Desperate Housewives Review: Secrets Don't Make Friends

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Finally! The mystery unraveled rather quickly on "Always in Control," as Desperate Housewives delivered a number of laugh-out0loud, OMG-worthy, shocking moments.

An Important Meal

Picking up right where we left off, Bree, Lynette and Gaby were driving away, discussing who could have moved Gaby’s stepfather’s body. I thought that it was predictable that they would assume it was Susan simply because she’s been MIA with art class and the only one who’s appeared as the possible loose cannon. However, I did not expect for this storyline to move as quickly as it did. I'm glad, though, because I felt like the last few episodes have been mainly filler. We’ve been waiting patiently for an installment like this.

Who’d a thought that it would be as simple as Ben’s workers finding the body, and Ben asking Mike to dispose of it? I never thought in a million years that Bree would confess to Ben or that Ben would willingly want to help keep her secret hidden.

Then again, we knew that Ben really wanted this construction project to happen and also that Mike just had to follow his instructions to protect Susan. It just all seemed too easy, though. I was definitely shocked and on the edge of my seat with every passing minute, especially when Chuck showed up to confront Bree with Alejandro’s picture in hand.

One thing’s for sure, Chuck was still angry about their breakup and knew that Bree was lying. I couldn’t help but to think what Chuck’s next move would be as Mike ensured that Alejandro’s body stayed hidden. 

On another note, I thought that Susan was rightfully frustrated with the other girls for keeping her out of the loop for the last few weeks. Like she said, they did make a pact to keep a secret, not to keep secrets from each other. Also, Gaby and Bree finally told Lynette and Susan about the mysterious letter.

Regardless of what’s happened, we still don’t know who wrote the aforementioned note to Bree saying: I know what you did. It makes me sick. I’m going to tell. Got any ideas?

Meanwhile, Lynette tried to get Penny on her side when she started bashing Jane a bit for trying to steal her away just like Tom. I thought Lynette definitely did the right thing in the end by explaining to Penny that there were no bad guys and she and Tom were trying to figure things out. When Lynette broke down in her car and watched Tom and Penny from afar, I, too, started to tear up.

I still believe that Tom and Lynette need this separation in order to hopefully find their way back to one another by the series ending. That's just the way it should be.

Elsewhere: Gaby and Carlos decided they wanted to name Bob and Lee as Juanita and Celia’s guardians. All they had to do was convince Bob and Lee how their once “monsters” were now perfect little angels. I’ve always loved Gaby’s parenting techniques and got a kick out of her paying Juanita off with cash to say the right things, brushing Celia’s hair to find a lollipop and allowing them a day off school to prep.

By the way, I can’t remember if I’ve ever heard or seen Celia utter a word. I also liked the touching moment between Juanita and Gaby.

Lastly, Susan spent most of the hour trying unsuccessfully to impress Andre, her art teacher. Luckily, after her argument with the girls, she was able to dig deeper and painted a dark and confessional depiction of what happened only months ago in the woods on that dark and unforgettable night.

This couldn’t possibly be one of Susan’s smartest moves, and I can’t wait to find out what happens as the murder mystery plot continues to thicken.

Do you think it's safe to say that Alejandro's body will stay buried this time around? Will Chuck be the one to find out what happens? Can Ben be trusted? And the million dollar question: Who is the author of that unexplained mysterious note?! 


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I can't stand Susan anymore. How stupid can they make her????? And, am I the only one who wishes for Bree and Ben to hook up? They'd be awesome couple!


how can't they all be pissed at susan...I mean come on...painting that picture?!?! how stupid can u be?!?!?!


Bear with me since I'm a little bit behind in episodes (but catching up quickly) so this comment comes a little late - I had the same thought as hmm. I think the note has been written by Ben and he'd somehow known about the murder etc all along; he chose the building site on purpose because he knew the body was buried there. Now the question is what his agenda is! I have yet to watch eps 8 and 9.. 8 coming right up, I'm quite curious. I do like this season, contrary to many reviews I've seen and I'm sad it's the last one (but to be fair, it had to come to an end at ONE point.)


I hope we'll see more of Chuck soon. And maybe some more Bree-Chuck action... the sparks are still flying fast (and furious) between the two. They make the best couple at the moment; why on earth did Bree not want to spent the rest of her life/the series with him? I still hope for a reconciliation, though I'm worried that the ugly aggro vibe from Chuck has killed any chance of them getting back together.


My thoughts on Ben, I bet he uses his knowledge to force the housewives into selling their properties to him cheap for another real estate development. I could just see the ending having all of the women watching as bulldozers level their homes, just as their lives have all been torn apart over the years.


After the last scene i just said: susan are u stupid or what??? I dont understand why its so important what this guy thinks.. and btw if they ever find the body - what is he going to think or even now. why would u paint that???? STUPID and annoying - everything else awesome
PS is Celia able to talk?? =)


Its --A's mom from Pretty Little Liars, or at least Ali's mom LOL
On this one I am whit @wolfshades it could be Orson


And yeah - Ben can't be trusted. He did Bree a favour "in return for a favour later on". Uh huh. Classic mob-think.


It might be Orson who left the note. Bree was the one who received it, right? Orson was married to her. And what did Bree demand of Orson after she found out about his crime? She insisted he turn himself in. I think she mentioned that he disgusted her. Turnabout is fair play. And she would have filled him in about the previous note and its history too - so he had that memory in his back pocket, so to speak.


I'm sort of over Susan right now. Her art really is bad, and like always, everything is always about her. I liked the ep otherwise :)

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