Gossip Girl Promos: Phantom of the Opera Sex Games!

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After some deep introspection, Chuck officially let Blair go on Gossip Girl last night.

At least until next Monday's mask-themed episode, when he makes a pass at her!

Attending the provocative experience that is "Sleep No More" translates to masks, mystery and some surprise romantic twists. Kiss her to set her free? Really Chuck? Do you really believe that?

As we talked about in our Gossip Girl review last night, Mr. Bass turned a major corner when he apologized and bared his soul to Blair. But if he thinks he's moved on from her, he's kidding himself.

Watch the CW and Canadian promos for "The Big Sleep No More" and weigh in:

This is, of course, the long-awaited, often-teased episode in which someone kisses Blair, and in which said kiss is followed by a slap. These promos give us a fairly good idea how that comes about.

Meanwhile, Diana sets her sights on her latest project, Serena, in her quest to ruin Gossip Girl, Dan is out on his book tour, and Nate and Charlie appear to be heating up. Exciting stuff all around!

Share your comments on these promos and thoughts on next week with us!

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This sludendy reminds me of one of my favorite Facebook decorations I've ever seen: "If Edward Cullen and Chuck Norris fought, Facebook would explode."


i dont think the chair kiss will lead to a reunion. why would they put it in the preview if it was so important in reuniting the two??? surely a momentous kiss will be left for the episode.? just my thought.


EW spoilers just teased that Dan won't be in the Sleep no More theatre experience. And that the kiss might be part of one or several schemes.


Did anyone else see someone standing in the background watching chuck and blair kiss in from the otherside of the glass!? It was def. a male .


I know that Nate barely has a roll anymore, but i just LOVE it when they give him such great one liners like the one in the Canadian promo.. they are always so funny! like Nuns and Nazis! it was so funny!


oh i am very excited by this promo! i missed chuck and blair being sexy. aww!!!!


I couldn't disagree more with melbe. I cannot wait for more Chuck and Blair scenes. I don't think Dair is fresh at all. I've seen that same teen couple a million times (cutesy bantering between average to geeky guy and prissy princess.) Chuck and Blair's epic, dramatic, tumultous over the top romance and Ed and Leighton's off the charts chemistry and deep emotional connection defines GG for me. The lack of Chair interaction this season has made the show seem tame and boring. Last episode's short apology scene blew every other couple's scenes this season away. I don't hate Dair but I think they are way overhyped by some of their fans and could never carry the show the way Chuck and Blair did in seaosn 2. Honesty, I feel like the show needs less Dair. They work better in small doses just like Dorota. I'm now kind of sick of her too. But regarding the promo - I think it may be Blair's dream. Chuck's apology last episode has her wondering if Chuck really can change. One thing to keep in mind: Blair didn't tell Louis she isn't with Chuck because she doesn't love him anymore. She thinks Chuck will never change. Well he's changing this season and all that change is inspired by Blair in some way. Anyone hopeful they are ending Chair for good is going to be very disappointed. The signs are there. Dair may get explored but Chuck is never going to be completely out of Blair's heart or her life.


well i think that the one watching Blair and Chuck its gonna be Nate or Dan.
I really want Chair to end, getting boring, they always do the same: sex games, they are nothing with out that, they dont eaven really talk. I think Dair could be fresh, they really have chemestry going on, Blair can be herself, she's not mean around Dan, or do things just to make Dan happy (like she always does with Chuck just because she wants him to lover her), Dan its happy with the Blair he knows and he does not ask for rewards. And i think Blair knows that with Dan she can be herself. I hope the producers give DAIR a chance. Producers Dare to Dair!!!!


you know what would be interesting/ if they actually continued the valley girls storyline.. or if S got hit by a bus. Yes I don't like Serena as you can see and I actually LIKE Ivy, she stirs up trouble like Jenny, who i miss A LOT! And the nate/ivy kiss looks EPIC! throws pom poms because then diana and nate will be over (hopefully). And can we PLEASE have more scenes with blair and dorota and blair and dan, AND create a brilliant story for RUFUS, i'm sick of him doing nothing!!


how they could do this to me with a promo like these and the episode beeing released only next week?

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Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Dorota: Uh oh. Mr. Chuck in dream again.
Blair: When Chuck's in them they're all nightmares.
Dorota: What he do now?
Blair: Behave like a perfect gentleman. Which makes him even more chilling. That fake apology of his has permeated my subconscious and haunts me even when I sleep.
Dorota: Apology not seem so fake to me.
Blair: That's because English is your second language!

Good morning, Upper East Siders. Or is it? We hear a certain future royal has had more than one rude awakening this week.

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