The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Ghost World"

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For the first time in ages, The Vampire Diaries was a total bust this week. So we noted in our review of "Ghost World," and so Round Table panelists Matt Richenthal, Steve Marsi, Dan Forcella and Eric Hochberger detail here.

Agree with their takes? Disagree? Find them utterly hilarious? Weigh in now!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Matt: Caroline brought her A game to a D episode. She cracked me up when she continually asked Bonnie if the dead witches were still around, and then she smacked some sense into Jeremy over the phone.

Steve: The last one. Regardless of how they got there, those cave drawings - and Alaric's dumbfounded expression looking at them - were pretty cool.

Dan: Elena finding Jeremy and Anna making out because it meant that Bon-Bon could finally drop that dead weight that is Jeremy Gilbert.

Eric: Damon's re-hashing of his Mason apology to Alaric. But, more importantly, Ric calling him on the bullshit. I know it's a lame scene by action standards, but when there's so many annoying ghosts run around and a lack of Forwood, I turn to my favorite bromance for entertainment.

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Are you sad Bonnie and Jeremy broke up?

Matt: No, because now it allows me to use this awesome pun: looks like Jonnie is off the spot now, huh, everyone?!?

Steve: Not really. Besides, now Bon-Bon will never smile.

Dan: See Question 1. I was sad that Bonnie was sad, but he doesn't deserve her.

Eric: Absolutely not! Like Dan, I felt like Jeremy doesn't deserve Bonnie. I get he's a tortured soul tormenting by the ghosts of girlfriends past, but if Matthew McConaughey could get past it, so should you. Besides, who cheats on their hot witch girlfriend with a ghost anyways. Not me.

Which returning ghost were you most happy to see?

Matt: Lexi, by default really. She's headed to 90210, as well, BT Dubs.

Steve: Grams. Jasmine Guy rocks, and this was the only visit from the great beyond that made any semblance of sense.

Dan: I wasn't really happy to see any of the main ghosts, so I'll say the tomb vamps that were there to wreak havoc on the founding fathers. At least they brought back a storyline that was interesting once upon a time.

Eric: Mason Lockwood! Not because I miss his character, but he rekindled a friendship that glues this show together. Go back to question number-one for further explanation. Closer runner up was, of course, Jasmine Guy. Anything even remotely resembling Dead Like Me always gets you bonus points in my book.

Which main character (Tyler, Katherine, Klaus, Rebekah) did you miss the most?

Matt: Sorry, but I'm gonna cheat and combine them all. They are all tied in to the main storyline on season three. Is it fine to take a break from the typical VD madness for a week? Absolutely. But my frustration here is that this break didn't even involve any main players, and was madder than usual! Slow things down to focus on one core relationship or something, don't speed the series up by tossing random ghosts at us.

Steve: Rebekah. See previous week's testosterone-fueled Round Table.

Dan: Klaus. The answer to that will always be Klaus for me. I didn't get to hear one "rippahh" this week.

Eric:Unless Rebekah was planning on showing up in a cheerleading uniform, I'm totally on team Klaus. That guy perfectly combines creepy and fun for me every week.

More random development: Lexi's detox skills, Damon's convertible ride, Mason's entire storyline or Jeremy's love for Anna?

Matt: Everything involving Mason was more confusing than Taylor Kinney's girlfriend's typical attire.

Steve: Amazingly, Jeremy's obsession with Anna, while a bit overblown considering they dated for like one week while she was alive, may have been the most believable of these options, since it was at least rooted in... something. I thought Stefan endured decades of misery and discipline to cure himself of his ripper ways with Lexi's help. Now there's an accelerated Detox program? Mason's reappearance still takes the randomness cake, however. He showed up to torture Damon (who somehow escaped that chair like nothing happened), then enlisted his help to go find a secret weapon to kill Klaus that he heard about on the other side, then vanished. Because ... he needed redemption? I trust the writers have a grander narrative in mind for the season as a whole, so I'll reserve some judgment. In the interim, though, it's hard to see this being done any worse.

