Gossip Girl Photo Preview: "Riding in Town Cars With Boys"

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"Riding in Town Cars With Boys" is Gossip Girl's last installment of 2011.

The next three Mondays are all new episodes: "All the Pretty Sources" November 21, "Rhodes to Perdition" November 28, and then this one, which executive producer Josh Safran says you do not want to miss (as if he would say otherwise, or there's any chance we'd miss it). He describes the hour as "a tense one" to say the least.

Details are scarce right now, but our photo gallery below hints at some very interesting developments. Here are a couple of CW promotional shots in particular that will surely get people talking ...

Nice to Meet You, I'm Chuck Bass ...
Dan Blindfolds Blair

Dan blindfolding Blair into a candlelit room ... and Chuck taking her hand, possibly in that same room? What do you make of that? Clearly one or more Blair suitors not named Louis remain in the picture.

Between these images and the set photos of Blair's wedding dress, speculation is running rampant about how this fairy tale will play itself out. We hope you'll share your predictions and thoughts below.

Check out more photos from the December 5 mid-season finale here:

Dan's Hair
B at a Crossroads
Nate the Journalist
Charlie Rhodes Pic
Charlie Smiling
Lily, Rufus, Charlie
Charlie-Ivy Pic
Is the Jig Up For Charlie?
Nate and Chivy

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I have to say ... Louis (spelling?) and Blair have zero chemistry. Their chemistry is about as bad as Daniel Radcliffe and Bonnie Wright (Harry and Ginny in Harry Potter films).


Dair makes me wanna vomit they have NO romantic chemistry if they put them together they'll just gonna ruin the only beautiful friendship left on this show


I want Dair and can't believe the writer are ruining storylines that had such great potential... ugh


If Dan & Blair EVER get together on the show, i promise to never watch it again. They are boring and would sizzle out as soon as anything were to happen. Gossip Girl really needs to stop forming relationships and breaking them then making the characters go from one to the next till they have been with everyone on the show. Its messed up and doesn't portray a good message to young people that watch the show. Oh and louis needs to go asap.


Please give us Dair!


I really love Chuck and Blair and want nothing more from this show than for them to be together and grow together for the remainder of the series. I do agree though, that they need to stop saying goodbye already because it is getting old. Maybe that is the writers' secret plan to try to get rid of the CB fan base- ha!
I loved the CB sweet moments in s3 and believe the show can remain interesting even if they are together. It may need a little more creative thinking on the parts of the writers but I know it's possible. That is my big challenge for these GG writers!


They said the big sleep no more episode would be big.....look how that turned out.


The writers are ridiculous and inconsistent. First they make us want Dair and then they make Dan become friends with chuck so he plays match maker?
So boring. so unrealistic. they ruined Dan's book storyline which I really had been looking forward to. They don't know how to deal with Dan's character, which has, next to Blair, so much more potential than any repetitive storyline with the others.
Please, no more Derena, no more Chair. The season started off interesting, and they ruined it all again, Serena now has become irrelevant again, so has Nate. Chuck will never redeem himself enough for me, and they ruined Blair, and Dan.


ooohhh please tell me im wrong. This are my predictions about this scene and every next episode comming from GG (like the producers are so predictable. 1- Dan helps Chuck to get back toget with Blair before the wedding so they can say goodbye again (this would be goodbye number 20,000 of Chuck and Blair cause we already saw them saying goodbye in almost all the episodes of season 4 and 5. 2- Riding in Town Cars With Boys, this tittle its because she gets in trouble with the NY police so she gets a ride from ¨the boys¨to the police station lol!! 3- Wedding day: (i would love this to happen) she scape´s because she finds out something about Louis and Georgina, Milo is Louis and Georginas baby (that would be twisted!!! and shoking). But i know that wont happen so i read the writters and producers minds: Blair scape because she knows she loveS Chuck. For this i only have a word: boring!!! 4- Blair is lossing the baby because of this, so she´s ¨free¨ again. And as always she gets back with Chuck. buuuuuuuuu I will really love Blair and Dan together!!! but it seams like its not gonna happend, that makes me sad because it was the only clever thing of the show. Cross my fingers for a new DAIR relation, untill then no more GG for me.


May I repeat. I missed type the word. This spoiler alert is missing something. 5x10 episode where Dan is going to tell Blair about his true feelings for HER. Source? Search it all over the internet, even in tumblr tagged dair you can see it there. Hmm, looks like its not all chair. ;) I'm excited to look forward to that. Dair for the epic win!

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Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Lily: Just because Carol made a mockery of her own debut does not mean Charlie should be cheated out of the experience.
Rufus: Yeah, she hired Karen Finley to go in her place and when Carol's name was called, Karen walks out wearing nothing but chocolate and a pillbox hat.
Lily: Now I'm a Karen Finley fan, but it was a bit much. We were barred from the Plaza for years.

Apologies have been made and the security breach fixed. But two weeks later, still not one tip. Apparently no on can hold a grudge like an Upper East Sider. And no one can lie like one either.

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