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It may or may not be the modern day version of stoning, but the dodgeball scene in this week's Glee episode, "Mash Off," smacked the taste right out of my mouth!

From the beginning of the scene - where Kurt brushed aside Rachel's olive branch and reminded her of her "borderline sociopathic climb to the top" - the stage was set for an epic battle.

This was madness you say? THIS WAS DODGEBALL!

Santana on Stage

Any time you have actors performing athletic acts, chances are you can expect to see some awkwardness (see Tom Cruise throwing a baseball in 2005's War Of The Worlds).

The cast of Glee, however, impressed the heck out of me. For those on both teams who lacked the arm strength, the two-handed soccer throw-in style looked very effective, but nothing was more impressive than Brittany's spinning cyclone sling of death. Is there anything that girl can't do?

Okay, math comes to mind, but you know what I mean.

Artie looked like an old contestant on Double Dare with those goggles on and Rachel guarding her nose was just classic. 

While the Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way Or Another mash-up was as hot as the gym class uniforms the Trouble Tones sported, and despite a lifelong love of Hall & Oates, the best song of the night, hands down, had to be the take on Adele.

Mercedes was stellar as usual, but after initially missing her first cue, Santana gave me chills when she finally took center stage and let all her pent up pain and emotion burst forth in what had to be her best performance to date. 

As much as I always love the sharp-tongued taunts that spew forth from our Lima Heights Lolita, I could not have gushed harder when it looked like Heather Morris actually made Naya Rivera laugh for real when she quietly sang "stop the violence" to her in the choir room.

Watch the scene again. I think it was a totally natural laugh that was spared from the trash bin because of how real it was, despite Rivera's voice momentarily falling out of character. A small but amazing scene I thought.

It might be the last time we see Santana smile for awhile as her life looks to get flip turned upside down in coming weeks. 

Lastly, Puck was hot for teacher and who could blame him? While his attempts to charm Shelby - such as when he brought her the gourd because they were out of apples in the cafeteria - were steak-headed yet suave, where he really proved irresistible were his interactions with his little monkey faced Beth.

If not for the whole teacher/student legal issue, I found myself almost rooting for it to happen, if for no one else but little Beth... but then it looks like in the scenes for next episode, Puck tells Quinn about his extra curricular activities with their rival coach.

Is it possible Puck has been playing both sides of the mohawk the whole time, seducing Shelby only to expose her and get Beth back for Quinn? 

Can't wait to hear what you all think. Matt will be back to review the next episode in two weeks, but I hope "You and I" saw eye to eye this week or at least had a few favorite Glee quotes in common. 


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Did anyone watch clip of next episode Santana is smiling during girls song. All post outing. The writers had to out her someway to start her SL so letting Finn do it just made for more Finn hate. I agree with forget your name mentioning Kurt shouldn't be so mad at Rachel because Brittany, Rachel or anyone had he right to run for office. Kurt is whiney this season and was selfish like Rachel was suppose to cede too because he was gonna run. As it turned out Rachel was in fight to win the lead in WSS play. Glad they're bff again but too sappy. Glad Quinn was outed for her deceptions. She desperately needs reality infusion. Emma's worthless at help to will or anyone(Quinn). Burt's a great guy to take Sue's smack then be there for skunk Santana. And Sue's involvement for Santana a sweet scene? Cough!!Here Puck outs Q to Shelby then he reveals a secret to her in the next episode clip- now he's nuts. Rachel and Shelby together I've been hoping for this. Been reading and seeing spoilders for upcoming episodes. Gonna be wierd and extremely, WIERD. Sam's coming back. Agree about how the TT's can compete with so few members oh well, it's Glee and girls and gay. It'll be ok.
Someone mentioned about Brittany getting mad at Finn calling her idiot but she goes bully on Rory and backs a vicious bully is contradictary to her own words. Besides, Finn said don't act like an idiot which he quickly apologized for(Leprechauns, real Santa?)PLEASE!!She is written to be so child-like/wonder why someone went into her tent like an alien invasion. Since she is so mentally short no wonder young horny Rory would take advantage of her inferior numbers of brain cell activity. Furthermore, San and Mercedes were all high on themselves gloating on their self divaness and blaming Will. They are no different than Rachel has been. She paid her dues of humility it will soon be their time. Something has to give to join the TT and ND and personally I think that is Shelby. More Shelby and Rachel. Less Puck/Shelby. More Kurt/Rachel. Less Santana/Evil. No Sue.


I also think that Santana had it coming, loooong time ! What she did to everybody before and getting away with it, well not anymore.


