Gossip Girl Caption Contest 182

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Welcome to the 182nd Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic, where readers submit their best caption(s) for a photo from the CW drama! So who emerged victorious in this week's edition?

Your Caption Contest winner is Prom Queen. Congratulations and well played.

Honorable mentions go out to kmiSS, thelmopolis and Hausoflively. The winning entry appears below. Thanks to all of you for playing and best of luck in next week's Caption Contest!

Diana's New Minion

Diana: "Let's be honest, Serena. I'm a cougar. What was your excuse with Nate?"

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Serena: I didn't drink your Martini, Diana.
Diana: You really should finish the olive before you speak, Serena.

Ava mila

Liz: So, I've heard you left this Penn guy and finally got the big fish like Leo and Ryan. Good job sweetheart. I was much older then you when I managed to catch Hugh.
Blake: Thank you my dear. I've learned from the best.


Serena 'Your foot is touching my leg'
Diana 'No Serena, your foot is touching my leg'
Nate under the table ' No ladies my hand is touching both your legs'


Serena 'your foot is touching my leg'
Diana 'No Serena, your foot is touching my leg'
Nate under the table ' No ladies my hang is touching both you legs'


Diana: Now Serena, what have I told you and Nate about using Spectator polls to decide whose hair is the shiniest?
Serena: But he started it!!


blake: how much of a snooze fest is this season ? elizabeth: i know i almost fell asleep saying my lines!


Diana: So, I'm a cougar. How old are you? Like, 20?
Serena: 20 and a half.


Diana: Come on, Serena, the only reason I am here is because nobody wants Nate anymore on this show...


serena: i know who you are and what your plan is .... diana ( thinking oh cr*p) and what is that? serena : your really vanessa kensington ! and if you let me meet austin powers i will keep your secret


Serena: I think I have writer's block...
Diana: Serena, all you have to do is write about your life. I'm not asking for a piece of literature
Serena: It's just, sometimes words are hard! Actually, all the time.

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Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Dorota: Uh oh. Mr. Chuck in dream again.
Blair: When Chuck's in them they're all nightmares.
Dorota: What he do now?
Blair: Behave like a perfect gentleman. Which makes him even more chilling. That fake apology of his has permeated my subconscious and haunts me even when I sleep.
Dorota: Apology not seem so fake to me.
Blair: That's because English is your second language!

Good morning, Upper East Siders. Or is it? We hear a certain future royal has had more than one rude awakening this week.

Gossip Girl

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