Presenting: Glee's 300th Musical Performance!

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Glee celebrates a milestone on Tuesday night.

During the episode "Mash Off," Shelby's new all-female choir will take to the stage and do a lot more than merely mash-up two Adele singles; the group will perform the show's 300th musical number! That's almost as many songs as Sue Sylvester one-liners.

Watch Santana and Mercedes take the lead below, as Shelby looks on proudly and Will looks on in fear:

What else can fans expect on the episode? View the official trailer HERE to find out!

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Guess they're not happy coz Shuester is watching to their coach. I would feel pretty uncomfortable myself, knowing that I quit and betrayed those who helped me through the years and rubbing it in their faces. Still feels weird in my ears, this mash-up...


I can't stop watching this! How amazing do they sound?


New Directions who? TT in da house!


That was AMAZING! Better than anything New Direction has ever done (in my opinion).


that was great,, but why are they not in to it?


it sounds good, but they don't seem very into it. also, i am hating this storyline! last year brittany was like, we're a family, even this year santanna's all, i'm in new directions forever blah blah blah. man it's frustating they just change characters at whim to fit the story of the week




@farsia2010 -- You hit on one thing about Glee that is very frustrating: Some things are difficult to know what we were intended to understand from them ... and then they just throw out various hardline story ideas, whenever it suits them, like we must have only imagined certain things happened. And Sugar never showed enough depth of character to be any way adaptable to anyone else even existing in her revolve-around-me world, so I can't see any way they could ever explain this! It drives me crazy.




In Italy we can't see this video :(!

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