing," I want her to be truly happy. And because Sam has no interest in it, I'm sorry man, but you've gotta go. Addie must move on.

Maybe she should try being single. Or maybe I could send her a Team Jake shirt. Who else is on that squad?

It hasn’t been long and Jake’s grown on me already. He’s a caring doctor and it showed when he was with his patient after the disappointing results of his efforts to help her become a mother.

I can’t say that I liked seeing Charlotte’s and Amelia’s constant snide remarks toward one another, but it was definitely entertaining. On another note, I appreciated that Charlotte didn’t easily get over what Cooper did last week. He violated her trust, and I’m just glad they made up by the end of the installment.

Cooper and Charlotte seemingly steal the show every week with their scenes. Moreover, I know I am burying the lead, but I am still in shock about Erica and Mason’s surprising arrival. When Erica said that Cooper was the father, all I could think about was: poor Charlotte! Honestly, how much more can this girl handle?

Then again, this is Charlotte, she is one tough cookie. It will undoubtedly be interesting to see how things play out now for my favorite couple. I’m sure there will be some bumps down the road, but this is no ordinary couple we’re talking about. They’re going to be fine, right? Please reassure me. Please.

As for Violet and Pete, I was feeling a bit disinterested with their storyline. I do think that Lucas keeps getting more adorable with every episode, and I especially liked when Violet ended up with baby food all over her face. Also, when Addison said that she liked Violet’s new “radical” hair, I couldn’t help but think... really?!? Her new 'do reminds me of Princess Leia.

One more thing: when the heck is Sheldon going to get his own storyline? Writers, please make it happen ASAP.

"Deal with It" was an interesting episode and set us up for much drama to come. Starting, of course, with the fact a mini Cooper is now in town. Get an idea of where we go next in the official preview for "Remember Me."


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I can't stand Violet. She makes a huge ordeal out of her feelings and constantly butts into things that are SO not her business. She has a gift for making terrible choices and dragging everyone else into them. I remember noticing her and being distracted from how annoying she is by thinking how gorgeous her hair was. Next scene, she's cut it into a truly unfortunate bob. Somehow Violet with a bad haircut is even worse. It's weird.


Does anyone know the name of the boy Mason who plays Coops son?


Agreeing with everyone else about Addie needing to dump Sam and move on. He doesn't want what she wants and eventually the relationship will crumble because of it. Better to end it now rather than waiting for the inevitable. I think Addie should go at the baby-plans on her own, but if she were to end up with Jake, I don't think I would mind. Despite their struggles, both individually and as a couple, I continue to enjoy Violet and Pete's story. I think it's good that Pete is talking to Sheldon and thereby getting at least some perspective on his thoughts and feelings, and I like that he chose to let her in on his fear at the end of the episode. It's a step forward. And I really felt for Violet's struggles with stay-at-home motherhood, feeling isolated and craving adult company. I really enjoyed how Vi ended up reaching out to Addie, that whole scene was really cute and awkward. The whole "do you want to be friends" "do you?" exchange reminded me a lot of two first graders approaching on another. It really makes sense that despite everything that's gone down between them they choose to reach out to each other rather than anyone else. Amelia is too busy with her own struggles and refusing to reach out to anyone, and Charlotte has never really been a touchy-feely kind of person (although I do really miss the friendship she and Vi had in season 3). I think the long-lost-kid thing could be interesting, it depends on how it's being done. As long as Shonda doesn't look to Gilmore Girls as inspiration, where the way they went about the long-lost-kid storyline more or less undid the show... I think it will be a struggle at first, an adjustment, but in the long run I see CharCoop prevailing. I'm curious to see how long it will take Charlotte to come around to the kid, because eventually she will have to deal with him, too. Jake was wonderful with his patient this week, which makes me curious what his flaws are, because all of Shonda's creations are filled to the brink with flaws. How long before we get to see Jake's? And what will we think about him once we finally get to see'em?


Addison-wise this has been a good first set of episodes because the growth of this character is really being shown. I think it's good that she's on track with her plans to have a baby and all that but she can't expect things to be good with Sam as her plans are fulfilled. It's a very complicated situation and I can't help but stir towards Team Jake as well. He's a good guy and we really saw that during his conversation with Nina. As for Charlotte and Cooper, give these two a break! They've gone through so much since being together and have surpassed the most realistically portrayed trauma on the show. Isn't that enough for them? My hopes for this season were that they'd be seen as a normal married couple navigating their way through their marriage. A lovechild from Cooper's past was not how I imagined this season at all. Even though I've known about this upcoming storyline for a while, it still sucked to see it happen. These two deserve some sense of normalcy in their relationship. I'm just hoping that when the DNA testing is finally done, they'll find out that he isn't really his son and that Erica's had ulterior motives all this time. I don't want Erica and Mason to become a part of Charlotte and Cooper's relationship. After this bump, I swear, these two better find some long term happiness.


I have been bored this season...tired of Violet & Pete, Sam & Addison need to break up and what is it with the writers throwing so much at Charlotte & Cooper? And Amelia taking home a bottle of wine for "guests"???? really? not something a sober alocoholic would do, temptaion much? I love this show, but it's just not doing it for me this season.


I'm really enjoying this season of PP! I totally agree with the review...Addison needs to move onto Jake. Maybe it's because I've just always had a thing for Benjamin Bratt, but that needs to happen ASAP! And Violet and Pete are just annoying. How awkward was Violet reaching out to Addison because "you've had sex with my husband"? I hope Pete moves on, but I doubt that will happen. I literally started yawning whenever both of them were in a scene.


1)hate Violet and her constant whining
2)Pete needs a new woman, those two have no chemistry
3)i liked Pete with Addison
4)Sam and Addison need to break up, again i just don't feel those two as a couple
5)As much as i don't like Benjamin Bratt in general and don't find him a good actor, i must admit, he matured nicely and him and Addison have a real chemistry, a mature kind of relationship potential. they actually seem like adults for a change because i can't shake off the feeling that Addisam look like idiot teens on hormones rather than in love adults
6)Charlotte and Cooper are by far the best there, they steal the episodes and they the most interesting to watch. Poor Violent but it was before they were together so she can't really be angry. she will have a hard time dealing with it but i don't think they will break up over it, they each had their past, she was married he had a one-night stand which resulted in a child. they will be together, they have been through worse.
7)Sheldon really needs a storyline, i agree, he is way underused. i still can't believe that Violet caused him to break up with that critic lady that he was into. he needs a story and sb needs to snap Violet back into her place.
8)Amelia seems to be getting back on track, good for her, maybe she needs a visit from her mom, like Derek had in GA, because she was acting like a petulant teen, i am still not convinced she is sober, she did walk home with a bottle of wine, i am worried.


Anyone know who designed this dress that Addy is wearing? I'm dying to find it!


Anyone know who designed the dress Addy is wearing??? I'm dying to find it!


What an awkward typo that is.

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