Dan: Lexi's detox skills. Seriously, she just has these abilities all of the sudden? Okay... if she does, why wasn't Elena asking her what the heck she was doing, so she could attempt to do the same when Lexi left? I will be glad if another ghost never steps foot in Mystic Falls ever again.

Eric: Please, Damon has always had a nice convertible. Pick up your season 1 DVD. Now when Jeremy managed to fall head over heels for a former stalker he couldn't stand, that one will remain a mystery. Though we always want what we can't have. And I'm pretty sure ghosts fit in that category. Now, like Dan, I just want them to never show up again,


I actually liked this episode. It was fast paced and kinda increased an already suspense filled episode. Last weeks ep was totally crap! 1. For me the best scenes were with lexi and stefan, damon and mason and the scene at the end with damon and alaric. looks like Dalaric bromance is still on... But the scene when pearl and anna re unite was good as well. I liked Anna, I know a lot of people don't like Anna but I do and I am glad she found peace. 2.I want Bonnie to have a story line and not be the resident fixer upper that she is. It seems the only way would be for Bonnie and Jer to break up and for him to try and win her back. Its the only thing that wouldn't involve magic. 3. I liked Lexi coming back, simply because she is bad ass and she knows how to deal with stefan and she showed Elena that she has to be cruel to him and be strong. I think Elena will be able to help him. I liked seeing the grandmother as well seeing as she helped Bonnie do what she needed to do. 4. Katherine, just because I wanted to know what happened to her. I don't think she deserved that send off. She needed something more gruesome if she was to die. 5. I really want to know how Lexi did what she did. Seems interesting for another vamp to learn it but that doesn't take the cake for random. Mason's story line was contrived and poorly written. I get that he wants to save tyler cuz he does have a problem but the whole peace thing? *rolling eyes* seriously. Generally a good ep. It set up for a lot of things in the future.

Anna maria

ps: I DON'T want Stefan back at being nice! Thank god Lexi had to go! She was the one ghost I didn't want back, and her cheeks are so big it's weird.. I really want to know what it was that she did though

Anna maria

Ugh I hate that Damon killed Mason..and now he's gone again! He's SO hot!! And sweet..he'll be missed! I also lovee Anna, way more than Bonnie, I wish they could be brought back from the dead for good! I cried when she found her mother! Maybe since the necklace wasn't destroyed they might return? Apart from them this ep was a bit lame.. I want Klaus back! Rebecca and Tyler were also missed!


The episode sucked bc the ghost stuff was boring/pointless. Mason and Lexie were ok, problem is I DO NOT want Stefan good ever again. Atleast don't make him good this season, he is to great bad. He and Elena just don't work together, triangle? Yea, but anything close to endgame just will not work. They are painfully boring and devoid of chemistry, thus passion and not beleiveable. Puppy love between kids? Sure but Elena is 18 now and I need to see that spark and Delena could be cooking (like someone else said) and would have more chem then stelena in a beadroom scene. Anyways, Glad Bon and Jer are over. I think the odd couple (matt/bonnie) would be sexy. Maybe she will become more likeable happy for once. Where the h*ll was Tyler (no forwood!?!) an Rebekah/Klaus? I've been dying to see Elijah all year, love him even more then Klaus. I never cared for Ana or Vicki for polar opposite reasons. Ana is flat and unbearably boring, Vicki is overbearing and uncontrollable. Which is why I'm confused as to why they were back. I loved Anas last scene but that was it. Mason was great, starting to think its Damons company that makes bromances so much fun.


