Revenge Review: The Power of Guilt

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Revenge taught us a powerful lesson this week: Never underestimate the power of "Guilt." Just when you thought the tables might turn on her, Emily rallied and regained control of the game. But even she didn't see where this plot for vengeance would lead.

The Victoria Stare

Conrad's a serious bastard. He's still sleeping with his mistress, writes her a check for $10 million... and expects to appease his wife with a car? Albeit, a $200,000 Mercedes but still. That's nothing compared to Victoria's humiliation. From there, Victoria passes the car onto Charlotte, hoping the high priced toy will buy her some forgiveness. It seems to work as well for her as it did for Conrad. How apropos.

Between she and her husband, Victoria seems the only one with a conscience. The guilt of what they did with that flight really does seem to be eating away at her like a festering cancer. Unfortunately, it appears these guilt pangs never last, so I'm not sure they make her any better than Conrad in the end. It's all about actions, not reflections, right?

So, who is really in control here? Conrad, Victoria, or Frank? Frank obviously has feelings for Victoria. I don't think there's any lengths he won't go to protect her. Plus, he's into this conspiracy up to his eyeballs like the rest of them.

Meanwhile... I was happy to see Daniel and Emily make up but I'm surprised Daniel didn't kick Tyler out for lying to him. And what is Tyler's end game? Is it to get in with the Graysons? A job at Grayson Global? We need to learn more about him because right now he's just an annoyance, a plot device, and I wish he weren't taking up screen time.

Nolan, conversely, was a heck of a friend to Emily, or, should I say, a friend to her father. It's good to be reminded that he vowed to do his best to protect her. He's certainly doing all he can and I like his quirky loyalty more each week. I can't even blame him for planting a nanny cam. 

But I'm worried for Nolan. He left his fingerprints all over Lydia's apartment and easily could have been spotted on the balcony by the crowd below. That video of Frank and Lydia might come in very handy if he gets hauled off to jail.

Emily's set up of Lydia was perfect. She had already planted the seeds of doubt in Conrad. Then, Lydia's own greed and crazy need for Victoria's acceptance made the rest far too simple. I remember thinking that Lydia got off too easy in the pilot. I'm not sure her grievances were worthy of a death sentence, but that was never Emily's plan. Then again, can she really play the naive card here? Actions such as hers can have consequences beyond their initial intentions.

Revenge took things to a whole new level this week, weaving together various developments from the opening few episodes and possibly making a dent in Emily's icy exterior. How will she react to a scheme gone fatally wrong? Will she move on to the next phase unaffected, or might shades of Amanda peek out now? Just how deeply has Emily buried her real persona?


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I am so loving this series. Each episode just brings me deeper and deeper into each character.
To break it down, I think Tyler is here for Daniel. He wants Daniel, simple as that. He tries to play the straight "player", but he is all about Daniel.
I think that Charlotte is a product of Frank and Victoria. I think shortly after Emily/Amanda's dad left the picture, Victoria had a desperate fling with Frank which resulted in Charlotte.
I think Nolan's interest in Emily is part crush, part loyalty to her dad, part "the hot, living on the edge" girl excitement thing. And yeah, he's going to need that footage of Frank attacking Lydia to get him bailed out of something, soon.
What happens next? I can't wait to find out.


I have a feeling Tyler is a fraud, I don't think he comes from money. I wonder has Daniel ever met his family ? Is everything we know about him a fiction ?
He really wanted that job with Conrad.....maybe he wants to take Daniel's place in his fathers eyes....
I also think Charlotte and Emily are 1/2 sisters.....
I'm hooked.


This was a good episode. However, I'm really hoping that Emily starts to show some remorse for what she's doing to others, because she's actually no better than the people she's seeking revenge against. In fact, she's truly emerging as a sociopath who lives by her own warped set of rules. I'm wondering how long the audience will root for her. Here's a "protagonist" who is not only terribly flawed, but seems to lack any accountability for her actions. The show has been very good at ignoring the collateral damage that she has caused; these people all have loved ones and possibly children who's lives are being ruined in the process. Emily more than anyone should understand that there is no such thing as ruining one person's life without ruining someone else's, which is why her revenge approach has been so disturbing to me. Was it really necessary to expose the secrets of all of the psychiatrist's patients, just to frame Lydia? I didn't have a problem with her showing a clip of Victoria with the psychiatrist, but the fact that she picked the one clip that would hurt Victoria's daughter more than anyone else was actually really heartbreaking to me.


I love this TV series!!! Beautiful writing. I have a nagging suspicion that the one shot in the pilot was Tyler and not Daniel. This just keeps getting better and better every week.


I loved this episode! There almost wasnt a scene that I didnt love. Victorias convo with lydia about every smile wave and hug, classic. I found myself not caring about emily and daniel in bed because I was so wrapped up in wheres nolan? I love that character, hes sweet in his own way, and he does care for her, in a we make a good team and you scare me kinda way. I was glad to see that watching the video got to him, you could see the tears in his eyes. Bravo for daniel to apologize to jack, and then later ask for the job. I like daniel, it makes me sad that he gets shot cause he actually had nothing to do with what happened, so its sad. Tyler is a jerk, wonder whats going on in the previews where him and daniel are fighting. Frank is just freaky. And finally I lovvve how amanda switched the suspicion to lydia, brilliant!


I loved this episode! Just about every part of it was amazing. I loved the talk that victoria had with lydia about every smile wave and hug! I was yelling for nolam to get out of lydias, I fo


The Revenge only gets better each week. great job wirters keep it up... I love this show,,,


What a great episode. Lydia should of took her money and ran, instead of parading back into the Grayson's world. I think Tyler has a revenge plan of his own although I'm not sure if its against Daniel or the entire Grayson clang. It seems like he is trying to push Daniel away from his family. I love Nolan, he just wanted to have a little bit of excitement and got a heck of a lot more than he bargained for. As for Frank he's is a shifty one, he'll do anything for Victoria.


OMW! Loved this episode! I loved how Emily carried herself with Lydia and how she shifted suspicion to lydia when victoria confronted her about the tape. Was amazeballs! Lol. I don't think tyler is in love with Daniel as discussed in the previous round table. I think he wants to be Daniel Grayson. He wants to have the job and life that Daniel has.
I have a sneaking suspicion that he killed Daniel not Jack as shown in the pilot.


This gets better and better!

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