The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Ghost World"

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For the first time in ages, The Vampire Diaries was a total bust this week. So we noted in our review of "Ghost World," and so Round Table panelists Matt Richenthal, Steve Marsi, Dan Forcella and Eric Hochberger detail here.

Agree with their takes? Disagree? Find them utterly hilarious? Weigh in now!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Matt: Caroline brought her A game to a D episode. She cracked me up when she continually asked Bonnie if the dead witches were still around, and then she smacked some sense into Jeremy over the phone.

Steve: The last one. Regardless of how they got there, those cave drawings - and Alaric's dumbfounded expression looking at them - were pretty cool.

Dan: Elena finding Jeremy and Anna making out because it meant that Bon-Bon could finally drop that dead weight that is Jeremy Gilbert.

Eric: Damon's re-hashing of his Mason apology to Alaric. But, more importantly, Ric calling him on the bullshit. I know it's a lame scene by action standards, but when there's so many annoying ghosts run around and a lack of Forwood, I turn to my favorite bromance for entertainment.

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Are you sad Bonnie and Jeremy broke up?

Matt: No, because now it allows me to use this awesome pun: looks like Jonnie is off the spot now, huh, everyone?!?

Steve: Not really. Besides, now Bon-Bon will never smile.

Dan: See Question 1. I was sad that Bonnie was sad, but he doesn't deserve her.

Eric: Absolutely not! Like Dan, I felt like Jeremy doesn't deserve Bonnie. I get he's a tortured soul tormenting by the ghosts of girlfriends past, but if Matthew McConaughey could get past it, so should you. Besides, who cheats on their hot witch girlfriend with a ghost anyways. Not me.

Which returning ghost were you most happy to see?

Matt: Lexi, by default really. She's headed to 90210, as well, BT Dubs.

Steve: Grams. Jasmine Guy rocks, and this was the only visit from the great beyond that made any semblance of sense.

Dan: I wasn't really happy to see any of the main ghosts, so I'll say the tomb vamps that were there to wreak havoc on the founding fathers. At least they brought back a storyline that was interesting once upon a time.

Eric: Mason Lockwood! Not because I miss his character, but he rekindled a friendship that glues this show together. Go back to question number-one for further explanation. Closer runner up was, of course, Jasmine Guy. Anything even remotely resembling Dead Like Me always gets you bonus points in my book.

Which main character (Tyler, Katherine, Klaus, Rebekah) did you miss the most?

Matt: Sorry, but I'm gonna cheat and combine them all. They are all tied in to the main storyline on season three. Is it fine to take a break from the typical VD madness for a week? Absolutely. But my frustration here is that this break didn't even involve any main players, and was madder than usual! Slow things down to focus on one core relationship or something, don't speed the series up by tossing random ghosts at us.

Steve: Rebekah. See previous week's testosterone-fueled Round Table.

Dan: Klaus. The answer to that will always be Klaus for me. I didn't get to hear one "rippahh" this week.

Eric:Unless Rebekah was planning on showing up in a cheerleading uniform, I'm totally on team Klaus. That guy perfectly combines creepy and fun for me every week.

More random development: Lexi's detox skills, Damon's convertible ride, Mason's entire storyline or Jeremy's love for Anna?

Matt: Everything involving Mason was more confusing than Taylor Kinney's girlfriend's typical attire.

Steve: Amazingly, Jeremy's obsession with Anna, while a bit overblown considering they dated for like one week while she was alive, may have been the most believable of these options, since it was at least rooted in... something. I thought Stefan endured decades of misery and discipline to cure himself of his ripper ways with Lexi's help. Now there's an accelerated Detox program? Mason's reappearance still takes the randomness cake, however. He showed up to torture Damon (who somehow escaped that chair like nothing happened), then enlisted his help to go find a secret weapon to kill Klaus that he heard about on the other side, then vanished. Because ... he needed redemption? I trust the writers have a grander narrative in mind for the season as a whole, so I'll reserve some judgment. In the interim, though, it's hard to see this being done any worse.

Dan: Lexi's detox skills. Seriously, she just has these abilities all of the sudden? Okay... if she does, why wasn't Elena asking her what the heck she was doing, so she could attempt to do the same when Lexi left? I will be glad if another ghost never steps foot in Mystic Falls ever again.

