Hawaii Five-0 Review: Too Fast, Not Enough Furious

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Ike Maka: Identity 

While not as much fun as last week’s bromantic opening, we did get launched into the team again on Hawaii Five-0 here, with some one-on-one time as Danny was staying at Steve’s.

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that Danny looks like he would be the worst house guest ever. I can’t imagine having someone stay with me who keeps the TV on all night, so loud that I could hear it clearly from my room. Steve is a stronger man than I am. I would have kicked Danny to the curb long before he had been there two weeks. 

I guess “Homeless Danno” is Scott Cann’s new thing this season, as he has been in a couple of different hotels and almost rented a haunted apartment. Here’s hoping he can find a place to call his own so we can get back to some more original interactions between him and Steve.

Danno on the Coucho

As for the main case... being an unashamed lover of all things Fast and Furious, (who doesn't love Vin Diesel?!?) I was ready to sink my teeth into the seedy underbelly of street racing and restored cars in Hawaii.  

Sadly, what we got was more fizzle than dazzle. Don’t get me wrong, the story was entertaining, but other than the one scene in the garage and Lori playing bait, we didn't get much in the way of the cars racing, just car theft. 

Okay, the opening scene with the cops chasing the Camero was pretty awesome, but it looked like they were actually trying to play up the car theft ring angle right from that moment. When the police started popping open shipping containers and found the muscle cars inside my wife actually asked out loud: What, did they watch Gone in 60 Seconds?

This comment was made humorously ironic a little later when the dead guy turned out to be going by the last name of Raines (Nicholas Cage was Memphis Raines in the aforementioned movie, as everyone knows). My only wish would have been for more cars. 

In retrospect, I wonder if there are really that many muscle cars in Hawaii, given that everything has to be shipped over. Anyone from the islands know?  

Cars aside, I have to mention my new favorite sharp-shooter: Kono!

Who knew she was trained to as a sharpshooter? I thought she was going to be on the balcony and she was going to point her gun at the bad guy when he backed out of the door. I did not see a head shot coming! Nicely done, Kono.

There was only one thing that truly bugged me and that was Max and his constant ignoring of Steve and Danny. I won't even get into how stupid it was for him to be mad at these two over them not replying to his personal email. What I will mention is that both Steve and Danny have no problem confronting bad guys with weapons, yet neither could man up and follow Max into the next room and corner him for an answer?

Apparently the Medical Examiner out ranks Five-0, given how they went to the “kiss his butt” resolution method. 

Finally, I leave you with one question from the Lori fan club: “How awesome was Lori as Sandy from Grease at the end?” I don’t blame Danny and Steve for scrambling out of the office, I would have been at the front of the line. 


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Nadriss...Ooops I did not know she was married. Okay then no to them afterall! Alex is just dating someone so I wonder what will happen with that now that he lives in Hawaii and she in Australia...we shall see/ Okay as for the show I would be really happy if in the end they put kono and steve but for now I love love the team of four as they are. I guess we all have differing opinions about lori but I think they are rewriting her role and she will soon be a goner. I wish I could like her but just cant. I am counting the days for mondays epi!! I think it is going to be one of the best so far this season in terms of action.


The way to get us to like Lori and take her seriously as a team member is *not* to dress her up like a sex kitten. I know we objectify Steve when he's shirtless, but we've never had the camera do the 'panning up the body' thing they've done with Lori twice now. It seems to me that the writers still can't make up their minds what to do with Lori - she didn't work as love interest for McGarrett, putting her in between Steve and Danny didn't work, positioning her as the new Kono didn't work, so now they're going for comic relief with the Lori/Max thing, and dressing her in tight pants for the male characters to behave like oversexed teenagers about. It left a bad taste in my mouth, and I don't think it's doing the show justice. It's time they admitted that the Lori character just isn't working, and wrote her out.


Amazing Alex Sorry for you but in real life there is very little chance that this happens, Grace is already happily married and Alex must certainly be on his side too. And sometimes the reality is quite different... As for the show I am like you I want something to happen between Steve and Kono, but I think if it happened now it would kill the show. I do not care at the moment there are looks, gestures where everything is suggesting .... the share of ambiguity, the imaginary space has a sacred side to me. We can not reveal the naked truth, leave a minimum of mystery. And the more the mystery is, the more it is nice to dissect, to imagine what lies beneath the veil, what we can not do when everything is too explicit. If something were to happen between Steve and I Kono this is the end of the show at the end slate..
I hope that this is the latest possible because the show is awesome Finally, Lori's presence only spice things up.... ;-)


I dont want steve and kona together on the show I want them together in real life cause they seem to have amazing chemistry. If they were to ever put them together on the show I would want it on the last season of the show which I hope is not for a very very long time. Until then I just love the chemistry with the foursome and I dont want anything to mess that up. Lori has done enough damage!!!!! I agree she would be better off as a model cause the acting thing not working out so much. I dont mean that to be nasty but it is what it is.


