Warehouse 13 Season Finale Review: Who Died?

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Oh my God.

That's what I uttered as the bodies and plot twists kept piling up during “Emily Lake” and "Stand." I’m almost at a loss of where to begin because I’m still trying to process all of it.

I’m really left wondering about Steve and where he lands in all this now that he’s supposedly dead because both Claudia and Artie seem to have some sort of plan to bring him back. I’m just wary of the repercussions and what that means for everyone involved seeing as it’s a very big and game changing thing to do on Warehouse 13, bringing someone back from the beyond.

What are the potential consequences for using an artifact in that manner?

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Continuing on with Steve, I knew something terribly wrong was about to happen when Claudia revealed his true allegiances, Placebo’s Running Up That Hill doesn’t play during happy times (I'm looking at you, Season Four premiere of The OC!).

My heart was breaking watching Pete discover Steve’s corpse and immediately recoiling back, but I wasn’t able to hold back my tears watching Claudia’s look of terror and remorse after losing someone so close to her. The entire scene was emotionally draining but it was so well done, my hat is off to the cast and crew for such an amazing scene.

Yet, even after all of this, I’m still not entirely pleased at how Sykes turned out. There was nothing really likable or hateable about him, he was simply a guy who lost an artifact that corrupted him and he wanted it back. Yes, his plans were ruthless, he destroyed the Warehouse, but he didn’t have long monologues or a short fuse or even an eye patch. In essence, there was nothing to him.

That isn’t entirely truthful. Sykes did do one thing for me: thanks to him I finally warmed up to H.G. and her redemption. She sacrificed herself to save Pete, Myka, and Artie – although why she didn’t just put the barrier around the nuke I’ll never know. At least now if that spinoff ever gets off the ground I won’t have such hatred for her.

Speaking of the Warehouse being destroyed, I only have one thing to say: awesome!!! Although what does that mean for Mrs. Frederick’s rather disgusting, shriveled up death? Oh, that’s right, because four dead bodies weren’t enough, Mrs. Frederick died with the Warehouse.

Warehouse 13 certainly didn’t lack commitment issues for this finale. Maybe someone can bronze me so the wait for season four won’t feel so long.

Other thoughts:

  • Nanites – Does anyone else think of Jake 2.0 after hearing that? Rest in peace UPN!
  • I rather enjoyed badass Claudia, especially that stare down with Mrs. Frederick.
  • I should start keeping track of how many artifacts are used in an episode/season, it’s gotten quite crazy at times.
  • Death by a chess game, isn’t that how Skynet is created? Or is that the red herring?
  • Tesla rifles should be mandatory.


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The reason she put the barrier around the characters and not the device is because doing the latter would have put the device on the OUTSIDE of the barrier.


so just to get this straight, because this is my time here, was that the end of warehouse 13 or what because mrs. frederic died,and before that season started the nurse said "if mrs.frederic dies then you claudia will become the new caretaker and at the season finale of this season claudia said the metronome is for steve im bringing him back


From what i think will be the premiere season 4, artie will use the watch on frederic, if she lives the warehouse lives i think the warehouse is so bound to the reagent bound to him that it could be something like that to keep the warehouse, or he can use it on HG, she make a time machine, they change the storyline. For claudia, that would be nice if frederic, that will be alive thx to the clock, and be turned out as the new bad guy, she is clever, and nice too, and probably can get reagent powers from potential paradox warehouse 14 that will never exist :) but i m just speculating , i'd like to have a real bad guy who got enough good reason for the public to say "i understand her motives i dunno wch side i would be"


I'm not sure about badass Claudia - for one episode, maybe two, it's great, but she can't be bitter and angry for the rest of the show. Half of the reason I watch the freaking thing is because of her wise-ass remarks and random me dances. Badass Claudia would not do a random me dance.


i did in s2e11 mrs.frederic told claudia if anything happen to her she be warehouse 13 new caretaker


Does no one remember that Claudia is supposed to take over Ms. Fredrick's place?


Wow, what a finale.. I'm guessing that whatever the artifact was that kept Mrs Fredric alive was in the warehouse and was destroyed in the blast, thus why she fell over dead. As far as hitting the reset button, as anyone who read my reviews last season knows I ADORE HG Wells and would accept just about any excuse for them to bring her back (especially as a good guy). That being said, it would also cheapen the entire event if they simply reset the clock and suddenly everything is ok. I'm guessing the artifact Claudia wants to use on Steve would work even if he had been dead for hours. Next season is going to be interest.. Some questions I was left with, assuming things stay as they are. 1. Who is going to replace Mrs Fredric as recruiter/liaison to regents?
2. Is there any plausible way to bring HG Wells back from the dead?
3. Is Claudia going to let this eat her the way it did McPhearson to the point it corrupts her?
4. Could the watch Artie was holding be used to bring just a person back, say HG Wells?
5. Should the show be called Warehouse 14 now?
6. Seriously now, can we please have HG Wells back as a full time agent? hehe,


you guys really cry at TV shows?

@ fred1369

I don't cry, but I do sometimes get misty eyed. Like tonight having just seen the last ever episode of WH13. Blub!


I was just wondering what the name of the song at the end while the warehouse blew up is called? Please and Thank You.


Julia, Thank you for pointing that out! I just assumed that they recorded an acoustic version. Doing a quick search on iTunes the band is listed as Track and Field and their version is available for purchase.

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Warehouse 13 Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

What I know is I'm tired of arbitrary rules. The metronome is for Steve, I'm bringing him back.


Not me I was planning to outlive both of you lunatics.