Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: An Open Relationship?

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So what's the deal with Diana and Nate? This clip from tomorrow night's Gossip Girl, which actually was released a couple of days ago, shows their relationship may be heading in a new, interesting direction.

She considers him her right hand man and doesn't want to lose him, but can she really make him happy?

How do you see things playing out this fall between the attractive tandem? Will he be driven into the arms of Charlie even more strongly now? And what do you think Diana's endgame is - with Nate and in general?

Watch the sneak peek from "The Big Sleep No More" here ...

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I'm sick of all of it.....just get to how CHUCK is going to get BLAIR back!...and how their going to get rid of ALL of the Garmaldi's


I'm pretty sure Diana is just using everyone.
Just using Charlie to get things done.
Just using Nate to be on the inside.
Just using Serena to be influential.
But I don't see how she could overthrow Gossip Girl, unless of course, this turns out to be the show's last season, in which case it would be, not proper, but somewhat proper if GG ended along with the show.
Charlie, Ivy, whatever you call her, Nate's going for her. Diana's going to be pissed and she'll fire Charlie, but she'll hold on to the secret identity card for a while. In that mean time, during "Sleep No More", Charlie kisses her ex back in L.A, which gets things even more complicated, until eventually everything explodes in "Rhodes To Perdition". At least that's my guess. Serena and Diana? I think Serena will somewhat enjoy being influential but I feel she'll eventually quit. Not meaning to be mean (I actually like Serena more than some characters at this point), but Serena doesn't last in any job she has or anything substantial. Brown? Not going. Random job at season three? Meh. Columbia? I'll sleep with my teacher. (Did she quit Columbia to stay in L.A, by the way?) Beautiful and Damned? Humph. Jane's Office? Ah why bother. Spectator?


Not really interested in their relationship. I wanna who the heck she is?what she meant to bart? Is she related to chuck?


I can wait for Nate to come crashing down. He thew the biggest hissy fit over Dan's book but he'll probably publish some of his friend's biggest secrets before this storyline ends. Hypocrite.


Liz is a star, so i guess the producers promised her allot of buzz & screentime if she takes the part etc. so they try to make it work. But i think they know very well by now that it doesn't work. just contract is contract...


All I can say is that for Diana to call Nate her right hand man, he must be REALLY good in bed. After all this is the world's prettiest cinder block!


Does anyone really care about their relationship?? Nate is just cruising by lately. No big storylines for him so Im just bored to hear whatever and whoever he is doing. What I an interested it when it comes to Diana is her relation to Chuck and Bart.


Poor Nate. Diana is way too complicated for his tiny brain to handle.


Why can't the producers just get over this thing with Diana and Charlie and get to the next level with Serena and Nate back together.Hopefully they will and hopefully it is Serena that wants it this time and goes forbit.

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