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Sue starts a smear campaign to take down her political foe this week, while Kurt rises above the negativity in the race for Student Council President. Puck confesses his feelings to Shelby and lets her in on Quinn's plan to get Beth back. A game of dodge ball turns ugly and Santana's mocking of Finn pushes him to call her a coward for hiding her sexuality. The two groups battle it out in the first ever McKinley High Mash-Off. 

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I thought the writing was supposed to be better. Well it's not. Only one episode this season worth watching. It was NOT MASH OFF. IT TOTALLY SUCKED SUCKED. GLEE "WAS" MY FAVORITE SHOW.


Very disappointed to hate for it. So dang tired of abusive verbal vomit crap so not funny anymore. Maybe why viewers are bailing. All I see is a mean full of hate Santana and Brittany is a hypocrite for her all high and mighty attitude toward Finn in Pot of Gold. Was a Brittana fan not now. Loved Santana s2 not now.


Literally the best glee episode I've ever seen. Before this episode I couldn't decide whether I liked Brittany or Santana better. But now after watching that episode, Santana is definitely my favorite. I hope they end up together because no one else in glee deserves either of them except for each other.


I loved todays episode, my favorite scene was Rachel and Shelby's moment I loved it, I want to see Rachel and Shelby fixing their relationship and offcourse I want more duets from Shelby and Rachel. But one thing I don't like to much is the whole teacher and student thing.


wew. wakokokoko

Glee Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

It's not personal Porcelain, it's politics.


I'm Sue Sylvester, I have a human heart and I approve this message.


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Song Rumor Has It/Someone Like You Glee Cast
Hot for teacher Hot For Teacher Glee Cast iTunes
You and i 3 You And I Glee Cast iTunes