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I agree completely with what karina de los said! Wow and might I add were not in the minority at all ;)


I think ive forgotten something.. how can Katherine get inside Damons house? Cause now its Elanas???
Also.. its ironic that Bill wants to "brainwash" Caroline into not being a vampire (something she cannot change..its just who she is now).. because back in the day thats what ppl would have been trying to do with him..
Has anyone been watching Secret Circle?? it isnt too bad.. not as good as TVD, but decent.


I agree with everyone who feels for Damon. Granted maybe he shouldn't have killed Alaric but he did make sure he was wearing the ring first. Let's be honest. This is who Damon is. He is the very HOT, bad ass brother who does not mind doing whatever it takes to get the job done, and everyone is fine with this if it serves their purpose. So let Damon be Damon and leave him alone. Stop trying to turn him into Stephan.


the caroline and damon show down was there since season 2 really, so i was glad to see it happen- thou i LOVE damon i can see he's really frustrated with elena and annoyed that he can't be who he is - a vampire! he's NOT like stefan which is his WHOLE point. i really hope elena figures it out shortly - how many times does damon have to save her and confess his love before she actually admits she might love him? the rebekka stefan kiss was hot! but stefan was stupid not to make it more passionate - he prob was taken by surprise but he was sutpid in that case. i'm actually liking klaus a bit now haha now there's a vampire hunter involved. as for the name michael this was the same name used in supernatural for lucifer's brother.... must be popular. alaric is going to cause problems i think. i think he's holding onto elena and jeremy because he has no one else and tho i like the idea of looking out for the people i'm not sure i like the fact that he's given up on damon - afterall didn't he know him best? i like them as pals not enemies! YES and WHERE WAS MATT?! your explanation made me laugh! hopefully he's not dead yet. and i'm glad katherine isn't either. LOVE her! she's such a refreshing change from angsty elena who can get on my nerves. much prefer happy elena who has a gorgeous laugh btw - have you noticed?


I think that Elena and Damon should be together not matter what. Stephen is nice when he wants to be and is truly an A ** h***. Stephen killed his own brothers girlfriend, forced Damon to become a vampire when he wanted to die in peace, and then was loved or care for more by Kathrine. Damon has lived a centery and a half all alone, searching for the women who he thought loved him, his brother getting everything he wants and abusing it. No wonder he is the way he is. Why can't Damon be loved? If Stephen truley.. truly loved Elena he wouldn't have brought her into the trouble she is in. Obviously he has a lot of fault in what going on. Obviously Klaus did not just only go to mystic falls to sacrifice Elena, her aunt Jenna, and the other person. Klaus and Stephen had a history, Klaus wanted the all gang back together. My final thought is that Elena should have a good thought on all that Stephen and Damon has done from what she had learned, heard, and experience. Delena should surely exsist. Damon and Elena together.


damon is never going to change. your not going to be able to control him. I think damon needs to find a female that doesnt want to change him. someone that will love him for the way he is. I felt sorry for stefan. I was happy for once to see Kathern come help stefan from the bitch of a witch. Hope Elaina doesnt get killed next week.


1) Bill's vampire fixing theory seems to be more than just a desperate attempt to get his daughter back. He's human and he can actually prevent a vampire from compell him! Damon seemed interested in what Caroline's dad had to say about it...

2) Elena admitted she had feelings for Damon but that she wouldn't think or talk about it because she doesn't want to be that kind of a person. She said it at last!!

3) Rebbekah is harder to fool than her brother! She's got that 6th sense that I expected an original vampire to have. Katherine is rignt, Stefan's never been a great schemer, he'd better be careful with these 2 originals on each side of him.

4) How could such a great and old witch as Gloria die so easily? Witches are supposed to be Nature's authority guardians and vampires treat them like servants. They really need to fight back and to interfere in Klaus plans to built a hybrid army.

5) Klaus is surprisingly human: he wanted Stefan back because he needed a friend and he was convinced that Stefan would be so happy to remember the good time he had with him and Rebbeka in the 20's that he would forget about his little human girlfriend and his brother. Now we know that he's jealous of Stefan's ability to put his family and his love first. Also he's running away from someone that he has no reason to fear given that he's the most powerful vampire alive. What's going on there? I can't wait to know!

6)When it comes to love, Jeremy is very honest and I like that about him. He was right to tell Bonnie the truth and it would be insane to choose a ghost as cute as she can be over his girlfriend. I like Anna but Jeremy deserves to be in a healthy relationship that last more than 5 minutes. And Beremy are cute.

7) It's sad to see Damon upset again, he was doing better with Andie and he had found a balance in his friendship with Elena. Andie is dead, Stefan is gone and he has to control his blood sucker instincts constantly, if he can't spend some time with Elena what does he have left, Alaric? I hope Alaric will forgive him and that Katherine won't hurt him. I get that Damon is a vampire, a predator and all but that's not the only issue, he has to learn to deal with sadness, guilt, frustration, whatever that kills him inside without attacking people he cares about or their friends and family (Elena, Lexie, Jeremy, Caroline's dad, now Alaric).


I'm so on board with the whole Archangel Michael idea! I thought i was special for thinking that, but no! We are all so smart :) Its throwing a little bit of the Blue Bloods books into the show if they do it but I love it!


The review questions "what might happen if these two have a baby" (Tyler and Caroline). Technically, isn't Caroline dead? Can vampires even make babies?


Damned..i failed again with not falling in love with TVD.
What is this, that makes me so care about all the great characters.
Love the words Damon told Elena...
Last time i checked, i was still a vampire..

What is wrong with us women, that we still wants to turn the guys
we love into a puppie..

First we want the challenge, and when it´s done and the bad boy we fell in
love with is ours, we want him to turn into the boyfriend every mother wants for her daughter...

Stupid..Damon told Elena the ugly truth.. He will ever be a vampire, and he will never be as good as Stefan..
So, now it`s her turn...
Either she accept what Stefan or Damon are, or this love to whom ever will never work...they will ever be some kind of predators..
Love means, not to change the one you love.
You couldn`t love a vampire without figuring out what this means for your life..
Failed this week like every other before...
Damon is the best...
I`m really lookin forward for his road trip with Miss K.
And i hope Elena will realize how stupid she is...
Forgive me, Stefan..even that I adore you..But if it will comes to you and Damon again..
I..will.. always.. choose..Badass Damon...
Thanks to the writers for creating such great characters...
Please go on..pure enjoyment till now...

Love also...
Caroline for giving Damon a headbutt..great..
Chemistry between Damon and Elena..awesome..
Chemistry between Stefan and Katherine..great..please more scenes wit
Jeremy and sweat..
Sheriff Forbes and Damon..awesome

Whatever will be at the end..
Delena or Stelena..Forwood.. or all the other stupid names..
I hope we all could as long as possible enjoy the ride..

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