Hawaii Five-0 Review: Too Fast, Not Enough Furious

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Ike Maka: Identity 

While not as much fun as last week’s bromantic opening, we did get launched into the team again on Hawaii Five-0 here, with some one-on-one time as Danny was staying at Steve’s.

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that Danny looks like he would be the worst house guest ever. I can’t imagine having someone stay with me who keeps the TV on all night, so loud that I could hear it clearly from my room. Steve is a stronger man than I am. I would have kicked Danny to the curb long before he had been there two weeks. 

I guess “Homeless Danno” is Scott Cann’s new thing this season, as he has been in a couple of different hotels and almost rented a haunted apartment. Here’s hoping he can find a place to call his own so we can get back to some more original interactions between him and Steve.

Danno on the Coucho

As for the main case... being an unashamed lover of all things Fast and Furious, (who doesn't love Vin Diesel?!?) I was ready to sink my teeth into the seedy underbelly of street racing and restored cars in Hawaii.  

Sadly, what we got was more fizzle than dazzle. Don’t get me wrong, the story was entertaining, but other than the one scene in the garage and Lori playing bait, we didn't get much in the way of the cars racing, just car theft. 

Okay, the opening scene with the cops chasing the Camero was pretty awesome, but it looked like they were actually trying to play up the car theft ring angle right from that moment. When the police started popping open shipping containers and found the muscle cars inside my wife actually asked out loud: What, did they watch Gone in 60 Seconds?

This comment was made humorously ironic a little later when the dead guy turned out to be going by the last name of Raines (Nicholas Cage was Memphis Raines in the aforementioned movie, as everyone knows). My only wish would have been for more cars. 

In retrospect, I wonder if there are really that many muscle cars in Hawaii, given that everything has to be shipped over. Anyone from the islands know?  

Cars aside, I have to mention my new favorite sharp-shooter: Kono!

Who knew she was trained to as a sharpshooter? I thought she was going to be on the balcony and she was going to point her gun at the bad guy when he backed out of the door. I did not see a head shot coming! Nicely done, Kono.

There was only one thing that truly bugged me and that was Max and his constant ignoring of Steve and Danny. I won't even get into how stupid it was for him to be mad at these two over them not replying to his personal email. What I will mention is that both Steve and Danny have no problem confronting bad guys with weapons, yet neither could man up and follow Max into the next room and corner him for an answer?

Apparently the Medical Examiner out ranks Five-0, given how they went to the “kiss his butt” resolution method. 

Finally, I leave you with one question from the Lori fan club: “How awesome was Lori as Sandy from Grease at the end?” I don’t blame Danny and Steve for scrambling out of the office, I would have been at the front of the line. 


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to the author:
dude, the car in the opening scene is a Charger R/T, not a Camaro, and to everyone else, Lori is hawt if not the the best actress. But remember she only can do the lines the writers write for her.


I have to say, Lori is not that bad on her own. I enjoyed seeing her work with Chin and Kono. I love how she interacts with Max. The problem is that she is so clearly there to "sex it up". Generally if you want to add another hot female character (yes Kono fans, we know there already is one), that's fine. But every single one of her scenes (except those with Max) until this episode read like they're another building block to get the writers where they want to be: namely with her waking up in someone's bed as a big OMG moment. They've got to give her a story line besides "the hot girl that someone will hook up with". If they don't want to do that, then she needs to go. If they can do that, then she'll win over some viewers. I keep wondering if they did offer Grace Park some of these scenes and she refused bc they're just downright demeaning.


I Don't want to see a relationship between Steve and Kono it would ruin the great chemistry they have when teamed. I thought writers a great job with that last season without taking away from Steve/Danny and Chin/Kono as partners.


