CW Full Episodes: Now on Hulu!

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Hulu recently announced some exciting news for fans of the CW shows we love. Full episodes of The Vampire Diaries, 90210, Gossip Girl and all other CW fare will now be available online!

In the header of each show's page on TV Fanatic, you can now find links to full episodes made available by the network as soon as they're online, and watch them right here. For instance:

And so on. Enjoy full episodes of these favorites, all other CW shows (Hulu and the network agreed to a five-year deal) and plenty of other programs from different networks as well!

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Um, netflix has all of the past seasons..


Cool! Now people can watch online!! :)


Well, they kind of had to considering Netflix started doing this about a month ago already....


@Helen There was no new episode on Oct. 31. New episodes resume next week (Nov. 7.)


Woohoo Hart of Dixie and The Vampire Diaries :)


@ Helen P. Souza no it wasn't. Maybe because of Halloween. No idea. But there is new episode this monday.


What happened to Hart of Dixie Monday night Oct, 31, 20ll? Missed it. Was it on?


Speaking on behalf of all CW-junkies, YAY!


Sorry, Elena, go complain to HULU. Or buy them on iTunes / Amazon. Or use your malware sites, just don't post them here ;)


O RLY? I can't watch it in Europe? Well, thanks for nothing, TvFanatic.

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