As for the comments on Alex & Grace getting together...umm NO...that would be too much like brother & sister or father & daughter. Plus there is too much respect there...AND they WORK together on a serious TASK FORCE. Are we going to turn this into a Mentalist thing with them making googie faces at each other instead of this being a Hawaii based action show? Heck, while your at it, why not make someone preggers and ruin the whole thing just like it does every show(Mad About You, Friends, etc...)
The epi wasn't that bad, I'm not going to complain about content and every little detain like some...I don't mind guest stars as long as they are on for more than FIVE minutes or it doesn't seem like they BOUGHT their way on to the show. And Max in small doses is fine as long as he doesn't get too uppity or odd, as well as small doses of Joe because he is a great actor.
However, the change in writing style of making Alex and Danny act totally different than last year...like they have almost DEVOLVED as professional people as well as the way the writers make them react to Lori & Max, makes them seem less 'themselves' this year. Therefore, less likeable. IE: How they dealt with Max in this epi & their reaction to Lori in costume...(of which a NEW person in HER position has NO business dressing that way and parading around-and believe me, I am NO prude-this is just a unbelievable situation given the HISTORY of the show and a blatant way of sexing her up to garner more viewers)
And of course Lauren is better suited looks-wise for a CK One ad and her range as an actor doesn't go anywhere past Hostel. We would get more out of Betty White as Lori right now, even WITH the bad writing of the character. At least Betty has FACIAL EXPRESSIONS. Can't WAIT to start watching again when I hear she is gone because she is replacing Danny at this point, let alone Kono. Will be watching my old epi's of Moonlight for my Alex fix...


Wow thank you Zia for letting us know about that site. I loved what alex said about a romance for Mcg. I think he is spot on for sure. They really should just have steve just casually seeing woman not in a "romance" at this point. It would take away from the greatness of the team and the dynamic that works so well. Hopefully he has some pull and the higher ups will agree. Plus this lori chick needs to go and if she was the one they planned to put with him I think they will scrap that. It is obvious it is not what fans want. She even got a jeer last week in TV guide and you know that would have an influence on what direction the show is gonna take. The higher ups put alot of weight on stuff like that. I think she is gonna be written out maybe even sooner then they had planned. Plus how great was that pic of grace and alex on the motorcycle??? Hmmm, maybe in real life they will get together cause they certainly look good together!! I bookmarked that site cause it has great information on it!! Thanks again!


Sorry the link did not work. try pulling up his name on the internet and you will see 2 fansites, one is AOL rocks. They have him being interviewed in a black shirt.


Hi everyone. Maybe you should check out the link below. There is a short 16 second part of an interview, of AOL on McG and a love interest. The question was basically will McGarrett have a love interest in season 2?
Of course he is not the writer or producer, but might have enough influence.
http://t.co/X1OHp63C #H50 #AlexOLoughlin


idk, i'm not opposed to the idea of Steve and Kono - for the sole reason that it'd at least give Kono SOME screen time this season. haha. after Lori took half her potential lines/scenes... and then went nowhere with them.
guh. watching the show's attempts to push Lori onto us is like watching Rick Perry struggle at political debates... just put her out of her misery, already.
I think Steve and Kono (or alex/grace) are cute - but I don't think the show needs ANY romantic storylines, to be honest. LOVE IS NOT NECESSARY - which is a memo I think the writers missed out on this season. this episode was okay in terms of keeping the team together, but i'm seriously getting tired of the overwhelming amount of non-Hawaiian characters (and the fact that they constantly work together while Kono and Chin are always off by themselves - and most of the time, Kono's stuck overseeing the office while the others go off in the field.. LAME. last time I checked, this show was called HAWAII 5-0.) from the 2.10 promos, it seems like that's the case again for the next episode.


Mrs. Cleaver, I think you're right. Steve won't hook up with Kono, he won't make that mistake. Jenna will be trouble, that's for sure. I don't like her at all, never did.

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