Grey's Anatomy Midseason Report Card: B+

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Grey's Anatomy is on hiatus. This is the bad news.

But the break at least provides fans with the opportunity to stop, sit back and analyze what we've seen so far on season eight. Who has been the best character? The worst? What do we hope to see in 2012? Let's get right to it...

Der, Mer and Zola

Best Character: Although I want to pick Cristina Yang for the sole purpose that she is my favorite, this season belongs to Meredith Grey. She is the heart and soul of the show and has been outstanding. She has continuously fought with her husband, lost her daughter, lost her clinical trial, got blacklisted by Bailey and her faux father took the blame for something she did. Of course, this is something she brought on herself, but that is what we love about her.

She never sees things in black or white. She knew it was wrong to mess with Derek’s trial, but it was for Richard and Adele. This is a character that used to be so dark and twisty and has now grown into a more mature woman. Ellen Pompeo has been at the top of her game this season.

Worst Character: April Kepner. Although the girl has grown in terms of likeability, her downfalls still outweigh the positives. She doesn’t really bring too much to the table. She wasn’t the best choice for Chief Resident; she doesn’t seem to be on the same level surgical wise and she hasn’t carried a story on her own that makes us care about her. I can’t say I would really miss her if she was gone. If the character were to get involved in a relationship, say with Alex, she might be more important.

Most Underused Character: Mark Sloan. This is a man who used to perform brilliant surgeries (rebuilding Jane Doe’s face, anyone??) and provide some of the most tension-filled scenes. Now he is more like a gorgeous backdrop. We don’t need that. We need more of McSteamy doing what he does best. He needs his own stories and he needs to take his shirt off ASAP. Luckily, Sloan has brought the GA comedy scale up a bit with his bromances and mentoring Jackson.

Favorite Guest Star: Debra Monk. Mama O’Malley was a simple reminder of why we love Grey’s. Plus, she was able to bring back the memory of George in a way that wasn’t corny and didn’t feel forced.

Best Episode: “Dark Was The Night.” The mid-season finale could have easily been a season finale. Henry passed and Teddy doesn’t know, Mer and Alex are stuck in the rain with a newborn and some bodies in the street, Cristina realized who she performed surgery on... and the news came that Zola is not coming back. Shonda pulled with our heartstrings on this one.

Just want to mention that there have been two really fun episodes and they deserve a shout out: “What Is It About Men” and “Put Me In, Coach."

Worst Episode: “Poker Face.” Not that it was a terrible episode, but compared to the others, it falls short.

Best Ongoing Storyline: It took a while to warm up to the Teddy/Henry marriage. It seemed like Henry came on as just an extra for a character we weren’t too emotionally invested in. Then it hit. Having him die in the OR while Teddy performs surgery down the hall was heartbreaking. Her not knowing her husband is dead? That is like a punch in the gut.

I’m not saying that Teddy and Henry were the best couple with the best stories of the season. But I am pretty sure that what we are about to endure with the new widow and her complications with one of her oldest friends who held out the news, as well as her protégé who performed the surgery, will be classic Grey’s.

Runner Up goes to the Zola arc, bringing together Mer, Der and Alex. This has showcased some of the best acting skills of the series.

Grade So Far: B+

Hopes for 2012: Lexie and Sloan back together, Teddy mourns Henry is a heartbreaking way, more stories of Webber and Adele’s alzhiemers, Meredith and Derek getting back on solid ground completing the season with the finished Dream House, Cristina continuing to rock and Alex getting a real shot at love.



when is the next episode airing,i keep seeing every thursday but this past thurs i didnt see it, am i missing something???


Best Character: Meredith Grey. She rocks!! I hope the focus on the leading lady continues as it deserves. Ellen is rocking everything this season.
Worst Character: April - Teddy - Callie tie.
Most Underused Character: Sometimes Alex!!
Favorite Guest Star: Debbie Allen
Best Episode: Love loss and legacy.
Worst Episode: What Is It About Men.
Best Ongoing Storyline: Mer/Der/Zola arc. And it's not over, I say Zola will come back in next episode.
Hopes for 2012: Meredith and Derek together on Neuro again, Zola back, the dreamhouse finished, Shepherd reunion, more Mer/Cris/Alex scenes, Alex finds love, they are GOLD, Meredith pregnant.


Best Character: Teddy, AriZ, Mark, Owen+Richard( all mentors are good at teaching)
Worst Character: Mer+ Der ( took most of screen time,neither Drama/Romance , nor Angst/Hurt )
Most Underused Character: Callie ,Bailey
Favorite Guest Star: Jackson's Mom, George's Mon & Harry
Best Episode: Dark Was the Night(epi09) & Poker Face(epi06)
Worst Episode: not the worst, ep04 script's not good enough
Grade: B
Best Storyline: Harry & Teddy, all of mentor/coach teaching story
Hopes 2012: Cristina & Owen talk about family isure , Callie & Bailyy will get good student for teaching


There is something so special about the first couple of seasons....I wish for as much of that creative crazy energy as possible. In this show you wish they would all grow up but when they do it's a little boring. I think Teddy and Owen have a primal connection. I always liked Christina better with Burke. Christina is Christina, yeah that's good to keep that riff going. I love the three parents, yes. Callie and her sweet lady kids doctor are great, and can be grown up without boring us. More of them! Should do more with Alex, I agree, he should be growing as a character. Get Bailey back in center stage, one of the best characters ever. She shouldn't be such a grouch, in the past she had such depth. Why can't she find a feisty short black guy, maybe a different profession, to get into it with? What about her kid? Hey? and her ex? They could provide humor and wisdom without getting too gut-wrenching. Don't lose Chief Weber. Make him chief again! I loved Mama O'Malley too, and the touch of nostalgia for George. I think the whole Meredith and McDreamy thing has gone on for so long, it is hard to know how to keep it interesting. I was intrigued when it looked like they were breaking up. I can get tired of gore and medical drama, but not enough lately. The last episode was great! More patient stories, they used to be so gripping. Never lose the doctor thing, I am in another profession but really love the stresses of the profession stuff.