I really enjoyed the episode. Rachel stepping out of the campaign to let Kurt win was very mature. Though the Santana arc was seriously awful...It's gonna be tough. Finn was wrong to do it in the hallway, but she pushed him, again and again. What he did was justified. And the Dodgeball game was cool, but really cruel...(Loved when Brittany does the pinning thing lool) Quinn, well, she had it coming ! Loved the songs too, the N.D mash-up was weiiiiird, but the rythm well, couldn't fight. Still have to listen to the last song coz I can't get used to it...
Sue apologizing was interesting or when she talked to Kurt. Also, using kids in a political campaign is jusst disgusting. Politics is a dirty world, but still...


I totally agree with BLU AND ALL YOUR ENTIRE COMMENTS. Now I loved the music but the episode and character content totally SUCKED. Glee has always shown a double standard when applied to bullying since day 1. This episode was an abuse overload and obviously both San and Finn were in the wrong but her actions s3 have made her a sociopath who loves to inflict hurt pain on anyone and enjoy it emmensely. Even Mercedes and Brittany tried to cool her down but evil took over. Not entertainment in my book. This is San's SL this season? I loved her S2 not now. No sympathy. She outed Kurt s2 with cruelty in mind. And I'm suppose to feel sorry for her? NO way. She is strong a bully who was willing to fight Lauren s2 can overcome this with her head held high and smile. Santana is having to face what Rachel said s2 You can dish it out but you can't take. San even thought she was hysterical when the rest of Glee kids didn't. She thinks being real is best but only when it applies to her verbal barrage. Finn has always turned the other cheek at her rants until after she brought blood to Rory's face and publically ransacked his manhood/personality/abilities/person for all to hear. Insecurities of Finn's shown thru out the seasons as being deep seeded secrets that he has only shared with Rachel. No thank you, I feel for those of you who enjoy watching dysfunctional and abusive behavior as entertainment. Santana and her barrage of verbal crap was soooo not funny and she is in the same place where I've put Sue. Physical and verbal abuse but disgusting hateful person is so not worth watching. Love the music and all of it Hot for the Teacher was awesome. Shelby/Puck SL is disturbing and is wrong so not funny. Writers giving Quinn insanity as a SL is pretty much reaching the outer limits. The whole episode just freaking sucked. But what gets me is not Santana but the double standard of what is acceptable and reasonable when abuse is blatant then it's supposed to be hilarious? I know it's just a show but lots of avid viewers are leaving Glee because of its content and the way they portray it.


I agree w/all of Kay's comments.Am new to the show;this is the 1st season I've watched but for a few repeats from last.I don't think Finn neant to 'out' Santana.He was making a point about her calling down other ppl&how she pides herself on 'keeping it real'(just an excuse by any/all who use the stupid expression real or fictional to spew as much bad mannered tackiness to the point of bullyingaverbal vilence as they want)but won't own her own 'real'ness.Whomever made the video outted her. Lastly Really?not a single comment about Puck sporting a John Oates 'do & moustashe? Hilariouus!


STOP being so hard on Finn. He didn't even call Brittany an idiot!!! He said she was ACTING like one, and to be honest she was (for fuck's sake, leprechauns really?!) Finn was angered by Santana's constant insulting of him. He didn't want a war, Santana did. Finn calling Santana out on her true feelings for Brittany in public was wrong, but so was her putting him down so badly in public. What Finn did was worse though, he fought fire with a bigger fire. But he didn't think this would happen because of what he said.


santana* :) plzz answr me!! y do we have to wait????


The issue about not having numbers for sectionals is even more laughable when you consider that for some reason Shelby has brought in about 3 girls (actresses) from Vocal Adrenaline (and no-one's noticed!!!).
I know this show will never be realistic (it gets further away from that every episode sadly with it's saccharine nonsense) but come on, couldn't they have found some new dancers/mimers (I'm sure those new girls aren't actually singing)?!


Finn used the ammo he had. He used it because she was insecure about it. She ragged on him constantly and pushed him over the edge. He knew, or thought he did, that everyone in the school was already aware that Santana was a lesbian, and I recall that she was quite open, in season one, about how she would go on dates and spend much of that time making out with Brittany at the "Peach Pit" Or "Central Perk" or whatever their hangout is called. She didn't seem to be very hidey about her proclivities then. He didn't call her out on being a lesbian, he called her out on being too gutless to own up to her own feelings. Finn may have gone to a pretty tough place and used a big gun there, but you can only push a person so far til they retaliate. In my opinion, he's golden....And Santana may be upset, but this is probably a good move for her. I've watched the Adele mash up like twenty times. I NEVER do that. My fave song on this show so far, replacing Arties "You Can Dance."


Definitely the best glee mash up of the season

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