Hawaii Five-0 Review: Too Fast, Not Enough Furious

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Ike Maka: Identity 

While not as much fun as last week’s bromantic opening, we did get launched into the team again on Hawaii Five-0 here, with some one-on-one time as Danny was staying at Steve’s.

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that Danny looks like he would be the worst house guest ever. I can’t imagine having someone stay with me who keeps the TV on all night, so loud that I could hear it clearly from my room. Steve is a stronger man than I am. I would have kicked Danny to the curb long before he had been there two weeks. 

I guess “Homeless Danno” is Scott Cann’s new thing this season, as he has been in a couple of different hotels and almost rented a haunted apartment. Here’s hoping he can find a place to call his own so we can get back to some more original interactions between him and Steve.

Danno on the Coucho

As for the main case... being an unashamed lover of all things Fast and Furious, (who doesn't love Vin Diesel?!?) I was ready to sink my teeth into the seedy underbelly of street racing and restored cars in Hawaii.  

Sadly, what we got was more fizzle than dazzle. Don’t get me wrong, the story was entertaining, but other than the one scene in the garage and Lori playing bait, we didn't get much in the way of the cars racing, just car theft. 

Okay, the opening scene with the cops chasing the Camero was pretty awesome, but it looked like they were actually trying to play up the car theft ring angle right from that moment. When the police started popping open shipping containers and found the muscle cars inside my wife actually asked out loud: What, did they watch Gone in 60 Seconds?

This comment was made humorously ironic a little later when the dead guy turned out to be going by the last name of Raines (Nicholas Cage was Memphis Raines in the aforementioned movie, as everyone knows). My only wish would have been for more cars. 

In retrospect, I wonder if there are really that many muscle cars in Hawaii, given that everything has to be shipped over. Anyone from the islands know?  

Cars aside, I have to mention my new favorite sharp-shooter: Kono!

Who knew she was trained to as a sharpshooter? I thought she was going to be on the balcony and she was going to point her gun at the bad guy when he backed out of the door. I did not see a head shot coming! Nicely done, Kono.

There was only one thing that truly bugged me and that was Max and his constant ignoring of Steve and Danny. I won't even get into how stupid it was for him to be mad at these two over them not replying to his personal email. What I will mention is that both Steve and Danny have no problem confronting bad guys with weapons, yet neither could man up and follow Max into the next room and corner him for an answer?

Apparently the Medical Examiner out ranks Five-0, given how they went to the “kiss his butt” resolution method. 

Finally, I leave you with one question from the Lori fan club: “How awesome was Lori as Sandy from Grease at the end?” I don’t blame Danny and Steve for scrambling out of the office, I would have been at the front of the line. 


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Love the scene between Steve and Kono, maybe Kono can be a love interest for Steve.


Lookimg forward to the chemistry between Kono and Steve!Liked it that Kono was more on the front.Nice to see Steve and Kono together.Thanks writers.Nice chemistry .


I don't want to see any relatinships between team members. I don't see anything romantic between Steve and Kono, not even hints so I hope the writers keep it that way. If the writers intended Lori to be a love interest I think they've backed away as they have no chemistry together at all and again any kind in in team romance just messes with the team dynamic.
I see all of them just as friends and I hope it stays that way. Overall I enjoyed this episode though Danny's attitude annoyed me in the beginning and Steve has the patience of a saint. If I invited someone into my home and they blared the TV all night because they couldn't sleep and couldn't care less about whether I could sleep, then I'd would throw them out. I find Danny's attitude a tad arrogant at times and I don't really like it.


I'm not asking for a whole relationship immediately in the series.But it will sure make me happy.Just when Steve looked out the window after Kono shot the bad guy was a part that i watched over and over again.And these little eye connection and concern from Steve for Kono is thrilling.So i hope that the writters puts a little of the connection between these two in every episode.As for Lori i did not like the Sandy dress up at all.It is painfull to see how hard she is acting to fit in the group.But she does not have to be write of as long as you keep her away from Steve in the flirt and romantic way.Writer;show us the romance between Steve and Kono.Belief that will be the most watched episode.


i am allways looking out for the next episode but i am anxious waiting to see something between Steve and Kono.It was nice to see how Steve looked out the window to Kono.We just want to see accindental flirting between the two.It was very awkwardto see Lorie sexy dressed up for the party.Please give us in the episodes flirts between Steve and Kono.Maybe that they are stranded once alone or a undercover relationship.Something! I find that Lorie is more in view the with Steve then Kono now.Please do not do that.Danny could tease Steve with Kono>>>> Looking forward to the episodes


Inge...yeah your right, I was paraphrasing cause it was a while ago that I watched the interview...oops!! He said he could not see himself married. He feels relationships are difficult and he does not feel he has what is needed to be married. I thought it was very honest and insightful on his part to admit that. Also said getting a dog showed he was staying in hawaii more then getting a wife and kids....ha ha!! He is pretty funny! No I did not see when he said he would like to see steve eventually in a relationship. Where was that??? Hopefully not for a few more seasons though. I would like more of someone like katherine in his life where it did not eat up the show but we knew he was not lonely. (wink wink) Two days till new epi...woo hoo!! I am so excited.


@amazingalex Getting married again? To my knowledge Alex has never been married he had a long relationship with the mother of his son Saxon and 4 years with Holly and almost 2 years with Amber. I think Alex meant to say he is not the type to be married but he sure want someone in his life but not now when it comes it comes! Yeah saw it he said “I don’t think he could, I don’t think he has enough of himself left over to give on top of everything he’s dealing with .. That would be satisfactory to another person�
Steve has alot of baggage from his past and for now he thinks it's not fair to a other person to be in a relationship which I understand! Alex also said on SOTB that with time he sees Steve in a relationship and maybe married some day!


Inge....I wondered about that cause he just did an interview where he said he cannot see himself ever getting married again. And I saw the one where he mentioned he bought a house in hawaii and got a dog. He sounded single to me. Did you see the interview where he spoke about steve, and that he does not think steve should be in a serious relationship on H50? Interesting.


amazingalex......Alex is single the relation he had with Amber Clayton his co star in Three Rivers is over they ended it begin this year Alex live's now with his dog Dusty in Diamond Head Hawaii.


Azzira... I think they have completely changed the direction they were gonna take lori with all the fan outcry. Getting a jeer in TV Guide only helped us lori non fans and gave us even more of a voice. The writing is on the wall since they have definitely shown they have shifted her role. SHe is no longer getting serious romantic looks from steve like she did in the beginning and they are no longer putting her with him instead of danny as a team. I for one will be thrilled if they are actually seeing what most of us see. Lori was a miss!

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