Grey's Anatomy Review: Time For Goodbyes...

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Wow. ABC promised an astounding episode and, boy, did it deliver. The midseason finale of Grey's Anatomy offered up some serious cliffhangers, including the careers of two doctor in question, and a truly sad death.

So let’s waste no more time. Go ahead and put down your tissues. Let’s discuss "Dark Was the Night."

Bye Bye Zola. A few minutes into the hour and news broke that Grey’s favorite couple would not be getting its baby back. Social Services delivered the news that Der and Mer will be baby-less once again. And to think, this wasn’t even the saddest news of the episode. Many of us viewers have differences of opinions on the Zola situation.

Of course, we all want them to have a family, but I have to admit, I’m not truly disappointed that Zola will not be returning. This series is about adults. The baby situation works for Sloan/Arizona/Callie because we don’t see Baby Sophia often. There is no way for Der and Mer to have a baby and it not be up front and center. What do you think? Are you okay with McDreamy and Mer being alone again?

A Mer, Der Pic

Denny 2.0? We all knew it was going to happen at some point, but I didn’t know it would feel like this. Teddy’s patient, husband for insurance purposes, husband fell victim to his tumors during a surgery being performed by Cristina and Webber. This was, of course, without Cristina knowing who the patient was. First, let’s point out that what Teddy said was right, the girl is a machine. She has proved time and time again that she is someone who can maintain composure and Sandra Oh is in serious need of some recognition. And no, I don’t mean a nomination. I mean an award. In her hand. Now.

It’s easy to forget that Teddy and Owen have been friends for years, outside of the hospital. To keep Teddy out of the loop about the death of her husband is a serious decision, though. Not too sure Teddy will be able to forgive him for that. By hour's end, she still didn’t know the fate of her husband. I’m not sure I can physically wait until the show returns to see her reaction to the news. Seriously heartbreaking.

Meredith and Derek Shepherd

When Denny Duquette rolled into our lives, you knew you were in for a tragedy. The arc moved quick and serious and before we knew it, Izzie was lying on that bathroom floor. The situation with Henry, although similar in many ways, has felt authentic all the way through. His death is a definite loss for Grey’s Anatomy. The bright side? We will get to see the delicious Scott Foley on True Blood this summer. 

Screwed. "Dark Was the Night” brought a new meeting to getting your heart screwed over. Callie and Jackson’s spinal patient ended up with a screw loose , one that was tearing apart her heart. This could hold some serious repercussions for Seattle Grace’s most hardcore ortho surgeon and the doc with the world’s best eyes.

Oh Baby. Anytime the docs head out for a case, something bad happens. Mer and Alex’s ambulance adventure had me on the edge of my seat. I kept waiting for it to blow; I never expected to see three bodies laying in the road. Having Derek and the others on speaker when the ambulance got hit? Shonda Rhimes knows how to work the drama. 

On a side note, who else loved Derek shopping on eBay for 1960 scalpels for Mer? That’s the McDreamy we love. 

Doctor Derek Shepherd Picture

So we were left with some serious cliffhangers: Callie’s patient is still in surgery, Meredith and Alex are on a dark abandoned road with a newborn and three bodies, and Teddy still hasn’t learned about the death of her husband. We have to wait until a new year for answers?!?

Overall, a really solid midseason finale that has us viewers already wishing it was January. Until then, hit the Comments and let us know your predictions for when the show returns. Did you love “Dark Was the Night,” or did it fall short? Sound off and remember to check back for the official Grey’s Anatomy Round Table. 


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I only just discovered Grey's and i have to say... Meredith has had a super crappy life... she deserves a baby more than anyone on that show. I think Zola is adorable but i think it would be craxy high drama if Mer was preggers and then Janet turns up with Zola and is all like "Sorry there was a mix up... your getting her back" so mer would be all like OMG yesterday i had no baby and today ive got two... I think that would be pretty awsome.I Love Greys Anatomy and I dont think they're flaming out... I totally hope that Lexie and mark get back together... i want mark to knock Lexie up too.. Mer could get all big sistery for her and that would be a nice change. Anyway I cant wait for january... im counting down the days on my calender...=)


Hello. I am from GREECE, see you as the crazy series greys anatomy. And every time I see you crying and falls in love with all the characters .... My dream is to play even the series in an episode, but I am GREECE following do not think I made ​​the dream ..... loves greys anatomy
PS sorry I do not know English


Not sure Zola is gone. It was assumed because the court date cancelled and Social Services got no phone call. Court date may have cancelled because the judge's cancer took a turn for the worse or he decided to grant the adoption but someone forgot to call social services. Not as it appears.


Can't believe they are on a break again. The whole, oops all the sudden the rig died in the middle of the road was kinda lame. I am so tired of the show getting more and more depressing. I am a die hard fan but seriously, we used to watch without them killing everyone off! Get M and D back together and happy. I know they aren't because Ellen and Patrick might be leaving but hey, if they both leave make their characters leave happy. I liked Burke a lot but Christina and Hunt are awesome... I want to see more about them. Maybe have C narrate a few episodes. Hoping that Sloane gets Lexie prego in after a one nighter!


Lexie was really in the background this episode, so was derek..


I think its time for Bailey to become Cheif. She is better mean then some lovey dovey school girl. Why does christina have to operate on everyones spouse, first Derrick, then Torres, now Henry. Bad things happen each time she does this. Im over Teddy let her go back to Army life. Bring back Burke and fill the Ob postion with a male doctor. Spice up the show we know and love. Im over all this baby talk and clinical trails lets get back to surgery and sex in on call rooms. Alex needs someone its like he has given up since izzy and the last 2 ob doctors. And it wouldnt hurt if lexxie got back with sloan and found out she was pregnant with Averys baby. Lets get some Drama going.


well that was dramatic allright.
i´m not convinced Zola is really gone though, keep the faith remember!
so sad with Henry, I think this will screw things up between Christina and Hunt again (who is the best couple on the show in by opinion, and yeah, Sandra Oh deserves an award, she really is outstanding! without her quality this show would be like any other soap-drama), Christina won´t take letting her menthor´s husband die well, and Owen will feel the need to be there for Teddy, who´ll hate them both...
when finally all was well and Christina had a good teacher...


So this mid cliff hanger was a good one to say the least but i agree with some of you... i don't want derek and mere to get zola either like they need to let that ship sink already and hopefully thourgh all this he realizes that the bickering and fights arent worth it and BOOM they're pregnant. idk if altman is going to forgive yang but she did her best that justa crappy way to write him off cause it seems as though teddy can never find and keep a good guy. next half predictions: lexy and sloan will try to rekindle their dying flame but complications will occur because of the baby and them playing this love circle game but shell stay. I hope kepner grows some balls soon ans leard how to be the chief resident. grey and derek get pregnant but owen and yang start having problems with something. might all be wrong.


So glad MerDer didn't get Zola-- hope that storyline is over. Would be awesome if they had a baby together. On the other hand, don't really see what Der sees in Mer anymore.
Agree that Christina & Preston Burke were way better & more interesting than her & Hunt.
Love the show anyway, and can't believe we have to wait so long for next episode.


I need Bailey to go back to being hardcore. Every since she's gotten a little booty she has gotten SOFT.
Lexi and McSteammy need to go ahead and do the nasty.
Teddy is going to need some serious therapy. Where is the therapy man?
If Mer doesn't get Zola back, I hope she finds out that she and Der are pregnant.

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