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This episode is a bit of a "Wallflower." Out of all the episodes so far this season (and there aren't many to go on), it's the one I'd least likely ask to dance. I fear the extra ballgame on FOX pushed what was to be an exciting cliff-hanger off until January. I can only guess that to be the case, because this one isn't one to leave us hanging.

It's pretty bad when the commercials are more exciting than the episode, but by the 30 minute mark, that's what I was feeling. As an ardent Fringe fan, that isn't a comfortable realization. The shame is that this episode probably sets us up for what's to come, but by the time it airs, we won't remember because this isn't a memorable installment.

Studying a Diagram

There are a lot of differences highlighted that showcase the differences between the new and old timelines. That seems like as good a discussion as any, at this point.

Olivia is getting migraines, and her prescription seems to work darn fast. I think I need whatever she's taking. It doesn't, however, stop them from coming back throughout the episode. Somehow, the migraines bring Lincoln and Olivia closer. Or, it could just be that Lincoln is feeling more comfortable in his new role.

Lincoln and Peter discussing Olivia was so natural. Peter was right in thanking Lincoln. Nobody has been treating him like a human being, but everything is so new to Lincoln that Peter is just another anomaly. In the scheme of Lincoln's life, Peter is the new normal.

Nina Sharp's office at Massive Dynamic is just a shade smaller than the one from our time line. It looks like the inside of a storage shelter. Why didn't I notice the size the last time Olivia and Lincoln were in her office? While still cold, the smaller size makes it seem a bit more personal, especially with her photos lined up on a shelf.

There was nothing about the case of the week in the least bit compelling. Usually, we're given something to work with that makes us feel either for the victims or the perpetrator. The only thing I felt was excited at seeing Yoko next to John in the mouse maze.

I suppose there was some sort of analogy between U-Gene and Peter. Neither is recognized. Even after U-Gene's speech to Olivia, I was left unmoved. When the owner of Ziggy the cat (I had a Ziggy of my own) recognized and saw him in the elevator? That got me. To spend your entire life just wanting to be seen by someone only to die when it happens does tug at the heart strings just a bit.

Odds and ends:

  • Peter gave Lincoln some new glasses. Why? To make him more attractive to Olivia. It's good to know there is a universe where Lincoln would get the girl.
  • Nina explained a bit more about taking a chance on Olivia and her sister. But the next bullet makes me wonder if a previous commenter was correct, she only raised them to be close to Olivia for malevolent reasons.
  • What is Nina doing to Olivia? Olivia doesn't have migraines at all. Nina is having her shot up with something. Cortexiphan? Is it to keep her from figuring out who Peter is?
  • I really miss the alternate universe. Alt-Lincoln, Fauxlivia, Walternate. Their reappearance is imperative.

From this mess of an episode to a two month hiatus. How will we survive? Here's hoping the holidays take us swiftly through the new year and into new episodes of Fringe!


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okay, am i the only one who doesn't like the alternate universe people? cuz altlivia is awful. she's better now but she still stole someone's life and then mocked her for being upset, mocked her for the loneliness of her life and told her how easy it was. that is truly awful and unforgiveable. am i the only one who feels this way? i mean, they can try and make her sympathetic all they want. i still hate her. and no one else in the other universe is that interesting, now that they changed lincoln. why do they keep shoving it down our throats?


To review:
You're obsession with painting Olivia as a constant victim is disturbing. As is your unreasonable hate of the male characters on this show. If you believe so strongly that Olivia is portrayed as a victim, I can't for the life of me understand why you would continue to watch this show. I also do not think Olivia is only a victim. Yes, she has some terrible things happen to her in her life (haven't we all?) but the fact that she is still a strong woman attests to her own personal strength, which I, as a young female, greatly admire. She faces dangerous situations on a daily basis, she's damn good at her job, and she is smart (perhaps not Walter smart but who is). She is not completely defined by the things that were done to her, despite events in her life that continually bring up these things. You are making her a victim, NOT the writers. Also, she and Walter have worked together for three years that we have not seen. Perhaps she has found it in herself to forgive him and if not that to have sympathy for the man that he is now rather than the person he was. Hasn't that always been the case with their relationship? And she did not treat Peter as a human. She was cold to him and only assigned him a house after Broyles gave her permission to. She holds herself at a distance from him (understandably, because she doesn't know him but he knows her... Which would weird me out too.) He probably hasn't asked her questions because he probably senses her discomfort around him. Lincoln was himself around Peter and that's why he thanked him. Anyway, that was all just a long winded way of saying that your comments are disturbing. And that fact that all you can think about is the portrayal of women as victims is highly unsettling. Especially since this shows doesn't do that and gives you a lot more things to think about.


I'm having trouble expressing my disappointment at everyone hating this episode. I thought Fringe fans were awesome because they actually understood the brilliant, different and subtle storytelling, but obviously the ef not. I suppose I can't help you if you don't LIKE the new versions of people. Of course I miss the old ones a lot. That's kind of the bloody point, and you root for Petah in getting back home. But these new ones are still them, and I find it fascinating to see how they're different. Also, I adore Lincoln, which helps. And I love him and THIS Olivia, who is NOT the one we know, so just bloody relax and watch it play out. And the case of the invisible man was beautiful; not mind blowingly wow, but nice. SUBTLE. the issues of identity, how others affect us, the consequences of science and search for life and love ties in beautifully with, I dunno, PRACTICALLY EVERYTHING THE ENTIRE SHOW IS ABOUT. Also, if you want a show that stays with the same people and goings on fir seasons end, go watch ANY other damn show. Fringe is different. You should all know that by now.


