Castle: Kasting for Kim Kardashian?!?

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Castle is getting set to rip a character straight from the headlines. The nauseating, scripted headlines, that is.

A recent ABC casting notice reveals that this hit is seeking an actress to take on the role of Kay Cappuccio, a reality star “who has achieved significant fame and fortune without possessing any discernible skill or talent." Hmmm... to whom could this description possibly refer?!?

The notice also makes a reference to the young woman's "booty" and "knockout body," while adding that she's a "favorite of tabloids and gossip sites."

However, Cappuccio will also have a more complex side, embracing the spotlight and wishing to escape from the prison it has created. No word yet on when she'll appear or how she'll fit into a storyline, but it sounds like Kay will be a murder target on an upcoming episode.

Got any casting suggestions, readers? Aside from the obvious, that is?

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please please no Kardashians.


Please Please Pleaase DO NOT Involve any Kardashian in any shape size or colour into Castle, I might have a serious allergic reaction. Castle is in CLASS of its own. It does not need any added preservatives. IT's Natuarally Wholesome Good entertainment. NUFF SAID!! NO! K!


Lets see if KK can act. I think it will be interesting!


Castle at this point has been a great show and amazing writing. My reaction was, 'NO" Please make them go away and so praying the writers do not go down that ugly road.


That was exactly my reaction. I just said a loud "no" to my computer. I just didn't want Castle to go there. It's already good as it is, it doesn't need a reality tv girl (notice, I didn't say "star") to get attention or ratings.


Oh my goodness, when I saw the headline I thought Kim Kardashian was ACTUALLY going to be in the show. I started screaming "nooooooooo!!!!!' at my computer... My fears are abated. This is gonna be good.


there is no way in hell KK will be cast in this role :D

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