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It may or may not be the modern day version of stoning, but the dodgeball scene in this week's Glee episode, "Mash Off," smacked the taste right out of my mouth!

From the beginning of the scene - where Kurt brushed aside Rachel's olive branch and reminded her of her "borderline sociopathic climb to the top" - the stage was set for an epic battle.

This was madness you say? THIS WAS DODGEBALL!

Santana on Stage

Any time you have actors performing athletic acts, chances are you can expect to see some awkwardness (see Tom Cruise throwing a baseball in 2005's War Of The Worlds).

The cast of Glee, however, impressed the heck out of me. For those on both teams who lacked the arm strength, the two-handed soccer throw-in style looked very effective, but nothing was more impressive than Brittany's spinning cyclone sling of death. Is there anything that girl can't do?

Okay, math comes to mind, but you know what I mean.

Artie looked like an old contestant on Double Dare with those goggles on and Rachel guarding her nose was just classic. 

While the Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way Or Another mash-up was as hot as the gym class uniforms the Trouble Tones sported, and despite a lifelong love of Hall & Oates, the best song of the night, hands down, had to be the take on Adele.

Mercedes was stellar as usual, but after initially missing her first cue, Santana gave me chills when she finally took center stage and let all her pent up pain and emotion burst forth in what had to be her best performance to date. 

As much as I always love the sharp-tongued taunts that spew forth from our Lima Heights Lolita, I could not have gushed harder when it looked like Heather Morris actually made Naya Rivera laugh for real when she quietly sang "stop the violence" to her in the choir room.

Watch the scene again. I think it was a totally natural laugh that was spared from the trash bin because of how real it was, despite Rivera's voice momentarily falling out of character. A small but amazing scene I thought.

It might be the last time we see Santana smile for awhile as her life looks to get flip turned upside down in coming weeks. 

Lastly, Puck was hot for teacher and who could blame him? While his attempts to charm Shelby - such as when he brought her the gourd because they were out of apples in the cafeteria - were steak-headed yet suave, where he really proved irresistible were his interactions with his little monkey faced Beth.

If not for the whole teacher/student legal issue, I found myself almost rooting for it to happen, if for no one else but little Beth... but then it looks like in the scenes for next episode, Puck tells Quinn about his extra curricular activities with their rival coach.

Is it possible Puck has been playing both sides of the mohawk the whole time, seducing Shelby only to expose her and get Beth back for Quinn? 

Can't wait to hear what you all think. Matt will be back to review the next episode in two weeks, but I hope "You and I" saw eye to eye this week or at least had a few favorite Glee quotes in common. 


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@AMH agree 100%. I don't understand how some people think it's the same thing and she deserved it.


@kyi what Finn did to Santana was not a diss nowhere near it. I'm not saying Santana didn't go a bit far with the insults to finn but he knew that she was trying to psych him out for a COMPETITION. That's all it was. What Finn said was not trying to psych her out but to plainly hurt her and it was something deeply personal to her. He knew she was not ready to come out of the closet just yet but he went and dragged her out of it without any warning. Outing someone is nowhere near a diss. Finn isnt always the nicest guy either (remember he called britney an idiot, or the incident with kurt where he used the word fag). Dissing someone and outing someone is NOT the same thing.


While glee seems to have a gay agenda...Santana did not desereve what came her way. Yea she's b*tch, but all i can say is a person can chagne being fat or something, but her insults where playing on characters insecurities...most of which did not exist. Finn is fit and Rachel has no moustache. But Santana was brutally dragged out of the closet, her parents don't even know. Now everyone will, and that's messed up. I would be devestated if i was outed before i decided to be.


did the episode end with a slap? i was waiting for another scene but it did not come... someone shed some light on this please :)


OMG i still cant believe that sanatna slapped finn like that!!! i found what rachael did (leaving her campaign) very nice!! also, i totally think that the two glee clubs should unite together, they sound soooooo gd!! seriously lsn to Hit me with your best shot/ one way or another again!! its meant to be!!! btw y do we have to wait 4 two weeks? i dnt wanna do that!!


I'm not fans of Santana but her storyline's going to be great. I adore Rachel more than before. when everyone talks nonsense, she's busy with her plan for her future.


loving santana's storyline!!! finally the other girls get a chance to shine, loving finchel and puck and shelby, so happy quinn got outed... love her but she was being a bitch. kurt and blaine are cool and i want more mike and tina.


Santana deserves all the troubles happen to her and that slapping in the end is very unfair to Finn. She has been nothing but a bitch to him since the beginning and when she got burned for only once, she act like Finn did her some serious wrong. To all the people think outing someone is not okay, what about the huge amount of very personal insults Santana makes all the time!? They don't hurt any people less than outing them. What are the problems with the Glee writers this season. Many of the characters including Sue are showing pure despise and viciousness without any humors to cover it up. It felt like I am watching a daytime soap a lot of the time.


The term being outed is when some else disclaims your sexuality without your consent, which Brittany did by accident last year on her web show with Mercedes and Tina were her guests and she only backtrack and clarify her comment because Santana got upset which what I think Finn was mentioning before she slapped (he did not deserved it because someone should slap her because I recall some racial heavy callousness coming from her when she talks to certain characters). The term you describe was "coming out" which is when the person themselves declares their sexuality.
All I am saying about the manipulation is all the characters manipulate Brittany for their purpose because Santana manipulated the situation to make Brittany leave ND. No one ever really honest with Brittany, least of all Santana.
While I don't believe in outing people this was totally karma as Santana's viciousness is unwarranted like hitting Rory with the dodgeballs until he bled.


Kurt was upset with Rachel because Rachel wasnt really interested in being class president. She just wanted it to give herself a little extra push on her already great resume for college. Kurt actually needed it. Yet Rachel went ahead and ran for it anyways, even though she didn't actually have a legitimate interest in it. Kurt wasn't just mad at Rachel for what she did, but more for the selfish reason she had for doing it.

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