Dan and Blair: Moving in Together on Gossip Girl!

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Yes, you read the headline correctly. Gossip Girl's Dan and Blair will be moving in together. What that means for the long term future of their relationship is unclear, but there will be cohabitation up in Brooklyn.

According to TV Line's Michael Ausiello, Dair will be living under the same roof.

Uncertain about her future and plagued by swarms of paparazzi, Blair apparently moves her stylish self to Brooklyn and bunks with Dan on Monday's midseason finale, "Riding in Town Cars With Boys"!

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Of course, those hoping for hot, heavy Dair action may not want to hold their breath. While there, she seeks his advice in helping her finally choose between Chuck and Louis. So ... that's that.

Hey, at least they're giving Dan and Blair some relationship, right? Even if it's platonic? We're also hearing that he may lay his feelings for her on the table, too. Who knows where that may lead.

What do you think of this development? Will it lead to anything more than it sounds like, or will Dan simply be the conduit through which Blair decides whether she belongs with Louis or Chuck?

Share your views in the comments and vote in our informal survey below, and if you haven't seen them, be sure to watch and vote on the finalists for our Dair tribute video contest by Friday!

Who does Blair Waldorf belong with?

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okay, i use to be a chair supporter, but am definitely not anymore. do you all honestly believe chuck and blair will lead productive, happy lives together? all they end up doing is scheming and somehow bringing each other down. sure they have chemistry, but (in real life) that just isn't enough sometimes. Dan would keep blair happy, he'd give her what she deserves. but unfortunately this is not real life, its t.v. and the chair fans will probably win.
im still for dair though


chuck and blair okay? because of one reason. " IN THE FACE OF TRUE LOVE YOU JUST DONT GIVE UP."

Uncle jackass

Poll Question: Who does Blair Waldorf actually belong with? Answer (at this point): 4th category = Blair Waldorf Firstly, she isn't an object and is an individual. The more mature action would be to admit that being with Louis is a very naive fairy tale. I thinking of a Taylor Swift song of 'White Horse' montage in the background. That said, I not too sure if any parties will be happy for the current outcomes. The true admission of myself is that even if Dan admits his feelings to Blair I think he knows she won't reciprocate those feelings. More of the same plot for dair to come in the future I suspect...


Blair and Chuck really suck.
Dan and Blair take us there! (sorry...I couldn't help myself ;))


can they give me something better, please? they are following into the guy that likes a girl, that girl loves other guy, the friend try's to do everything good for her but she doesnt care, and this is what she saids: sorry i love you but as a friend, i knwo Chuck its distructive for me but a don't give a ... i love the bad life. And then Dan goes away and give Blair to Chuck. let me tell you what i think: BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. here is my story. Blair and Chuck, car accident. Blair lose the baby. Nothing happens to Chuck, and as always he runs away with the first girl he sees cause he can handle the situation. Blair open her eyes and the first thing she sees is Dan. She knows Dan is the only one that has been there for her, and she starts to feel things for him.
Thats a happy ending. DAIR I know people says that chair is epic, but that was in high school!!!. Give me something like Dair, something clever, not only sex, cause chuck and blair its the only thing they have in common. Thanks


Chair fans: I don't care that u feel the need to tell me Chairs long history. They don't wind up together cuz they don't fit, to much alike. I want to see them grow up and realize love just isn't enough. She needs to get her sh*t together and end up with Dan, he's her man. IE I'm over Chair and begging for Dair!!!


Blair she's so weak now it's not even funny. She doesn't deserve Dan. If she was only engaged I would be annoyed and still dislike all of her actions but she's so selfish. She is pregnant and she's not thinking at all about the baby. Louis is the father not Chuck and she needs to accept that and move on. Instead she's running around scheming and being immature instead of trying to grow up for her child. And I'm tired of words like mythic and epic being used by the writers to describe couples who are dysfunctional, immature, cheat on each other, and have no real communication.


Chuck: doesn't say I Love You for a long time and Blair is strung along, trades Blair in for his hotel (aka: letting her sleep with his uncle Jack to get a piece of property back), sleeps with Jenny Humphrey because he couldn't wait more than a few minutes for Blair at the Empire State Building, has a violent outburst that indirectly physically hurts Blair (to put it mildly) when he finds out she is engaged to the Louis. ***most of this is after Chuck KNOWS Blair loves him. he doesn't have the excuse of doubting her feelings. Blair has always loved Chuck*** Dan:besides the internship sabotage, he hasn't done anything to hurt Blair. he's been there to hear her romantic woes about Chuck and Louis. he wrote a book (which takes months, if not years to complete) about Blair in the best light possible. after their kiss, he never brought up his feelings for her, but did what made her feel comfortable---put it behind them. Dan helped Blair in her scheme to get Louis to stay. in the upcoming episode it looks like he'll even try to put Chair together. for the most part, Dan has been pretty selfless when it comes to Blair. right from the beginning. ****they aren't even in a relationship and he acts like this for her, without any hope that she will ever mirror his feelings**** i would hate for the guy who actually got it right from the beginning to lose out to a guy who took Blair for granted for so long.


So... I guess Blair is going to forgive Dan. And she should because Dan has been nothing but nice to her - he cares a lot about her and since they have been friends he has always tried to be there for her and do what's best for her (despite his feelings).


I`m wondering if someone realize one thing: From the beginning of the show there were different couples like Nate&Blair, Blair&Chuck, Serena&Nate, Dan&Serena, Nate&Vanessa and Dan&Vanessa. But almost every relationship was permanent - except one: Chair! Their love began with passion and all these years and seasons they had an insanely intense love which was always there, no matter what happened. In all seasons there were a Chair- unlike the other couples. They never gave up on each other although when they had other dates or break ups sometimes. And this is what makes Chair so special. Their love is real, always was always will.

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