Gossip Girl Photo Preview: "Riding in Town Cars With Boys"

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"Riding in Town Cars With Boys" is Gossip Girl's last installment of 2011.

The next three Mondays are all new episodes: "All the Pretty Sources" November 21, "Rhodes to Perdition" November 28, and then this one, which executive producer Josh Safran says you do not want to miss (as if he would say otherwise, or there's any chance we'd miss it). He describes the hour as "a tense one" to say the least.

Details are scarce right now, but our photo gallery below hints at some very interesting developments. Here are a couple of CW promotional shots in particular that will surely get people talking ...

Nice to Meet You, I'm Chuck Bass ...
Dan Blindfolds Blair

Dan blindfolding Blair into a candlelit room ... and Chuck taking her hand, possibly in that same room? What do you make of that? Clearly one or more Blair suitors not named Louis remain in the picture.

Between these images and the set photos of Blair's wedding dress, speculation is running rampant about how this fairy tale will play itself out. We hope you'll share your predictions and thoughts below.

Check out more photos from the December 5 mid-season finale here:

Dan's Hair
B at a Crossroads
Nate the Journalist
Charlie Rhodes Pic
Charlie Smiling
Lily, Rufus, Charlie
Charlie-Ivy Pic
Is the Jig Up For Charlie?
Nate and Chivy

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For gossipcrazy. Chuck and Blair have a bond that can never be broken, huh. Challenge accepted. I'm really hoping they do do Dair. It's just calmer and makes much more sense than anything else. They are opposites with a whole bunch of similarities. That's what makes perfect relationships. When have you ever seen Chuck and Blair just sitting down and talking about something totally unimportant? NEVER! That's they don't work. Their relationship is just too freaking byzantine. And even their couple name is weird. Chair. Now compare that to Dair. Or if you want Blair to go first, Buck or Ban (Am i the only one who thinks that something Ban-ned is the one that just seems like it makes you want it more?). I know who wins...


Yes, you're completely right, CrAZychicke. An attempted rapist who sold his girlfriend and came close to physically abusing her is definitely too good for a selfish schemer who dared to become engaged to someone else. Blair has really crossed the line there. On another note: have you actually WATCHED the show before this season? If there's a deserving issue here, it's definitely the other way around, apology or not.


i know most people want chair but has it occured to anyone that maybe blair doesn't deserve chuck?


The c/b/d love triangle is sooo much better than the d/s/n one was in the previous gg seasons. what im dying to know though is what dan and blair spoke about before he blindfolded he,where were they?together? a dair scene!


After all the GG's episodes, the only interesting storylines are the interaction between Dan and Blair. Dan and Serena are great as well but that's the past. Watching Dan and Blair interact is the most interesting part of the show which to me is why GG is still going on. IMO, I think this will be the last season for GG as things have change. Believe me, I watched many romantic comedies and the chemistry that I've watched between D & B has the ingredients for a great couple.


Omg!! I love chuck & blair, they were made 4 each other. They love each other & I wish I could end up together, cause that would b the perfect farytale! Love love love chuck & blair!


And also, I put the blame on both Blair and Chuck, not just Chuck so please don't make it seem like I'm making Chuck the bad guy (although he deserves more the title than Blair).
The difference is, Blair began to mature way before Chuck started, which is why it could not work out.
The writers are making both more mature so that you Chair fans get the nice endgame. Even they understand that those two need to grow up.


@Night Owl
No, Blair has expressed she never likes the way Chuck makes her feel in the episode of Dorota's wedding.
She might like to scheme and all that, but I think Blair also consciously wants to be a better person. If Blair was really going to be the scheming bitch forever, then she would be with Chuck right now. Also, it is kind of funny that only Chuck brings out that side of hers, not any of the other characters. To me, it seems to say that she isn't really like that unless she is provoked to.
I respect your opinion, but I refuse to believe that "scheming, manipulative" is what defines Blair. Yes she used to be like that, but her character has indeed many times proven that it is not what she wants to be, and the latest episodes in season 4 and 5 have shown that. With Chuck, she just finds herself brought back to her old self because that is how their relationship was like. That's how it worked and that's how she believes it is.
I get the angle where people may think Dan and Blair would be boring because many still miss the action of season 1 and 2 (I'm one of them). But what I think some people don't realize is that a relationship can be exciting without scheming and manipulation.


@gossipcrazy i totally agree, both chair and dair work for me. although if i really had to choose, after the last two episodes i'd definitely go with dair.


Is anyone here cool with both Chair and Dair? I certainly am. Dan and Blair are really sweet and cute together while Chuck and Blair have a bond that can never be broken...a great love story in the making. I can't help but get excited when Blair is with either of these characters! I wish the writers would drop Louis already and focus on the real love triangle. So much potential for greatness. And the chuck and dan dynamic is also amazing. It shows both men are maturing because they can now see the good in eachother. Gives this love triangle more depth. I hope blair continues to mature too and gets rid of the prince once and for all. Bottom line I can't wait for episode 10 and the second half of the season!

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Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Lily: Just because Carol made a mockery of her own debut does not mean Charlie should be cheated out of the experience.
Rufus: Yeah, she hired Karen Finley to go in her place and when Carol's name was called, Karen walks out wearing nothing but chocolate and a pillbox hat.
Lily: Now I'm a Karen Finley fan, but it was a bit much. We were barred from the Plaza for years.

Apologies have been made and the security breach fixed. But two weeks later, still not one tip. Apparently no on can hold a grudge like an Upper East Sider. And no one can lie like one either.

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