Private Practice Review: A Cooper, Duper Surprise

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The theme of trust defined this week's Private Practice episode.

From the drama among the doctors to the unique medical cases, there is always something to love week in and week out about Oceanside Seaside Health and Wellness. "Deal with It" was certainly no different.

Addison and Violet

While Sam and Addie seem happy, there is still an underlying problem in regard to the latter wanting a baby and Sam, well, not still not. It doesn’t appear that he will be changing his mind any time soon, either, and I just can’t see how their relationship will continue to work. Although Sam expressed he was happy for Addison and it’s her “thing," I want her to be truly happy. And because Sam has no interest in it, I'm sorry man, but you've gotta go. Addie must move on.

Maybe she should try being single. Or maybe I could send her a Team Jake shirt. Who else is on that squad?

It hasn’t been long and Jake’s grown on me already. He’s a caring doctor and it showed when he was with his patient after the disappointing results of his efforts to help her become a mother.

I can’t say that I liked seeing Charlotte’s and Amelia’s constant snide remarks toward one another, but it was definitely entertaining. On another note, I appreciated that Charlotte didn’t easily get over what Cooper did last week. He violated her trust, and I’m just glad they made up by the end of the installment.

Cooper and Charlotte seemingly steal the show every week with their scenes. Moreover, I know I am burying the lead, but I am still in shock about Erica and Mason’s surprising arrival. When Erica said that Cooper was the father, all I could think about was: poor Charlotte! Honestly, how much more can this girl handle?

Then again, this is Charlotte, she is one tough cookie. It will undoubtedly be interesting to see how things play out now for my favorite couple. I’m sure there will be some bumps down the road, but this is no ordinary couple we’re talking about. They’re going to be fine, right? Please reassure me. Please.

As for Violet and Pete, I was feeling a bit disinterested with their storyline. I do think that Lucas keeps getting more adorable with every episode, and I especially liked when Violet ended up with baby food all over her face. Also, when Addison said that she liked Violet’s new “radical” hair, I couldn’t help but think... really?!? Her new 'do reminds me of Princess Leia.

One more thing: when the heck is Sheldon going to get his own storyline? Writers, please make it happen ASAP.

"Deal with It" was an interesting episode and set us up for much drama to come. Starting, of course, with the fact a mini Cooper is now in town. Get an idea of where we go next in the official preview for "Remember Me."


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Okay, don't get me wrong, I love Private Practice and I hate saying anything negative unless it involves Violet, but seriously!? COME ON!
Charlotte and Cooper have dealt with SO much. This woman and her child coming in and dropping such a bomb is not only stupid, but it's bad timing! I understand that the couple are not 100% right now after the events of last episode, but if Shonda Rhimes and the writers continue with the constant mishandling of Charlotte and Cooper, they're not going to be a normal couple who can be happy!
Last season was bad enough with Charlotte's rape and with both their parents not approving of them being together, now, they must endure some wayward child out of God knows where!? This couple has basically gone through thick and thin trying to overcome everything the past 4 years the show has been running to be together, now, they must overcome this woman and her son!?
I'm sorry, but this is absolute bullshit! I like my dramas, but how MUCH drama must the show take on for JUST ONE couple!? LIKE THEM THE HELL ALONE!
Anyway, I agree, Addison needs to dump Sam and be with Jake. She needs to have his child and be with him.
Violet and Pete continue to bore me... ONCE AGAIN! It's one argument after the other! Just split up already. Seriously, it's a waste of screen time and a happy ending for Violet, who didn't even deserve one, regardless of the baby being cut out her stomach!
Also, yeah, Sheldon needs a storyline! He had more when he was recurring, so the amount of irony in that is ridiculous! GIVE THE MAN SOMETHING TO WORK WITH!
More Sheldon and Amelia scenes would be nice. These two have great onscreen chemistry and I'd like to see it continue - not romantic wise, just friendship wise.

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