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This is strictly Blair going to a trusted friend as far as I am concerned. She obviously is hiding out at the loft to get away from the paparazzi, Louis and to rethink going through with the wedding. Nothing romantic between Dair that I can observe from the promos.


Well we all know how Monday's episode will end. I just hope they keep being roomies even after the next episode.


Moving in for how long!!


Well at least it's easy to give Dan some credence. At least he knows what the right outcome for Blair Wardouf from an platonic relationship with her. Which is re-unite Chuck and Blair. The Dynamic Duo of Duck seems to doing wonders to Dan's right choices.

But what is wrong with the constant 180 perspectives from Serena? From watching the sneak peek clip and season 4. First she thinks Chuck is perfect and this season she betrays him by saying she belongs to Louis. How about being a true friend and just talking to Blair to say the choice is her and her alone?

Anyways, we all know where this is headed...


Just when I was giving up on GG. Finally,DAIR scenes again, let's hope they get it on.

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