Who Are TV's Sexiest Sidekicks?

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Cordelia Chase. Michael Vaughn. Maria DeLuca. Pacey Witter.

TV history is filled with dozens of captivating comrades who smoldered their way into our homes every week, often getting us more hot and bothered than the characters they were there to support! 

  • Seth Gabel as Lincoln
  • Angela and Dad
  • Poor Jer

At TV Fanatic, we feel it's time to honor the new breed of right-hand hotties, and we're turning to YOU for suggestions!

Are you as enamored with Suits' Donna and her acicular wit and scintillating skills with a can-opener as we are? Do you find Fringe's FBI Agent Lincoln Lee to be doubly delicious? Does Angela Montenegro rattle your Bones the way she does ours? Or does The Vampire Diaries' Jeremy give you something to sink your teeth into every week?

What current male and female characters do you think best put the sexy in sidekick? Nominate your favorites in the comments below and check back in the next couple of days for a brand new poll!

UPDATE: The nominations are in. Go vote in our male sidekick poll now!

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Ryan and Esposito: Castle


Ryan and Esposito from Castle. Nothing else.


Ryan & Esposito from Castle :D


Ryan and Esposito - Castle


Chin - Hawaii 5-0 Kono - Hawaii 5-0


Ryan and Esposito, from Castle. Who else ???


Ryan and Esposito of Castle


Ryan and Esposito- Castle


This one doesn't take much thought; Ryan and Esposito from Castle. Without a doubt.


Ryan and Esposito. NOM NOM NOM.