I'm so excited to see where the next set of episodes takes us. Fringe had never truly let ms down yet.
Also, allow me to mention that the next episode has a scene that we female Fringe fans will love: Peter and both Lincolns, all in the same frame. Enough said :)


Such a waste of an episode. Peter's back to unimportant, he creeptastically gives away Olivia, the love of his life, to a guy with such a childlike persona that if Olivia did date him, it would be tantamount to child abuse, and enormous anvils of NOT BEING SEEN AS WHO YOU ARE drop everywhere--- but who cares? These people don't care about Peter, they are cold and dull (so we don't care about them), the story was cliche' and telegraphed every reveal. I've hated storylines before (The fakey triangle, for one) but never before have thought the writing was boring. The commercials were more exciting than the show. To quote Peter: "I want to go home!" to our original characters, in their timeline. This season isn't "risky" as in brilliant, it's "risky" as in driving away viewers. I don't want to watch the OliviaLincoln show, I feel cheated that our Three are gone, I miss realWalter and Peter, realOlivia and Peter. These versions I would leave in a ditch.


I liked Lincoln's old glasses :(


Note to Jennifer: Nina and Olivia are not going to get great Mother-Daughter scenes , because Nina is abusing and using Olivia.
Everything Nina says to Olivia will sound fake and with a purpose.
Olivia will probably know the truth soon, if she already not suspects.
There may be confronation between the two, but that is Olivia feeling betrayed and used. Olivia gave Peter her trust pretty soon, sat alone with him in a car, gave him a house, was honest towards him and treated him very much like a human being. The way Peter thanked Lincoln was like only Lincoln did.
Broyles helped him as well.
And I was merely pointing out that he may have a guard, but I have not seen Needles and a possible execution around him, like Olivia had.


Final note:
I noticed a number of new names among the writers and writers from season 1. Also in several episodes when there are storylines with guestactors, that story is almost seperately with little interaction with the main cast. This season the best episode for me is 4.02 One night in October, where the guest actor and story was really mixed with the main cast, in this case Over There, and then gave us this wonderful Olivia and Fauxlivia interaction.


This is directed to "review" first of all the season isn't over yet so you can't say that the Olivia/Nina thing is over because in fact it could actually just be starting and about Peter being patronizing, in fact it was opposite. He thanked him for treating him as a person because of what he had just went through that day. (being followed around in the store) and also, even though Broyles was nice to him in the end scene of the last episode, (what you brought up) he is still making someone follow him around & having someone stand guard outside to keep up with his every move so no, he is still not being treated as a person. This is what this season has been about so far is why PETER is there & how did he get there, did you forget that? And why would Peter ask Olivia about "over there" when he doesn't know much about this Olivia & if she was ever experimented on or not because remember the Alt Olivia was never experimented on.As far as Peter giving Lincoln new glasses, if you have watched Fringe from the beginning then you should know that there is going to be something about the glasses that come into play & as far as what someone looks like is how Peter determines if he likes them or not? REALLY!?! And your comments about being abused & a victim, you should already know that on this show there are always reasons for everything. You will see that THIS IS our Olivia & our universe so yes, this Olivia was experimented on. This is & always has been a show that id full of details & you have to ALWAYS have your mind at work to pick out the hidden messages that are behind the details, for example did you listen to the lyrics of the song that was playing in the girl's apt? "Me oh my, I can't believe my eyes. Everything I care about is gone & I wonder why my life is tough no matter how I try. Tell me that I'm dreaming, tell me its a lie. Me oh my, I should have made you mine. Can't you hear my beating heart in & out of time."


Nina and Olivia was never set up to be a nice mother and daughter bond, you could sense that already when Olivia informed Lincoln, and Olivia in this episode was critical of Nina, and did not trust Nina at the end, hence Nina used some needles, probably from the moment Olivia was searching for Subject9, to erase some memory.
Very tellng: Olivia got her pills from a pharmacist, not for free at Massive Dynamics, so Nina does not know she takes them. Which brings me to the women of Fringe:
Olivia and Nina, not the hoped for scenes about Olivia's childhood, but just 30 sec about a prom and a scene in which Nina uses the words Risks, Experiment, etc.
Nina is now already the evil queen for doing this to Olivia, woman, while Walter, who did this to her when she was a child, is poor Walter, mad scientist?
Astrid is convenient without family and friends, like Olivia more or less, so no backstory to be expected.
And what happened with the Olivia/Astrid bond? we saw a couple of scenes in 4.01 and 4.02 and here they talked like distant co-workers instead like two women seeing each other every day caring for Walter. And then Olivia:
Once abused always abused, in he old timeline she was allowed to kick ass, not here, I love this Olivia , except not what they do with this Olivia, namely having her mirror and express non-verbal all the pain and grief Lincoln, Walter , Peter, the profesor and U-gene talk about.
It must be extremely tiring and wearing to bring this heavy weight of feelings to the surface for so many hours a day, I love these beautiful subtle emotions of Anna Torv that helas always get underrated.
I totally understand why Anna loves playing Fauxlivia so much. For me by far the best episodes of Fringe are those with Olivia/fauxlivia central, also in S1 and S2, see Bad Dreams, Ability, Road not Taken and Jacksonville, Olivia in the Lab, Over There 1 and 2, and S3. The weakest episodes of Season 3 were those with Olivia sidelined, 3.11-onwards except for the Over There 3.13 and 3.18 and Last Sam Weiss. Bellivia saved 3.17.
Over There and Cortexiphan and Observers with their time are the most interesting ideas.

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