The Vampire Diaries Casts Mother Original

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The Vampire Diaries has tracked down Klaus and Rebekah's mother, Esther.

Alice Davis, best known for portraying a young version of Eloise Hawking on Lost, will first be seen on episode eight via a flashback. A flashWAYback, that is, as sources say the CW favorite will delve centuries into the past in order to depict life in the Original household.

Alice Evans Pic

Evans, of course, joins other members of the first vampire family, including Klaus, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Claire Holt's Rebekah.

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OH MY GOD i'm freaking out here cant wait till next week thursday super excited for it


Ehm first of all; Alice EVANS is cast as the Original Mother. Second; that girl in the picture is NOT her. That's an even younger version of Eloise Hawking, NOT played by Alice Evans.


AWESOME! wonder what she'll be like


She does look a bit like Joseph though


I can't to see mama original in action. I wonder if we will see her in the present?


Alice Davis.. Who is Evans? I'm confused.

Uncle jackass

Given in a Lost Universe where everybody might be hundreds years old and so are vampires too, then it makes perfect sense in a Freudian sense of irony.


Good choice for the original mother!! I like this casting...


I like the idea that she looks old enough to play Esther but how will her acting as a original be. The CW is really getting a lot of Lost members on their network.

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