Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Welcome Back, Louis (We Guess)

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Louis makes his return to Gossip Girl in "Riding in Town Cars With Boys."

We last saw him two weeks ago in "All the Pretty Sources," when he outed Blair's friends and Gossip Girl's sources. Not his finest hour. He's likely to receive lukewarm reception at best upon his return to the UES.

Or maybe not. From the looks of the clip below, Serena is actually on Team Louis. Not for him, of course, but for Blair, who she feels will be happiest if her Prince, however flawed, sweeps her off her feet again.

Not sure Gossip Girl fans agree with you on that point, S, but good luck. 

Check out this sneak peek from Monday's episode, the last of 2011:

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Lol I thought the same thing! And also, awwwww Louiiiiis...


Lol I thought the same thing! And also, awwwww Louiiiiissss...


right, blair is in brooklyn, and serena wants to have dan back...


Blair is obviously in Brooklyn. That woman....


Would it not be really funny if after that very loaded "I do" from Serena, which suggested she's probably somewhere Louis would rather she wasn't, the next sentence was: "She's upstairs."


Serena helping Louis...??? the writers are ruining the show again, and again,and again....
thank you writers!!!!!!!!!!


Looks like I am going to watch this one too.

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