Eric: Please, Damon has always had a nice convertible. Pick up your season 1 DVD. Now when Jeremy managed to fall head over heels for a former stalker he couldn't stand, that one will remain a mystery. Though we always want what we can't have. And I'm pretty sure ghosts fit in that category. Now, like Dan, I just want them to never show up again,


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
The part when the ghosts start to disappear one by one. It's heartbreaking. Are you sad Bonnie and Jeremy broke up?
I'm sorry. I zone out the moment "Bonnie" was mentioned. Which returning ghost were you most happy to see?
Mason! Now, I thought he will be the first-class jerk when he appeared, but the speech about redemption. I'm touched! Lexi comes close in second though. Which main character (Tyler, Katherine, Klaus, Rebekah) did you miss the most?
Katherine! What happened to her? Is she dead. And I don't understand why there's no Tyler scene here. I meant Mason could've come to Tyler instead? More random development: Lexi's detox skills, Damon's convertible ride, Mason's entire storyline or Jeremy's love for Anna?
It's not random. All of these things build up since season 1 and 2. Yes, Mason's might sound a little bit random out of the four. But still they need pawns to move on to the original story.


i'm now officially in love with lexi. bring her back please.


Yea I agree with everyone if this show can suck, it did last night. Plus, no Delena or Forwood. Ugh


The whole Mason storyline was extremly confusing. First he's torturing Damon, then 2 seconds later they have teamed up to go to a cave in the middle of nowhere? Where's the logic in that? And how are the Lockwoods connected to the Originals? WTH TVD I expected more from you!! Now, after reading a few comments, I can understand how Lexi did that whole mindcontrol thing (re-watch S2E12). I just hope this doesn't mean Stefan will be non-crazy all of a sudden. That would be even more of a letdown than the actual episode.


Loved every minute of the episode.Love the ghost,s.Can,t wait untill next week.Soory don,t agree with the reviews.VD and walking dead best shows on Tv.


1. I agree, Elena walking in on Jeremy and Anna, and not because that kiss was better than anything Jer and Bonnie ever had, but because their faces were funny lol. 2. Hell to the NO! I never liked their relationship anyway...I am on the different side of the spectrum, I believe Bonnie never deserved Jeremy lol. 3. None really. I think this season would have just been better if only Jeremy was seeing Anna and Vicki (heck let Matt see her too at least then he had something). All the ghosts coming back was a nice way to see old characters but did nothing. I thought that was how season 3 was gunna roll Jer and the ghosts, Forewood, and everyone trying to stop Klaus. After all I only thought the consequences were for Jeremy. Besides could Bonnie will mess up that bad? 4. Klaus. This should be his season. 5. Lexi. Jeremy's love for Anna isn't that random, they ended before it really bloomed but you could see he cared and obviously her coming back for more than a month would ignite feelings.


@Azza I beg to differ. Bonnie was the first one to lose someone. Her grams, remember? She lost her to save a vampire, beings she was supposed to naturally hate. She's just not been given an actual storyline to work on. And now that she got rid of Jeremy, she's got potential for so much more.


My take on what Lexi did: Damon explicitly said that he was compelling Rose's dream before he ended her life. Before that moment, it had been unclear whether Damon or Katherine had merely been controlling dreams, but after that comment, the suggestion that there are two types of compulsion was introduced. Conscious compulsion is what we see most of the time, and if compulsion of the unconsciousness does exist, the incidents when Damon controlled Elena's dream, as well as Rose's dream, the incident(s) of Katherine controlling Stefan's dream, and Lexi causing Stefan to believe that he was being deprived of blood could be cases of compelling the unconsciousness. Stefan's body was not being controlled by Lexi, his body just reacted to what it believed to be extreme extreme starvation even though his body was fine, and had plenty of blood. Stefan could be fully wake, while Lexi compels his unconsciousness to see himself being starved for ages, because she ultimately wants a response from him, and would need for him to be awake. And Lexie could always force him to have a similar dream if he were to go to sleep, forcing him to wake up and experience torture 24/7. Of course, I guess this will make people wonder why Katherine and Damon didn't just compel Stefan and Elena's unconsciousness once they woke, respectively. Damon could have really messed with Elena in the early part of Season 1 when she dreamed of him due to his influence, and he could have forced her to continue seeing images of him in her mind after she woke up. Katherine could have continued to try and seduce/torture Stefan while he was awake.


I understand the love between Jeremey and Anna because him try to kill herself when she died. If that is not love I dont know what it is...


Bonnie was way too gud for Jeremy it would have been better if she had let him die, he as no substance how can he be so madly in love with a ghost, who he had 3 dates with, that just plain ridiculous i really hope she doesn't end up with matt he a proper loser i want a new hot love interest for bon bon . i am actually kinda off sad now that luka die and Jeremy turned out to be such a dick.

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