In response to Mrs.cleaver's question. I predict Jenna dies. In the promo she points the gun at steve and obviously lies to him to get him to the jungle. He has been nothing but wonderful to her so I am hoping she bites the bullet. I dont think Joe dies. The promo shows him in the chopper with McG after the rescue. Steve loves Joe so I dont want to see anything happen to anymore of his loved ones. Lori only has a few more episodes and then I hope she is a goner too. I think by the beginning of 2012 lori will be gone.

Mrs cleaver

@martinelli - I'm hoping Steve and Kono doesn't happen. He's her boss, so I'd hate to see them end up in the sack together.Guys sleeping with women who work FOR them (to me) is gross. Work WITH them is something else all together but she calls him "boss" and works FOR him. I'm waiting to see her hook up with Fong. He's pretty fine.
Also I'm thinking that maybe Joe buys the farm (dies)on next week's episode. Maybe trades his life to save McGarrett's. Lori is signed for 12 episodes so she's not dying any time soon.
Anyone want to predict what's gonna happen with Jenna? Dead or alive at the end of next week?


As I see everyone here hates Lori. amazingalex is right, don't let her ruin the show. My favorites are: Steve and Kono. I would like to see some romance between them. Do you think it will happen? I also like Chin Ho a lot. He's very loyal and will always protect Kono. So I am thinking what will he do if Steve and Kono ... No one here talks about Kamekona. He is so funny. I like the way he speaks and rolls his eyes. He is awesome :)


I love Hawaii Five 0 and like 99% of the people here cannot stand the Lori character. I record Hawaii Five 0, then when I watch it, I can fast forward through all her crap. I tell everyone to do that and recommend that to all of you here. My friends do the same thing. So you watch it 15 minutes or 1/2 hour later, it's no big deal. Problem solved!


I for one have decided that I will not let one character ruin what has become my absolutely favorite show on television. I just recently discovered H50 when I was home sick about a month ago and after seeing just one epi I ordered the whole first season on DVD so I could catch up. Now I am hooked and I tell as many people as will hear me to watch this show. I wish I had figured out the greatness of it long ago. One thing I will not do is stop watching because of my Lori hate. I want H50 to have many many seasons to come and if viewers stop because of one character it will not make it. The ensemble of the four are the heart and sole of this show and the higher ups will hear the fans voices and get rid of lori but not watching will kill the show. I dont know how much in advance they tape the show but I have already sensed that they are not making lori a love interest of steve's. When she first arrived it was obvious that they were. I have seen a shift in that. I do believe she is soon going to be gone and until then I will just FF her scenes. This is the one and only show I look forward to every week. Nothing else on TV even compares. The steve and danno scenes this week made me smile. When steve gave danno the head phones it was obvious how much he cares for him and I am pretty sure he would be okay with him staying. Love the relationship with these two!!


The question is not whether it is hot or not Sandy: they are beautiful both in their ways. In this episode I think there's something for everyone: many Bromance, Chin / Kono have more screen time (even I would not be against), Lori has less screen time, Lori dressed provocatively : boys will drool over it, Steve-chested naked women can drool too, and then look between Steve and Kono (my favorite scene) I think we've heard, changes have begun, slowly but certainly, after all, as the saying goes "the world was not built in a day ".... I think in this episode, they wanted to break the icy image of Lori, a lot is said that Lori had no expression (my first) in this episode she shows her humor. In the scene where she says "i still think Kono Would Have Looked way hotter in this outfit," shows that in the end if she does not trust her .... I admit that her character still remains an enigma to me ... We are fortunate to have the choice to continue or not to follow the adventures of 5-0 ... The only thing I am sure that I do not want to sacrifice my pleasure to see this show because of a single character. Call it what you will, for me it's the honesty .... Your turn to ask the question


I thought Monday nights show was finally kind of getting back to the first season's dynamics. What really made the show. Kono is still pushed to the background and I would love to see her and Chin in more scenes. Steve/Danno are awesome! I was taught if you can't say anything nice about someone, then don't say anything. So, I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL to say about Lori. Jenna was cute, glad to see her back but I'm sure she will be killed off or arrested next week.

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