Hart of Dixie Review: Lessons from the Undead

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That sure was a random, roundabout way for Zoe to learn a lesson about forgiveness, wasn't it?

Starting with the fact that "The Undead and The Unsaid" was a quasi Halloween episode that aired a week after Halloween, a lot felt off about this episode of Hart of Dixie, probably my least favorite one of the season.

Wade and Zoe

First, regarding Leon Mercy, viewers were asked to suspend our disbelief like it was Dr. Conrad Murray's medical license. Everyone in town though he was dead... even though he was living just a couple miles outside of town?!? Hunting and fishing like many other residents frequently do?

And then it took the obvious advice of a stranger to convince Leon to return? And, once he did, very little fanfare was made out of it? In a town such a Bluebell, which is extraordinarily tight-knit and which celebrates pretty much every occasion with a giant party? I just didn't buy any of it.

I also wish we had known Magnolia even existed before she was made into a central plot point. I'm all for getting inside the Breeland household, as Lemon most definitely needs to be made into a multi-dimensional, sympathetic character. I just thought it all happened too quickly here, as we met Magnolia one second... she passed out the next... George then gave Brick and a speech and - presto! - everything (that we didn't even know was previously a problem) was fixed.

My final complaint, which I admit to making many times before: Lavon lamenting his relationship with Lemon. We've simply been told these two have a history, we've been shown no reason to understand why. They're two completely different characters. So let's all raise that same glass with George and Lavon and hope the past now remains a distant memory. Move on, you Mayoral former All-Pro.

On the plus side... why isn't Zoe just getting it on with Wade at this point? What's even the obstacle? Dude is hilarious (loved the scene where he pretended to be Zoe's boyfriend in front of her mom) and he doesn't look shabby without a shirt on, right, ladies? It's safe to say I'm on a Team Wade.

Zoe had her humorous moments, as well. I cracked up at the excuse that "MOM" was her Asian friend "WOW," along with her reaction to Addie and her husband running down all the possible animals she may have run over. Where am I?!?

Tht answer, of couse, is Bluebell, Alabama. But I can forgive Zoe for being a bit confused this week. The ghost tease really fell short as a storyline. I can only hope Hart of Dixie celebrate Thanksgiving and Flag Day in more convincing manners.


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I think the show is not a drama, but it has some very heightened aspects in it. For example, the clothing. While some are complaining about Lemon's get-up, you also have to notice that Zoe parades around town in her mini Chanel shorts. It's supposed to be a heightened form of Southern vs. New York style. I think that's the same case for their accent/dialogues. This show is a breath of fresh air that also has its own unique identity. This week's episode pushed believability to an uncomfortable line, but I won't judge it too quickly. It'll take about 10 - 12 episodes before we can really see if Zoe, Wade, Lavon, Lemon and George will be built into 3D characters.


This show really isn't considered a drama, more a combo of drama and comedy. It's a lot more lighthearted. I don't think the showrunners have ever classified it as a drama. It's really not a cliffhanger type of show. I mean, they will probably do it for the big episodes, but most of the time it won't have any cliffhanger.


They mentioned Magnolia in the Parade episode (episode 2) when Zoe's little helper had a crush on that guy that Magnolia was also interested in. So we were supposed to remember that Lemon had a sister. It wasn't my favorite episode (that was episodes 2 and 4) but it wasn't bad. I liked all the Wade/Zoe scenes. I want Zoe and Wade to get together, but they can take their time. I want them to be together in the end though. I'm loving their banter. And in episode 2, Zoe definitely responded to the kiss Wade planted on her. In fact, she looked a bit surprised. Every time those two are onscreen it's the highlight of the episode, along with the Lavon/Wade/Zoe scenes. I think Lemon is a bit sympathetic, but she does need more layers. George is still not layered as a character either.


I'm all for Lemon getting a believable personality, but springing a untill now unknown sister on us was just confusing and random -just like Lemon's personality... I liked the Zade action in this episode -especially the "so you didn't wake me up for sex"-comment -HILARIOUS! I too would really love to know more about Lavon and Lemon's past. I liked that we were introduced to Addie's husband, that way, we know a little more about her personal life, which was a nice touch -I like when they put a little meat on the background characters, so they don't just become people who tell the main characters stuff.


I agree with Maggie and most of you about how all the storylines are pretty much resolved within an episode. The only thing they are still taking their time with is Lemon & Lavon... This is supposed to be a drama-but I definitely don't get that vibe from it. George as a character definitely needs more dimension, because right now he's boring. Where's the suspense, the DRAMA? the heartache, the tender moments? This show is definitely not a drama. And it's sad because it has huge potential. Sometimes I think that when Wade and Zoe finally start getting together (which might happen in a decade), Lemon & George break up or something [finds out about Lavon]-so George might start getting interested in Zoe etc...they're probably saving that as the season finale cliffhanger-oh wait this show doesn't have those!!! I'm getting dissappointed-this show has too much potential to be going at the pace it's at.


This was actually my favorite episode purely for the fact that Zoe and Wade had the most screen time together and Lemon was the least annoying I've ever seen her. I could actually find some emotion toward her other than total disgust. I still can't stand her though. To me, she is the weakest link of the show and I think she gets more screen time than Rachel Bilson. I almost feel like the show should be called Lemon of Dixie! My favorite scenes by far are between Zoe and Wade and their interaction with Lavon! More of them please and less Lemon and George. Agreed, totally boring!


this was my fav ep yet!!! love when they show lots of Wade and Zoe!!!
Lemon is still annoying even if they tried to show her in a more maternal position.


I love this show. And i actually really liked this epiode, it gave some good insight into the breeland family and lemon and george's relationship. I also loved the scenes with zoe and wade, which this episode didn't have a shortage of. I also thought the whole ghost thing was kinna fun, who cares if it was after halloween.


I agree with Sunny, they mentioned Magnolia several times. I wish we would have seen her and I hated this episode. I want her and Wade to get closer and I don't like Lemon or George or well anyone but Zoe and Wade. Lol. Love Bilson oh and Lavon Hayes ;)


I agree with the review. "You're reading it upside down, it's my Chinese friend Wow!" LOL.

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