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It's not every week that a show has me laughing out loud, but "Studies in Modern Movement" accomplished just that. The music video with Dean Pelton and Jeff was hands down one of the best things I've ever seen on Community.

The latter really brought his A game this week. After a bunch of episodes that found him to be bossy and angry, Jeff was back in classic "too cool to care" mode from the days of old.

Fun with Troy and Abed

Only a person as self-obsessed as Jeff would elaborately plan a plot involving fake heart monitors and a Gap loudspeaker. Hand it to the man, he doesn't spare any detail when it comes to his schemes. The only thing he didn't count on was Dean Pelton.

By now, shouldn't Jeff know that he must always be prepared for the dean to try and get in on his plans? Hello, Pelton's obsessed with him! I love that he made Jeff order for him at the Mexican restaurant. Adios Amores.

The only thing better than these two singing Seal's "Kiss from a Rose" with a green screen was the fact that they were in matching outfits. I wish Dean Pelton were real and I could find that video on Twitter.

How else could the rest of the group make fun of him without the use of social marketing tools? If I had to live in a three-person apartment I would totally reside with Troy and Abed. They were so cute trying to make Annie feel welcome. Between the shadow puppets and giving up their room, it was all very sweet.

Then again, I'm surprised Troy and Abed wouldn't take the fort to begin with. That "dreamitorium" made me feel like I was tripping on drugs. I would definitely steer clear of that spot.

For the many people who have been complaining about how one-dimensional the writers have made Britta and Shirley, do you think they made up for it tonight? I enjoyed the car scene between the two. Hit the Comments with your take and don't forget to check out the favorite quotes section for this week's best one-liners.


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Yay, another more down-to-earth episode! I thoroughly enjoyed this one since none of the characters were over-the-top. The new Troy / Abed / Annie roommates dynamic was lots of fun and cute. Pierce was genuinely trying to be helpful and nice. The Shirley / Britta conflict was perfect. The Jeff / Dean story was good too. It really felt almost perfectly balanced.
All that was missing was Chang. I loved Britta's bad jokes and her Shirley-mocking 'Oh, that's nice.' Troy and Abed making such efforts to make Annie feel at home was incredibly sweet. And that Jeff-Dean / hallucinating Piere / puppet show / singing 'Jesus' mash-up was fantastic. This is how the show's 'regular' episodes should always be like! And who can dislike an episode that featured a holodeck...I mean 'dreamatorium' and Horsebot 3000?


great ep. the song was hilarious. dean pelton needs to get whats coming to him. hopefully from john goodman.


And the winner is....Jeff Winger. Jeff creating a hospital out of a Gap dressing room was just brilliant. The highlight was definitely Dean "call me Craig" Pelton and Jeff singing - I was surprised by Joel McHale's voice. The guy can sing...he has a beautiful tenor! And as a music nerd, the mashup they did with the music just had me SOOOOO happy... I don't think Troy and Abed have become caricatures, really. They were a little saner when they spent time apart, but now that they're always together, there's more opportunity for them to indulge in their eccentricities. I think people forget how young those characters are supposed to be - they're still just two college boys. The other two stories - Britta and Shirley was well done. There's nothing easy about religious debate, EVER, between friends. And Pierce was just hilarious.


@george abed and troy aren't cartoons. a) when friends move in with each other, they usually go a bit crazy. second, i think we were supposed to see them like annie did: she saw them as annoying and so do we.
and pierce's was because he started hallucinating because of the paint fumes, it wasn't random.
i thought everything fitted in well


Compare Troy and Abed from this episode to Troy and Abed doing the "Spanish Rap" from season one. They're cartoons now I'm really sorry about that. What the hell was the Pierce storyline about? The man completely slipped a gear by himself. That was weird. Good Jeff moments. Good Shirley and Britta moments. It was fun, but I agree with George. I used to think this show was so innovative and interesting. Now I just think, at best, it's fun. Too bad. I echo the remorse for Horsebot 3000. Another good moment for Jeff.


I thought it was a pretty good episode. While I didn’t really find much to be exactly “laugh out loud� funny, I still found it to be fairly entertaining and did enjoy most of it.
Britta didn’t bug me as much as she usually does, so I guess that’s improvement…But I still think if they give her more “Britta season 1 character traits� it would improve the character by a helluvalot.
Also im glad they finally made a direct reference to the man-children troy/abed become. Don’t get me wrong I love Donald/Troy and Abed/Danny both together and separate, but sometimes the man-children they revert back too are a little “too much.� So im hoping that Annie living with them will help to mature them a bit and balance them out.
And its probably a little too early to even be thinking of this but I was on the wiki page earlier and I noticed it and felt like bringing it up. Blame bad timeslot all you want, but the show has pretty much been steadily losing viewers since day 1. And im thinking it may or may not be on the chopping block.
So what are people’s thoughts on an order for more episodes/season renewal. b/c I gotta say at this point in time while im not hoping it gets the axe or anything, im not exactly praying and hoping it gets picked up either. Which is VERY different from just a year or two ago where if it didn’t get picked I would have been vehemently outraged and probably would’ve used any and all forms of passive and active protesting to try and get NBC to change their minds…Hell I might’ve even used the scheme out of the "Troy and Abed save Firefly" playbook. But now not so much. I think if I were to find out tomorrow that it was canceled at most I think I would be disappointed, not quite outraged, just disappointed. Disappointed because [obviously] I would never get to see (new) community again. And also b/c I would never get to see the show redeem itself back into the AWESOME show it once was.


Holodeck! Good editing. Well played Craig! Britta saying: "That's nice!" That was awesome. Jeff should have hooked up with the hot saleswoman.


Brilliant episode tonight. Everyone was on top form. Jeff and the Dean singing was a real highlight as was the fact that Troy & Abed have a holodeck in their apartment. I mean, that's just genius.


Rest in peace, Horsebot 3000...

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Community Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Britta don't make jokes, you're bad at it!


When you become roommates with friends, the things you love about them become the things that make you want to smother them with a pillow.