Covert Affairs Review: Back In The Field

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With only six episodes in this back half of Covert Affairs' second season, you'd think they would want to pack a punch with each chapter in order to make a strong impression over a short period of time. You'd be right.

Last week's return of "The Wake-Up Bomb" was a solid start to the fall session, and "Uberlin" - chock full of action, CIA secrets, some Arthur backstory, and a love interest for Auggie - was just as powerful of a piece to the Covert Affairs puzzle.

Covert Affairs Action

It has been a long time coming for Peter Gallagher to take center stage for an hour. We learned about how Auggie became blind earlier this year, and while this episode wasn't nearly as entertaining or revealing, it was nice to learn more about the public face of the CIA.

We didn't flashback to 1989 - because, let's face it, I don't think Gallagher can pull off age 30 anymore - but we did dig deeper into a moment in Arthur's past in order to showcase how strong his love is for Joan.

And when it came down to it, "Uberlin" played perfectly as a romantic comparison story. Within the hour we witnessed the strength of Arthur and Joan's long-lasting marriage, as well as the promise of an exciting new relationship for Auggie and Parker.

We knew that there was nothing going on between Arthur and Elsa all along, but Joan wasn't there. She didn't get our perspective, so her jealousy was not unwarranted. I loved seeing her get jealous over Arthur's former love because it made their quiet romantic anniversary that much more special.

I mean, who wouldn't want Eli Manning in a fantasy football trade for his anniversary present? Have you been watching the season he's been having in 2011? You can't spell elite without E-L-I.

Let’s get back to the matter at hand. While Arthur and Joan were strengthening their already sturdy love, Auggie was seemingly cultivating one of his own in somewhat of an accidental fashion. Who else has wanted to see Auggie turn in his player card and possibly settle down into something at least semi-serious?

I am super psyched to think that it might be with Parker, played by the gorgeous Devin Kelley. Kelley was great in The Chicago Code's lone season, and she brought even more charm to the role of Auggie's Special Forces buddy's younger sister in "Uberlin." 

There is a formula to Covert Affairs, and I don't know if Auggie having a serious girlfriend works within it, but I'm happy to watch it for a while here. If he's not going to accept promotions in the workplace, Auggie might as well accept some benefits on the personal side of life.

Oh yes, Annie was on a mission on this week as well. It was good, but mainly helped to showcase Arthur's backstory. Annie did her job, fought with her sister for a bit and then made up with pancakes, but the most interesting parts of "Uberlin" focused on Auggie and Arthur. That''s not a bad recipe for success if you ask me.


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I liked the back story this week on Arthur. It was nice to see he was once in the field like Annie. Joan's jealousy was great. I always wonder if they really do like each other but this episode confirmed it. Annie was on the back burner this week, which was ok by me. I agree with the Danielle/Annie annoying relationship scenes. Yes, we know Danielle is ticked off, but give Annie a break. It's not like she has a cake job. If only Danielle could see what Annie does she'd be less inclined to throw a fit over framed children's artwork. Oh Auggie, how I love it when he's front and center. I too was happy he found a little happiness however I want him to be with Annie, darn it. And Jai with his "authority" (Cartman style) was brilliant. I loved how he threw it in Joan's face he was promoted instead of ending up in AZ. Deliciously devilish. Looking forward to the next few episodes.


I agree with the review. Danielle will soften towards Annie eventually.


This show started out really well and now is just plain silly! Last weeks episode where Annie just happens to go to a restaurant where she happens to meet the chef/owner who just happens to be a Basque terrorist and of course she is the only one who can come to the rescue! Give me a break! I give this show one more chance and then delete it from our auto record list! My husband got tired of the silliness last season and already quit the show and I'm about to join him. The best character on here is Auggie and frankly I'd like to see more of him and less of the rest including Annie!


I really liked the Arthur episode we get to see another side of Arthur as an operative and see how he works and I love the storyline of the whole Arthur/Elsa back in Berlin in 89! It was nice to see Joan getting jealous learning the truth about Arthur's relationship with his former love really nice to see at the end that Arthur really loves his wife what he had with Elsa was a long time ago. As for Auggie and Parker I love those two together they are adorable. Definitely a lot of chemistry with the both of them I hope she stays longer. I like to see where the relationship is going between the both of them! IT was good to see Auggie having a life outside of the CIA! Going to his late friend's 30th Birthday party seeing his friends and family and to see his Late friend's Sister Parker to go on a date to a Jazz club and have fun! I loved a lot of the scenes between the both of them! It was good Annie was able to talk him to going but don't understand why he is secretive on telling Annie about Parker that makes no sense but then again she didn't tell him about Dr. Scott either! Now Parker in the picture how is Annie react to her! I wonder if she will be jealous! I think there will be friction between Annie and Auggie now that Parker in the picture! We will see!


glad annie's finally getting respect from arthur instead of being thought of as some kind of honey trap. danielle was annoying. loved parker. auggie deserves somebody that sweet.


Yeah Danielle was definitely annoying.


I second that!


Seriously, Danielle is getting really annoying. She gets ticked off at Annie for every little thing she does wrong. If she really wants what's best for her sister, she should have said "hey, your safety is more important to me than a little art show" and moved on! Other than that...loved the show. Of course I hope there's a future for Annie and Auggie, but Parker was super cute! So, I'm okay with that relationship.



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