Gossip Girl Episode Preview: "All the Pretty Sources"

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Gossip Girl returns Monday with an all-new episode, "I Am Number Nine." The following week is "The Big Sleep No More," a.k.a. the annual mask-themed installment, which includes a major kiss.

The episode after that, November 21, finds Serena hard at work planning a dream bridal shower for Blair in "All the Pretty Sources." You just know that's an event with drama waiting to happen.

It should come as no surprise that Serena has to plant some false information about the shower in order to keep Blair from finding out all the details. Any theories on what that might entail?

Slair Photo

Meanwhile, Chuck and Dan decide to spend the day together (!!) to distract themselves from the fact that they didn’t make the invite list for Blair’s shower. The budding bromance that is Duck lives!

Finally, Nate and Serena find a silver bullet in Diana's war against Gossip Girl, but struggle about whether to use it or not. Think that bombshell could have something to do with Blair and her baby?

It's unclear if Blair's bachelorette party is also included in this episode or a future installment (we're guessing the latter), but there's certainly going to be plenty to talk about when the dust settles.

Check out more pics from "All the Pretty Sources" and comment below:

Serena and Blair Conflict
Maid of Honor to Be
Serena is Up to Something
Ivy is Still Around
Blouis Photo
Waldorf Shower

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Blair's dress would look even more flattering on Louis... It's already got a bow so I don't even have to wrap him up to ship him and that unsightly piece of fabric back to Monaco. Where they are to remain and forever leave us in peace.


Oh my gawd, Just GO AWAY, LOUIS! Please writers. Ugh, cuss words!


also, that emotionally charged pic of B and S might be where blair says "but why didn't you invite chuck and dan?"


For the ones that were asking the show is not following our timeline. Last week's episode was celebrating Yom Kippur, which was actually 2 weeks before that episode. So the show at that moment was 2 weeks behind real life timeline. When the show returns this Monday I don't know if it will be 2 or 3 weeks behind our timeline but the idea is that things are happening in a timeline different than ours. In regards to the wedding, considering that when the November date was set nobody knew Blair was pregnant and that also as per the invites the wedding was supposed to be in Monaco yet the wedding will be featured in the 100th episode and they are making casting calls for wedding guest in New York, this could mean that for some plot reason (Louis fighting with his family, Blair's pregnancy or another) the wedding will be rescheduled and instead of being in Monaco it will be in New York and the date might as well change too, but we will only find out for sure in the next episodes.


I got a good look at S, B and Ivy's outfits and I've gotta disagree with some of y'all. B looks lovely in that dress! The color looks nice on her and I'm glad they're bringing back her signature bow details! I'm also happy Leighton's stylist found a nice updo that works with her hair. I love it!
Ivy's dress is probably the prettiest of the 3 and she really does look radient and lovely overall. S's dress is my least favorite but it's still very fun and appropriate for the occasion. And the cut is very much something Serena would wear. I also REALLY REALLY like the decorations!


LOL.. I really don't dislike B's dress. She looks like she's pregnant, which she SHOULD! Atleast its not causing confusion. :D


Umm the only thing I hate more than Serena's dress in this picture is Blair's. Seriously is that suppose to be a maternity dress? That does not look good on her at all. Its sparkly and all, but I don't like the way it looks under her chest.


@ms.m - the wedding will be aired in January. The last episode this for 2011 is Dec. 5, 2011. This is what I have read: â—¦November 7th| 5.06: I am Number 9
â—¦November 14th|5.07: The Big Sleep No More
â—¦November 21st| 5.08: All The Pretty Sources
â—¦November 28th| 5.09 Rhodes to Perdition
â—¦December 5th (MID SEASON FINALE) | GG will return January 16, and the wedding will probably be Jan. 23 or later.


Her dress is awful. That shade... the fit. I would have figured Blair could be the only one to make pregnancy look fashionable. Hope her choices improve!


I'm starting to get really confused about the timeline here. Isn't the wedding date supposed to be
Nov. 26th? (first episode of this season, that's the date they gave) If Nov 21st episode is the Baby Shower...and the Bachelorette party is AFTER that episode: Nov 28th?...does that mean they're pushing the wedding to another date. GG also takes a holiday/winter break for a few weeks. So, will we have the wedding AFTER the break, for the spring season. We all know its the 100th episode. I'd like to know what date that actually is.

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