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Ghosts invaded Mystic Falls this week, causing some serious problems and even killing a history teacher in front of the entire town.

The only way to send them back was for Bonnie to destroy the talisman that anchored them here in the present day: Elena's necklace. But Elena didn't want this action to take place yet because Lexi was back and working some weird spell to get Stefan's humanity back. It maybe worked? Kind of? A little bit?

By the end, when Lexi was forced to leave, not a lot had been accomplished, but Elena possibly got through to Stefan with a threat that she wouldn't stick around forever.

Oh, and how did Lexi get forced to leave? Well... Anna stole Elena's necklace because she wanted to stick around and be reunited with her mom, but after she and Jeremy kissed (an action Bonnie later learned about and dumped him for), Anna realized it wasn't fair to be Jeremy's ghost girlfriend. So she gave the necklace back, Bonnie united with Grams to destroy it and all the ghosts left for The Other Side.

Except that the necklace then got spit out of the fire to close the episode.

Also, Mason led Damon in a search deep inside his family's dungeon. But Damon wasn't allowed to go all the way inside, and after Mason left he was forced to call Alaric to assist. He did so, and the hour concluded with Alaric stumbling upon some kind of ancient writing on the walls.

Episode Number:

I theorize that Elena and Damon will have a monemt, likely a cliffhanger one. Elena's life will hang in the balance near the end of the second season (leading up to her vampire transformation). Bonnie will hook up with Jeremy, but I'm not seeing a serious relationship yet, if at all. Caroline will have to do some thinking on being with Matt, who she endangers or with Tyler, who is dangerous for her to be with. Jenna and Alaric will have troubles taking steps forward while she is oblivious to the supernaturals so she will find out, in a very crazy (likely near-death) event.

David and sabrina 2014

Jeremy may seem like a crazy ghost follower but it could help out his friends with their problems especially if they involve getting into problems. =O


thanks a lot jenna!


Jeremy’s becoming extremely tiresome. He’s fallen in love so many times, and he keeps riding to the rescue of so many damsels, it’s about time they stopped expecting us to buy him as anything more than your average sixteen-year-old horndog. Nothing wrong with that, but please just call it what it is. Bonnie really should look elsewhere. Matt’s single, and I’ve always wanted him and Bonnie to give it a shot.


The song at the end of the episode when all the ghosts were disappearing was called "This woman's work" by Greg Laswell. Previously sung by Maxwell.


i wish i could find that song when all the ghosts were disappearing...


This is my favorite episode so far.


I think the only way that they are going to stop Klaus, is to bring Elijah back.And by Michael waking up, Damon and the rest of the Vampires are in Danger.He feeds off of Vampire blood only...Someone has to stop him...


anna and jeremy yeah jeremy stay away from bon and be with anna or die to be with her again!damon and bonnie so awesome its about time!

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Elena: That's what they call it?
Jeremy: That's what Anna calls it. There's not an official brochure or anything.

Greetings, blondie. Witchie.


The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 7 Music

  Song Artist
Changing 1 Changing The Airborne Toxic Event iTunes
Song Hitchhiker Empires
Come on come on Come On, Come On Michael Johns and The Ontic iTunes