Revenge Promo: Accusations, Altercations, Revelations

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Is Frank on to Emily? How far will he go to prove his devotion to Victoria? And, seriously, how creepy and annoying is Tyler?!?

As usual, Revenge left viewers with a number of questions last night, many of which are focused on the Graysons' now-former head of security. What will be his next move? Based on the following preview for next Wednesday's "Charade," it looks like Frank is inching ever close to Amanda Clarke.

Prepare for what ABC is hyping as a "game-changing episode," fans. We can only imagine what that means considering all that goes down in the Hamptons on a weekly basis...


Maybe Emily shouldn't burn everything but at least put it into a safe or something. I still feel like it's too easy for Frank to search her house, find the box of incriminating evidence, and out her--but not before someone takes HIM down. Did we see the body in the first episode? Maybe it was Frank :P (I can't remember if they showed us or not LOL)


I really thought it was going to be Daniel...I mean Daniel has enemies of his owns (remember the last summer incident) and what a great way to hurt his mother then by killing her beloved and only son...


What if its frank that is shot at the beach. I mean he is trying to take down emily also. The writers wouldn't have the mystery dead person be a person who come on in like episode 8-13. So I'll assume its either(daniel, Tyler, frank, and adam). I highly doubt its daniel because he's listed as a main character, but ashton(Tyler) was on nikita as a main character and they killed him off after 13 episodes. Oh the irony if its Tyler(ashton)


Marti you are right, I would've burn everything too. I would also have not showed up at a party playing waitress for everyone. I mean you plan your revenge so well yet you comit such big mistakes in the way.


I love the plots and sub-plots however for as bright as Emily seems to be, I do not know why she would keep damaging proof accessable for Frank or anyone else to find. That is incredibly stupid and therefore deminishes the plot! Normal people would have burned the list and photo at minimum to insure safety. That part was unrealistic! I really hate Tyler and people like him, he's just a sponge and does not offer any substance to the program. If anyone has to get shot I hope it is him, I can't stand looking at his face! I just hope Daniel is not accused of it, that would prevent Emily's access to the Graysons which would foil her plan. If the writers are smart they will not choose that route. I look forward to next week's episode however I am hoping to see more success in Emily's quest to exercise her plan rather than portraying her as a weakling...not consistant with her goal.


Well I know my gut was right and Tyler is a money, no posh family...he's hanging on Daniel for a big's really getting interesting..


Amanda is sooo in love with Jack! She is obviously playing a game with Daniel...I mean how bad of a guy is he to arrive late at the very first day of his new job. His personality screams : Rich spoiled kid

Anna maria

she should have just leaked Frank's tape to the police, now she's in danger! I hope she does it already, and @sugarmagnolia I was thinking the same thing, Tyler has to be the one to get shot! I hate him!! and yay! Nolan didn't give up helping her after all! I really like him! Ashley should be with him and not that creep Tyler, she's probably notice how creepy he is soon..

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Still feeling The Other Amanda is somehow part of some xanathos speed chess Emily is pulling off(hence the "I need your help" phonecall)


I'm hoping the guy shot at the beginning of the series is Tyler

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Revenge Quotes

My father once wrote, always question where your loyalty lies. The people you trust will expect it, your greatest enemies will desire it and those you treasure the most will without fail, abuse it.

Emily Thorne

Upon embarking upon a path of revenge, Confucius warns that one should dig two graves. Confucius was right. The second of the two graves was meant for me. I was only saved by my father's infinite love. I know now that revenge only brings darkness. I couldn't see the light until I considered my father's advice to try and forgive. It's not easy but my father once said that nothing worth doing ever is. Well, with one exception.