Grimm Review: Hazing and The Three Bears

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Contrary to what I predicted last week, Grimm premiered to some rather fantastic numbers, even besting some other NBC premieres this season ... on a Friday. Whether those ratings continue is anyone’s guess, especially since the full crop of competition is back this week.

"Bears Will Be Bears" did show some improvement over the premiere, allaying some of my frustrations with the pilot, and even adding some rather deep themes of family versus cultural values and when is it time to move away from them, if ever.

That type of weekly theme feels almost necessary in a show like Grimm since it’s based on fairy tales – we’re all supposed to learn something from them, right?

Grimm Action Shot

Nick was tasked with investigating a breaking and entering by who I assume was Goldilocks and her new boy toy into the three bears’ house, complete with plenty of old, scary, tribal weapons and a hole in the ground serving as a dungeon in the backyard.

Last week I mentioned that I wasn’t happy that Nick was parading different suspects and locations past Hank with little to no input, reservations, or even curiosity from him. “Bears” ended up solving this rather easily by building two separate groups: the cops and Eddie.

Hank is now on a much more even playing field with Eddie, because he’s now serving as an actual partner to Nick instead of just a sounding board that shows up every once in a while. He’s with him on every run and interview to collect information. In essence, Hank is the procedural side of the story - no fairy tales, no real (apparent) overlap – just crime solving.

That leaves Eddie as Nick’s Wikipedia for all things Grimm, all while still keeping that chemistry the two of them share, as well as the humor quotient alive and kicking. But this sharper role also comes with a cost: Aunt Marie isn’t really necessary to pass down every single scrap of Grimm knowledge - meaning she can finally rest in peace and pass on her torch, but not before she got to take down a priest who was trying to kill her. Good for you Aunt Marie, going out with style!

There were a few things that are still nagging me though, one being the pacing and the other how neatly everything is wrapped up at the end. The first half of the episode nearly put me to sleep because it felt like things were just progressing in a circle with a he-said, she-said back and forth.

In the second half of the episode, Goldilocks gets knocked out and Nick starts piecing everything together ... and then easily convinces Father Bear to help him get his son and save Goldilocks and her boy toy. Isn’t that a little too easy? I like where it led to, but they went from a hate, mortal enemy fest to a lovefest in 30 minutes or less.

Overall, I liked Grimm’s second episode more than the pilot. Will the things that worked continue? It’s hard to say because the show is still experiencing growing pains, but Grimm still makes for a fun Friday night.

Other thoughts:

  • Nick’s girlfriend is still nothing more than a pretty face at this point, she’s given nothing to do and the scenes she is in are almost completely inconsequential.
  • Really, Grimm? Really? You named one of the kids Barry?
  • The ritual felt more like a hazing by some drunk Frat "bros" egged on by their Frat mother.


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@Nick McHatton oh i think you might be right about Juliet being a bad guy all along, that would sooth me because i will understand why it feels like she is all fake and why she feels like she doesn't belong with Nick. i really really hope you are right!


farsia2010, I enjoyed the episode, I just felt the first half was boring because there was a lot of back and forth. kamja, I keep wondering if Nick's girlfriend is going to end up being some type of fairy tale creature. Being a vet seems like a very good cover to do evildoer things.


What you said about the girlfriend. I honestly thought, watching the pilot, that she'll end up dead at the end of the first episode, so that's more that I was counting for.


oh and i just had to roll my eyes when they revealed to us that Juliet is a vet, i was like really? she is that goodie good?


i disagree, i don't find it boring at all, i think the ep wasn't boring at all. i like the detectivy feel of all of this, i hope that they keep up the villain of the week thing going along with the Reapers line.
i think each and every shot is very tightly packed sounds and visual wise and that this TV show is quality wise better than Once Upon a Time.
i like that they don't shy away from gory imagery (the wolf ripping the hand off, this is Grimm we are talking about after all, they are the scariest fairy-tales creators that there ever were; but they keep it withing reason (for eg he was wearing a sleeve so not too much could be seen).
i feel sorry that aunt Mary had to go, i really enjoy watching that actress but she did all she needed in this show and kudos to the writers for not dragging it out but rather going straight on with the whole reveal thing for Nick.
absolutely love the reformed wolf and i think he is way better than Hank, i find Hank kinda boring.
i don't think Juliet looks pretty at all, i think she looks more like his mother or an older sister than his loved one and it kinda annoys me.
like Nick a lot, he is hot but at the same time he has this boyish sweetness that adds a to the fairy-tale origins of his family and the show it self. he is like a mix of modern day prince charming and a little boy who reads fairy-tales.
i think that the reason papa bear agreed to help Nick so fast is because he had no choice, he couldn't kill Nick right there and then, he is a cop and other cops know where he was, so to have a Grimm know that you and your family committed a murder would sanction a death warrant on his family from the Grimm, it's better if the Nick gets them as a cop rather than as a Grimm. plus he is a lawyer it is easier to negotiate with the curt than with a Grimm.
all in all this show brings me the Grimm fairy-tales with a modern realist twist and i love it. the atmosphere built is fantastic, the green moss on the trees the foresty feel even in the city, the toned down colours, the wooden shades of those colours, everything is thought through.
i only have two probs, one is bigger than the other.
1)Juliet-big prob, there is no chemistry and i wanted a more sleeping beauty feel from her, more princessy but maybe they are just preparing us that she doesn't fit in his world(i hope)
2)Hank-not a big prob but i find him boring.

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