Gossip Girl Caption Contest 185

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Welcome to the 185th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic, where readers submit their best caption(s) for a photo from the CW drama! Ready to see who emerged victorious this week?

Your Caption Contest winner is HausOfLively. Congratulations and nicely played.

The winning entry appears below. Honorable mentions go out to Daretodair, TFV168, Trav Payne and Alwaysdair. Thanks to all for playing and best of luck again in next week's edition ...

Dan Blindfolds Blair

Blair: "Please tell me we're playing pin the tail on the Little J."

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    Blair: Is this the part when you slaughter me?


    Blair: When I told you I knew the Empire so well I could get to the penthouse blindfolded, I didn't think you'd test the theory, Humphrey.


    Blair: Hurry up, Humphrey! I have to pee.
    Dan: Again?


    Dan: Tell me what you smell, Blair?
    Blair *inhales* Vanilla candles, fresh-cut Peonies and Chuck's cologne. Chuck? Chuck, are you here? Hello? *lifts blindfold*
    Dan: Gotta love that new "Chair" scented Febreeze, right?


    Blair: So, what do you have to tell me, Humphrey?
    Dan: How'd you know?
    Blair: Well, I figured you brought me in here to talk, to make out or to kill me. And, I figured since we’re not gonna make out, I guess it’s talk or die, right?


    GG: We hear Lonely Boy took B to an audition for the Style channel's 'Worst Dressed in America' episode of 'How Do I Look?', only B didn't know it. Too bad Lonely Boy didn't realize he needs a make-over too.


    Blair: "Where are we?"
    Dan: "Fey Summer's Secret Sex Room!"


    Blair: "Where are we going?"
    Dan: "Wherever the hell the writers want. So, in terms of quality storylines and character developments, probably downwards."


    Blair: Thanks Humphrey, I don't have to see Serena's cleavage, it's not good for the baby.


    Blair: you know Humphrey this is kind of kinky yet I hate surprises..please tell me I am not in some murder mystery plot? I do have a Pilates class in the morning. Dan:Shush woman for once you are on a time out with my polyester scarf! Now stay away from the second half of season 5.