Private Practice Review: Coop and His Mini Cooper

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Four weeks in... and I’m pleased to say this season of Private Practice has been anything but boring. "Remember Me" was almost all about Cooper and his “Mini Cooper,” and it certainly did not disappoint.

Picking up right where we left off after Cooper received the surprise of his life a week ago, this episode kicked off with Cooper claiming he didn’t even remember Erica. He rightfully questioned why she would wait nine years to tell him and how he wished she had told him about Mason sooner. Good question, Coop. Charlotte’s was even better: Why trust Erica if he was with her for merely a single night nearly a decade ago?

A Big Day for Cooper

First things first, though, I’ll admit that I'm just like the majority of Charlotte and Cooper fans, wanting to scream when I first heard about this long-lost-kid storyline. I was upset and disappointed because I just wanted the nearly newlyweds to catch a break. Then, there was the fact that this plot has already been done only a million times on various shows.

However, I’m going to trust, or at least hope, that Shonda and company have our best interest in mind for this couple. Besides, what doesn’t kill them can only make them stronger... right?

From shock to acceptance and finally joy, Cooper reacted with all sorts of emotions to the news of his “Mini Cooper." He was so taken by the idea that he was a dad that he even refused his colleagues’ pleas for a paternity test. At first, I couldn’t understand why Coop would act so recklessly, but I quickly realized that this was totally Cooper. He has no blood relatives, and he wanted this newfound joy to last for however long it could.

As expected, Charlotte did not handle the news well. At all. Honestly, I was surprised at what went down during Charlotte and Erica’s meet and greet. I know it’s just begun, but I can’t wait until this whole storyline is over. I absolutely hate what it’s doing to Charlotte and Cooper. Luckily, the paternity test issue wasn’t dragged out, and Charlotte had the test done and found out that Cooper really is Mason’s father.

Case closed.

Elsewhere: When Violet expressed excitedly how great of a dad Cooper would be and Charlotte said her statement was stupid, I kind of laughed out loud. And although I thought it was totally harsh when Pete basically called Violet a dog in front of Sheldon, I laughed a little harder. To say the least, Pete’s anger continued to worsen and his breaking point can’t be too far off ahead. Do you think Pete and Violet will be able to work through Pete’s “anger phase” and their other numerous issues? I can't say I care too much either way.

This week’s medical case reminded me of the movie, 50 First Dates. It was nice seeing several of the doctors team up to try to keep a family together.

Meanwhile, Amelia tried to stay strong with her three days of sobriety. Addison finally admitted that she was worried Sam would leave if and when she is pregnant. And Sheldon still didn’t have a storyline of his own.

Overall, I thought "Remember Me" was another strong installment. Here’s hoping that this season continues with more incredible episodes!


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I quite enjoyed this episode. Sheesh, the case was sad. I feel sorry for the baby the most. At least, Addisam are talking about their problem. They need to keep talking. It is good Addison recognized that this is a crazy situation. At least, they aren't married and have over 9 months to figure it out. I kind of like that Sam just kissed Addison and said nothing. You can't be sure how you are going to react until it happens. Though, I really wish Sam would be more sensitive to her fertility issues and the treatment. The "crazy" comment was uncalled for. "Love might mean wanting the other person to be happy even if they can't stay with you..." - Addison Is this supposed to be a hint? She dumped him before and he still came back though knowing Addison would want a baby. I know Violet is annoying, but I don't get where all Pete's anger is coming from. Damn man! Cooper is an idiot, but at least no one had told the child before a paternity test was done. Charlotte's actions were really uncalled for and horrible. Erica could have taken the money and Cooper could have still been the father. I don't understand why she did it anyways since she did a paternity test. Hello Charlotte, instead of possibly sending Cooper's potential kid away, wait for the paternity results!


Violet has become a cartoon character...except she's not funny! Pete has become so unlikable, too.
Get why Addison is concerned...who could give up that guy??? Whew! love this storyline. He knew for such wacky reasons! And, Charlotte? So sleazy trying to buy Erica off.


i agree the season is the best yet. and i agree with everything you said i just have one thing to add, Violet is annoying and the husband should leave his wife, as cruel as that sounds what kind of growing environment is that for a baby and all the moral crap and high horse righteous talk aside, is he supposed to commit to life without parole like Sheldon said? yes it sucks and it is wrong and it is not fair, but he is a living breathing human man who is locked and buried and someone threw away the key. yes it sucks for her but it sucks for him even more, she at least doesn't remember what is happen while he is living with it, he is living with her trauma. is he supposed to give up sex and being a man as well? i mean as trivial as that sounds but they can't even do that as a couple!!!!


I honestly don't care how they deal with Pete's anger issues. As long as he takes them out on Violet, I am happy with it. Anytime Violet is verbally and physically abused my patients, co-workers, etc, it truly makes my day.


Charlotte and Cooper if not surpass, I fail to see PP, I love the medical case, and apparently Amelia is about to fall lower in their addictions, I hope that Sheldon has a great story to go, I love that Pete insults Violet, I'm sorry but she deserves to suffer.

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The minute I saw him I knew. I mean... he's a Mini Cooper.


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