To Farsia2010: Since when did Alex become Meredith's sister? I think you misunderstood something along the way. Lexi is Meredith's sister!


I don't care about making predictions about where the story is going or who is best or who is going to say what to whom etc. That is what watching and enjoying the show itself is for! What does get to me is these mid-season breaks that happen. How do shows maintain their viewers with such lengthy breaks? For myself I lose all interest and enthusiasm for a series when it will be 6 weeks or so before the next episode. The continuity is lost. 15 years ago or so TV series did not take breaks like this. They only bumped episodes to later the same night or to another night that week when there were major events happening like sports or holiday parades etc. Watching a TV series is nowhere near as enjoyable as it used to be.


Best Character: Torres, Karev
Worst Character: Teddy
Most Underused Character: Callie Torres and Bailey
Favorite Guest Star: Debra Monk
Best Episode: Poker face
Worst Episode: 8.03
Grade: B-
Best Storyline: Zola, mostly because of Karev's involvement
Hopes 4 2012: Calzona getting a storyline that involves only them, we see more of cute baby Sofia, Karev getting his own storyline - with his family or work related, Karev gets a closure with Stivens, Cristina leaving Owen, Mer/Der getting Zola, Richard being Chief again, Teddy leaving the show etc.


Best character: Callie
Worst character: Teddy (I wish she would just leave already!)
Most underused character: Callie in the first five episodes, and Lexie
Favorite guest star: Mama O'Maley (D.M.)
Best episode: Heart-Shaped Box and Poker Face
Worst episode: What Is It About Men (it was a good idea but was executed terribly)
Grade so far: B


Best Character: Meredith Grey
Worst Character: Jackson Avery (Come on, Dumping ur GF and choosing her ex? You Coward)
Most Underused Character: Mark (Where are all his magnificent surgeries?)
Favorite Guest Star: Mama O'Malley
Best Episode: Dark Was the Night(epi09)
Worst Episode: None. I am a hardcore Grey's lover and I love all the episodes that the producers have to give.


Best Character: Mer, I agree with everything you said! But I gotta give an extra round of applause to Alex, form the first episode of this season (when he died!!!) to this, his struggle with his guilt, his inner bad guy and his love for his sister Meredith was agonizingly beautiful to watch. Worst Character: Derek!!!! Damn, get rid of him already! I have no idea if Patrick Dempsey signed the contract for next season yet, but I know that I don’t want him to. As I said in my post on the forum topic “McBastard needs to go�, Shonda just spoiled this character for me beyond any cohesive redemption. Most Underused Character: Definitely our own favorite McSteamy! I want him to rock and roll in surgeries and to have a decent love interest that is way more suited to him intellectually than Lexie. I really hope they will not bring those two together. I don’t want them to get into recycling old material! Give Mark something fresh and new! Favorite Guest Star: Henry!! I wish though that they would have added him as a doctor or something, and not with Teddy either. I don’t like her, she is annoying (okay not as annoying as Keppner but you get my drift). His idea about going to med school was a good one though, maybe they could have put him in as an intern who has this chronic tumor illness and who is straightening his life and only now going to uni. That way he would have been able to interact with more people than Teddy and would be able to stick around for longer. Teddy should have left with that shrink to Germany. I for one would not have missed her. Best Episode: Dark Was the Night (ep09) & Falling skies (ep02), I love when GA gets that dramatic and Meredith and Cristina and Alex get to be the center point without all the other residents like Kepner and Jackson and Lexie ( the less of those three the better). Plus, how can you not love how in the span of two eps, Cristina managed to try to beat Alex up, stooped his heart. Electrocuted him to bring him back to live and then Demanded that he cover up for Mer stealing the baby!!!! Worst Episode: I have to agree: Poker Face (ep 06), in comparison with the rest in was kinda boring. Best Ongoing Storyline: I don’t know what to say, the Zola story line to me seemed pointless and needlessly dragged out to an impossible length. They could have done it but I wish they did it differently and WAY shorter, I am not a screenwriter so I don’t know how best to change it, but I know that the way they did it didn’t work me. Henry and Teddy were mediocre too, I love Henry to death (I have loved that actor ever since The Unit) but I just don’t care about anything that has to do with Teddy. Webber and Adele kinda disappeared so nothing to comment about. Derek and his temper tantrums are getting on my nerves.
The only ONGOING story line that got me remotely interested was the relationship between Mer and Bailey along with all its bumps and bruises.
Runner Up: Alex’s journey this season, both in personal life (his reconciliation and mend with Mer and Cristina) and professional life (I want him to get the fellowship in peds!) Grade So Far: A- Hopes for 2012:
1. Don’t bring Mark and Lexie together
2. Meredith starts to rock professionally wise
3. Teddy leaves the hospital for good (though I know that won’t happen but a girl can dream right?)
4. Mark gets a decent story and comes back to the status of a god with a scalpel
5. Alex needs a girl and she better be sane this time (and it better not be Lucy now that Charlie’s Angels were cancelled I heard that the actress might be coming back to GA).
6. Alex rocking and rolling as a surgeon and getting that fellowship.
7. Derek disappears for good!!

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