The Secret Circle Round Table: "Loner"

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Welcome to the third edition of the The Secret Circle Round Table!

Ready to dive right into "Loner?" Let's do so, as Matt Richenthal, Eric Hochberger and Jim Garner dissect an episode that focused on what happens when our favorite young coven actually works together...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The kids are cool, but I'm a sucker for the older generation. They can "mark" people?!? What repercussions will that have? All interactions between Charles and Dawn fascinate me.

Eric: Definitely the whole Circle standing up to Zachary. I can't wait to see what happens when more than two of them combine powers. I assume they'll summon the witch version of Captain Planet or something equally awesome.

Jim: It's a coin toss between watching Zachary beat the snot out of Charles (he's had that coming), and seeing Faye standing up for Melissa and telling off Nick. Who knew the witch (with a capital B) was protective of Melissa?

Secret Circle RT

Do Melissa and Nick have a future as a couple?
Matt: Yes, for the same reason I judge all couples: nickname potential. Nelissa? Yuck. But... Mick?!? We have a winner!

Eric: Sure. Friends with Benefits are all the rage these days. Why are they trying to couple up so hard? Just keep things going with No String Attached. See what I did there Movie Fanatics?!?

Jim: If Nick can get past his "double broken" stage and stop hating himself, they just might!

Should Cassie go out again with Luke?
Matt: They do fit my aforementioned qualification (Lassie, people!), but Cassie has enough on her supernatural plate these days. A journal to read, powers to discover, death to avoid. I don't think she has time to worry about date outfits.

Eric: I agreed with Luke, he seemed like a pretty good date. But, I'm sorry, for their safety, I think all witches need to be paired up with one another. So I'm all for Cadam. We'll find Diana a new guy I'm sure.

Jim: Only if it's to another town away from the Circle. I don't think that poor girl will have much of a dating life around the the rest of the coven, especially Adam.

What is your stance on school dances?
Matt: If you go, don't be a wallflower. I know you think it's cool to sit on the bleachers and make fun of everyone else, but, trust me, fellas: girls do NOT find that cool. All they want is for a guy to dance with them. And if you can't dance? Even better because you have the ability to laugh at yourself! It's the right move. You'll thank me later.

Eric: I'm not sure when they became a thing for losers like Faye thinks. If anything, weren't they around just for cool kids to get laid? I wouldn't know. There's a reason I ended up wearing the programmer hat of the TV Fanatic team.

Jim: Only dance I went to was my Senior Prom, where I pulled a Cassie and stood around all night too scared to dance... so I wasn't a big fan. But the after-prom "activities" it lead to made me regret not going to Homecoming, that's for sure.


SPOILER ALERT FOR ANYONE THAT HASN'T READ THE BOOKS BUT WANTS TO KNOW HOW THEY HAVE BABIES WHEN THEY'RE TEENS!!!!: Longest spoiler title ever? Anyways: this evil man (I don't know if you can even consider him a man, I'm just doing this to not spoil TOO much) paired up members with others, married them, and made them have children. It was part of his plan.


what i dont get is parents died as teenagers...when did they have children? O_o


I like Nick and Cassie. NASSIE :D Well, at least in the books


what was your favorite scene from the episode?
easily when faye smiled at nick and melissa towards the end:') Do Melissa and Nick have a future as a couple?
how is this even a question? MICK ALL THE WAY BITCHES. Should Cassie go out again with Luke?
uh i know this is bad but i cant see him as luke. i will always see him as carter from make it or break it breaking kaylies heart when he cheated on her... therefore i h8 him. What is your stance on school dances?
i love them.. im big on dancing

Strawberry fields

My favourite scene was the Circle kicking Zachary's ass. Not because it was spectacular (it wasn't), but because it felt realistic. I love the fact that binding the Circle didn't result in them suddenly knowing everything. They still don't know what they are doing, it's just instinct. One thing is certain - they truly are better together. So Cassie needs to stop fighting it and try to make it work. Should Cassie go out again with Luke? Well... "should" is a dangerous word. If she really meant the whole "I would never come between you two" to Diana (and she's a good girl, so she probably meant it), then maybe the answer "should" be: yes. But I don't think it's right. First of all he could never be part of anything. And second of all there's Adam and Luke isn't blind. Neither is Sally, which is what I like about her. And neither is Diana. One thing she said was unquestionably true. "I see the way he looks at you". Yeah, we all see that, Di. Those looks could easily melt an iceberg. Speaking of Diana, I'm having mixed feelings about her and this sweet good girl routine. On one hand it seems real and honest, but on the other hand I don't want to feel sorry for her when the inevitable happens. At some point Cassie and Adam will do something about their feelings for each other and she will be left heartbroken. I'd much prefer it if she was the bitch who deserved it. Melissa and Nick? Hell yes! I agree with Matt - "Mick" is a perfect nickname. Too perfect to be wasted :)


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Faye, getting scared by Zachary. Great to see her capable of scared and threatened. For cheesy one, the dance between Cadam is awesome. Do Melissa and Nick have a future as a couple?
OMG Yes. Mick for the win! They start out as useless in the pilot but now I demand more screen time for this cute couple. Should Cassie go out again with Luke?
No, she better keep having eye-sex with Adam. What is your stance on school dances?
Never been to one, but I think it's an awesome occasion to make a mess in school.


1. Charles getting beat up and then talking to Dawn or Faye telling Nick off.
2. If they get a decent amount of screentime and have actual chemistry then yes, otherwise no.
3. Yes because they're interesting as opposed to Cadam.


Diana is really getting on my nerves as we progress through the episodes. I am warming up to Melissa though. Definitely don't see Cassie and Nick getting together, like in the books, but it's early yet. Team Cadam!


1.Fav Scene! The Fsye speech! From the acting side Phoebe really pulled it off! And the sweet scene were Melissa and Nick took of! Disappointed i was with the Taking Zachary down! Hoping that improves with the season!
2.Mick? I love them together! really nice chemistry, and Melissa is a really sweet girl(looks like a puppet!, little big head and small body sweet!). I see them being more than a 10 ep couple, but it all depends where the writers see them!
3.Luke! Don't like! Not good guy! Really don't see him in the show for long time! Except if he is bad and goes after the witches or hook up with Faye! XD
4.School dances! Nice Idea for a show, but the SC didn't pulled it of! Really was the only bad part of the episode! They could make some fire some chaos but they didn't! The CAssie/Adam scene was nice but nothing more! No sparks! Nothing! :D


The adults aren't acting a lot like parents, so that is their appeal--they are acting like older-looking versions of the teens :P The series is growing on me--I want to know more about all the mysteries that are being presented to us!

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