Glee Round Table: "Pot O'Gold"

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Welcome to the return edition of the Glee Round Table!

After far too long of a hiatus, this Fox hit introduced us to a new foreign exchange student on "Pot O' Gold," while also causing some major waves in school (so long, Britt and Santana!) and at home (Shuck? Really?!?). Come along with Matt Richenthal, Chris O'Hara and Steve Marsi now as they analyze the latest installment in the following Q&A...

What was your favorite scene?
Matt: I'm a sucker for Brittany. I enjoyed the entire opening when we learned that she thought Rory was a Leprechaun.

Chris: Had to be the look on Sue's face when she saw Burt sitting in her corner seat. Whether it's pitching Time Warner Cable or sticking up for the arts, I could listen to this man talk all day. He should switch from fixing cars to selling them. Burt could make you feel comfortable about buying a Delorean.

Steve: The hallway confrontation between Burt and Sue. What fun candidates! Is it wrong for me to say I'd vote for either of anyone in the current GOP field?

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What was your favorite song?
Matt: Blaine taking the lead on "Last Friday Night," partly because of how he introduced it by saying the Glee club has to get back to having fun. Agreed, B!

Chris: Puck's rendition of Foreigner's "Waiting For a Girl Like You." The performance was classic Puckerman, but also, given the circumstances, I thought it a very nice twist on the title's meaning.

Steve: Both good choice, gentlemen. But "Candyman" made me question my loyalty to New Directions. The girls were that good!

What was your first impression of Rory?
Matt: It was a bit too much of him too quickly. Just appearing on screen right away? Getting a solo within a few minutes? But I'm all for new blood, especially considering all the Irish-related puns I'll be able to make going forward.

Chris: Initially I wasn't feeling too much sympathy for Brittany's "Pet Irish," but he definitely won me over with his second song, "Take Care Of Yourself." His range was pretty amazing.

Steve: Confusion. Like Brittany, I had a lot of trouble deciphering the words coming out of his mouth. And I really don't want to go through another Kurt-like bullying storyline. But let's give the young man time.

What would you name the all-girls group?
Matt: The Shelby Sharps.

Chris: Oh man, this is a fun one. Off the top off my head, The Estro-Janes? How about Two Non Blondes, Sister Act or Unsilent Femmes? Boys on the Side?

Steve: The Newer Directions.

Shelby and Puck: Cool, or EWWW?
Matt: Cool for now, EWWW if it goes any further. I absolutely buy why these two would grow so close. And, hey, we've all kissed someone inappropriate, right? Let's just keep the clothes on, people.

Chris: I can't lie, I was all about Puck being Shelby's "candyman." She deserves some love and excitement and, as for Puck, he is a lucky teen because no one can argue against the sharpness of her cougar claws.

Steve: Can't say I want these two to really hook up, that seems wrong. But compared to Quinn's plot to get her baby back? It seems totally right! Seriously, that's more messed up than Teri's fake pregnancy.


loved this episode :)
i really liked rory on the show :) he's just too cute ...
his outfits though were just horrible :( do the costume designers really think thats how irish people dress ??
my favourite song has to have been last friday night, i do love some katy perry and blaine


My apologies. I completely forgot Shelby's daughter was Rachel. Hah, that is creepy though now that you think about it.


@AmyGirl am i watching some other show or is rachel shelbys daughter?


agreed with Steve, "The Newer Directions!"


my biggest problem is that shelby is closer to mercedes than rachel, ok you werent ready but being the coach of your daughters enemys hurts!!!


What was your favorite scene?
I'm gonna give my love to Finn-Rory's scene. I'm excited for this blossoming friendship. And seeing Finn all-mentor like to Rory. Let's just say, I have a mancrush on Finn! What was your favorite song?
At first, it definitely was "Last Friday Night", but after playing them in loop non-stop, the best one will be "It's Not Easy Bein' Green", a great solo by Rory and fit so well into the story. What was your first impression of Rory?
He's awesome. Loves his accent (well, I watch with subtitles anyway, so I totally get what he said) and looks promising. He's like a fresh breath of air to the group. What would you name the all-girls group?
Self-Centered Divas Plus One Rain Man with Boobs Shelby and Puck: Cool, or EWWW?
Cool! We always know Puck has a thing for older women (err, or in real life, the same age-ish woman). I just hope this doesn't turn out to be a short teacher-student crush like Will-Rachel in Season 1. p.s. : So happy the Round Table is back!

Uncle jackass

A.) Fav Scene? Given the hiatus, the expectation of the episode was pretty high. So I suppose I agree the scene with Puck singing to Beth and stopping her from crying reminded me why I was rooting for Puck with Rachel in season 1 (unfortunately Ryan Murphy didn't see it my way). B.) Fav Song? It was hard to choose considering each song served its purpose to the plot. Fans have been saying this season was taking itself too seriously, so Blaine introduced "Last Friday Night" which gave the cynical Santana a smirk. "Candyman," by the Troubletones was the girl power of Christina Aguilera version. It was empowering and show-case what the New Directions has lost. C.) Rory? Who? Rory from Doctor Who? No it's that Irish Leprechaun that was forced to wear that horrible attire. Great performance in gaining our sympathies. More-so, I can't imagine how much more Green they could have placed on Damien to make him a joke of the school. Perhaps, the bullies could have placed a sign on his back saying "I wish I was Jessie's Girl," to really throw it in our faces that the school has some authority problems. D.) Name for All Girl Group? Given the Aguilera theme, how about "The Voice Within?" A Candy theme Name, perhaps "The Shelby Sherbets?' E.) Eww or Ohh Yes? Well morales aside with the duty of care of teachers, it was interesting to see how human Shelby was with taking care of her child. Both Quinn and Shelby were stressed with caring for a crying Beth. Puck seemed to be the maternal father of the baby. And here I was thinking we all needed a Julie Andrews in our lives. P.S As for Quinn's nature? In each consecutive season her character clings to something she loses or fears losing. We have Finn, her cheer-leading status, her popularity status, her leadership status, her drunk father and neglectful father respects, her wealth, and etc....


@AmyGirl, I think nikki was saying that Puck dated *Rachel*, who , don't forget, is also Shelby's daughter.


I'm totally cool with Puck and Shelby. Face it, he isn't breaking any moral code that he hasn't before. He lied to Quinn about birth control, thereby getting her pregnant. So yes, I find their romance creepy. But honestly, it isn't creepy for him. PLUS; it's a way to see his child whenever without relying on Quinn's outrageous plans.


@nikki You just inferred in your comment that Puck was dating Shelby's daughter, Beth. I get what you were trying to say but you should reread the comments you post just so there aren't any misconceptions!

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