Damned..when even Alaric can`t resist Damon, who gave him a heartfelt but firstclass crapass non-apology with all of his dark charm, what should we girls
These both were great, and made me feel that this episode wasn`t totally a loss...
Love all the scenes with Alaric+Damon+Mason...
But i was totally disapointed about the detox stuff around Stefan. Got i love these man, back in Chicago, feeding a man with the blood of his own girlfriend.
This Stefan enjoy his own existenz..
But this "I´m lost in my own darkness stuff, and please save me so i can be Elena`s puppie again"-crap got on my nerves from the beginning, over the middle and to the annoying end.
God, writers, please do something..
Even that i thought all the time, Stefan and Elena are more boring than watching 24hours synchronized swimming..I love them 100% more, when they admit the whole time how much they love each other, than these 20minutes with Lexi get him back.
Please Stefan, stay on the dark side..You`re so sexy when you except what you truly are..
And by the way, and i`m shipping for nobody...Elena and Damon have more tension together, when they just cook with eachother, than Elena and Stefan in the wildest kissing-scenes...


don't fix Stefan!let him be a ripper for a while, it's fun!! Lexi and Mason were awesome! they all came back for good reasons!! i miss Klaus the most in this ep! as for Bonnie, i thought she did a right thing, Jer didn't deserve her at all! root for Matt/Bonnie shippers! they read from the same page at some point!! Screw Jer!


as a die hard TVD fan i felt as if this episode was the seasons slowest, most random one. and i kept wishing for DELENA scenes! what worries me is that stefan might find his humanity back in a second and then, yet again, we shall have him back to well... you know. cant wait for next weeks ep. pretty sure it'll make up for this one. flashbacks here i come:D


Great episode!! It wasn't really random.. Just a little unexpected at some parts. :)


1. Hmmm, I liked seeing Lexie work her magic on Stefan. I also liked Damon and Alaric fixing their bromance.I love those two together. 2. I am. I actually like Jeremy and while I loathe what he did I feel like he needs to be cut a bit of slack too. The first and only girl he ever really loved came back...that was difficult for a guy who loses everyone he cares about. And then there is the matter of Bonnie flipping out prior to him actually doing something wrong...which almost caused him to "pull a Damon" and do something wrong. That whole since you'll accuse me may as well go for it. It's a tough position he's been in for quite some time and it doesn't get much notice. I felt bad for them both. Also I like them best when they are together. Jeremy isn't as annoying and in the way when he's with Bonnie, he's sweeter but stronger and useful. And Bonnie is more real and sweet and relatable when she's with Jeremy. But if this doesn't pan out maybe there is hope for Bonnie and Matt. Battie. Batt. Monnie. Two of the most horribly used characters could probably light up the screen when together, that's how it appears anyways. 3.I wasn't a big fan of this ghost stuff. Not at all. What was the purpose? But it was nice to see Grams again (who doesn't love Jasmine Guy?) and MY favorite Blonde vamp has always been and will always be Lexie. I was relatively entertained with Mason and Damon working together but, yeah Grams and Lexie would be the two I wish actually stuck around. 4. Is Elijah an option? No?Fine. All of them. I'm curoius about Tyler's relapse into douchery and his relationship with Rebekah (yeah all that time Caroline spent bitching about out for you sexy hybrid chica). I was mildly intersted in what actually happen to Katherine, and as far as Klaus...there was a distinct lack of a sexy British accent. 5. Lexie's skills were't all of a sudden. It's the writers fault for not working in that particular skill they all possess more often so we wouldn't forget about them. It was like what Damon did to Rose when she was dying, or what Katherine did to Stefan when they were in the tomb. Hey remember when Damon had smoke and crows at his whim? What happen to that? I'll have to go with Mason's storyline. Since when did he care to redeem himself? Wth was up with the hieroglypic crap? It was just an unnatural subplot for him that didn't flow at all.


1) Pearl and Anna reunion - made me bawl
2) So happy the jailbating is over
3) Grams, for once someone is not in awe of Bonnie's judgement
4) Klaus - he is awesome. Period. Hon mention: would've liked to have been reassured that Kat is still alive.
5) Accelerated detox (but still not as random as the 'siring' from the prev ep). But I'm not too worried cos we all know Elena's gonna eff it up somehow.

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