Happy 25th Birthday, Penn Badgley!

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Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley turns 25 on this first day of November.

The actor has enjoyed a heck of a year. He's hard at work filming a solid fifth season of Gossip Girl, as well as portraying musician Jeff Buckley in the upcoming film Greetings from Tim Buckley.

He also appears alongside a slew of stars (Demi Moore, Zachary Levi, Jeremy Irons) in Margin Call, which hit theaters October 21, and has been spotted hanging out with rumored GF Zoe Kravitz.

Most importantly, though, his Gossip Girl character Daniel has experienced a renaissance of sorts as half of the CW show's most buzzed about non-couple (see our Dair tribute video contest).

Leave your birthday greetings for the handsome actor below!

Penn and Leighton

Penn Badgley says Gossip Girl's Dan and Blair are soulmates. Do you agree? Or are the New Yorker's portrayed by Penn and Leighton Meester (above) destined to be good friends and nothing more?

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I love you Penn Badgley! Your GG character is so inspiring to me.


yyayayayay blair's hair is back!!! oh yeah, happy birthday penn b :)




Penn is only saying that dair are soulmates because he and blake lively broke up when they where togheter he always loved derena just saying..


Happy Bday Penn! He's tres lovely! Kimmie gtfo! dont ruin this perfect post! this post is not abt Chair or Dair. & 'Zachary Levi' in MC really?
Sylar will come & eat you alive for that mistake;)


Aww Happy birthday to my fav GG person!
he had a great year & hopefully will have another one to come.
He's talented, charming, handsome, intelligent, sweet, sarcastic, easy going, wiity, musically gifted, friendly, nice, a true gentlman, thoughtful, intuitive, sexy, self aware & confident, lovely, with magnificent warm chocolate eyes & smooth deep voice.
Lovely person all around. Be healthy & welathy & succesful honey!
Really hope 'Greetings' will be as greatly received by all critics & public just like Easy A & Margin call. Cant wait to hear u sing!


HAPPY BDAY PENN! I completely agree with him on the Dan and Blair relationship. All the characters have changed and grown up since season 1. And I now believe that Dan and Blair have grown to be perfect for each other. There scenes have this comfortable vibe, sexual tension, soul-mate-like vibe. He (Dan) will always be there for her. Penn is a great actor and I love watching him play the Dan character.

Uncle jackass

Congrats on the birthday Penn. May your mastery as the 20 something rein forever.


relax your socks. this is just article about penn's birthday.


Happy Bday!!
He has become a great faborite of mine after season 4 of Gossip Girl. I think bringing Penn and Leighton together was a genius idea. I think it has helped him explore his character in ways he wouldn't have in the first seasons. Now with the Jeff Buckley movie coming up, I'm sure he is heading for great success.
Oh and Kimmie, come on! This is just about his birthday, Penn's birthday not Dan Humphrey. All the Dair paranoia is going wayy too far above your head. Chill out. After all it's almost a hundred per cent sure that Chair is endgame so there is no need to go through an All caps rage.

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