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In sticking with the title of this week's episode, "The Confession," I must confess that I thoroughly enjoyed this hour. 

Is this what David Shore meant by "getting back to basics?" It felt far more like an arrival of that idea than any of the previous four installments. Chase and Taub returning filled the Thirteen and Cuddy-shaped gaps nicely, and even though I'm still not a Dr. Adams fan, I liked the dynamics between her and Chase for a couple of reasons, including both of their experiences with their spouses reflecting the patients and especially Chase's relationship with the idea of confession.

Chase and Taub

This week's patient is the perfect guy on paper... except, of course, for the cheating, but it's a first-time offense, so we should let it go, right? But what if the patient has even more to confess? What if he's a complete and utter liar? "Everybody lies" is the House anthem, and this week it's Taub preaching to a younger Housian scholar instead of House reminding his team of his favorite mantra.

Yes, everybody lies, but do the lies hold the same weight if they are confessed? When Bob, the patient, finds out he needs a donor, the entire town shows up to volunteer their services. But Bob is too obsessed with the idea that everyone should know every sin he committed, so they can make an educated choice about whether to make such a personal sacrifice. Does a confession make a person honest even though they lied to begin with?

And, better yet, how much is honesty worth if it comes after the effects of the lies have already taken place? Part of the reason I enjoyed this episode is because the best House outings attack ethical and moral questions honestly and without judgement. By the end of this hour, I don't know the right answer and neither does the patient, Chase, or Dr. Adams. But what we have left are questions. 

Before we get to the conclusion, I'd be remiss if I didn't at least discuss Taub and his "Taubettes." At the end of last season, I was incredibly frustrated with how the show was utilizing the character of Taub. When he first appeared, I loved him. Thought he was funny, witty, enjoyable to watch. Same in season 5. Then season 6 came around and the show shifted focus away from House and gave us entirely too much Taub. Same for season 7. Getting Taub in small doses - excuse the pun - is how this series is best served. 

I'm fine with spending some time on him this week after he's been gone for such a long while, especially with a storyline that so neatly ties into the episode's main themes. House is throwing Taub's babies' paternity tests at him, and Taub is just insecure enough to take the bait. After testing his kids, he has the option to view the results. And, echoing House's earlier sentiments that sometimes it is easier to ignore the (potential) truth, Taub shreds the results. It's nice to see Taub get what he really wants, and this is the happiest we've ever seen him. 

Maybe a House-cation is exactly what the doctor ordered.

It's the same with Chase, although the fact that he didn't practice medicine for the year House was imprisoned is quite interesting. Was he really just surfing, which is a nice nod to Jesse Spencer's passion, or is Chase only happy practicing medicine on House's team? When Cameron left in season 6, he had the option to go after her; instead, he showed up at House's apartment to tell him he needed his job. Not surgery, but specifically House's team. I'm really hoping that the series delves into Chase more, as I am curious as to whether him not practicing medicine for a year is significant, or just a side note. 

Chase was also a great addition to this episode because of the patient's need to confess. As a religious man formerly in line to become a priest, Chase holds the idea of confession very near and dear to his heart. After Chase killed the African dictator in season 6, he sought forgiveness with his neighborhood priest. Telling the truth is important, but does telling the truth outweigh the actions of the lies? 

Dr. Adams and Chase were coming at this question from two different angles. Dr. Adams is a woman scorned. Had she learned about her husband's infidelity earlier, maybe she would have been spared some hurt. Chase, on the other hand, confessed everything to Cameron eventually and she left him. Chase's confession did nothing but hurt and disappoint Cameron, whereas Dr. Adams would prefer to know the truth, her feelings be damned. 

In the end, the patient lied to his wife about his cheating. But was the lie selfish or unselfish? Telling his wife the truth would only hurt her, and it was a one-time mistake. However, is the patient just trying to protect himself? When is it appropriate to lie? 

And where does House fit into all the ideas about truths and lies? Truthfully, I'm not sure. In this episode, I saw him as the ultimate puppet master, always pushing everyone on his team to confront their own demons and desires, all the while leaving us guessing his motives. By the time we get to the synagogue-esque wall raising, it's clear that House wants the option to see his friend whenever he wants: a priceless gift to a needy House.

I welcome Chase, Taub, and the opening credits back with open arms and cross my fingers that tonight's episode wasn't a fluke. 


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So far, Season 8 has been amazing!! The POTW stories have been interesting and raise all sorts of interesting questions - the rich man who felt more compassion for the people he helped than the family he loved. The self-centered greedy businessman who had no compunction about moving his operations to China depriving his longtime loyal employees of jobs. The lungs patients House worked so hard to save in order to save his relationship with Wilson. Wilson also realized sometimes you gotta go with who you want. The patient who confessed crimes he didn't commit and then lied (for what I saw as a good reason) to his wife about the one crime he did commit. Foreman has been fantastic as the DoM. Chase and Taub as the old team really bring it. Park and Adams are definitely my favorite team members. Park for her FLAVAful comebacks and Adams because it is clear she is not just another pretty face. Loved her interaction with Chase.


Definitely the best episode to date. I still have a problem with Foreman, both as Dean and his 180 toward House; Foreman protecting House, really, when so much of his tenure has been about not being at all like House, about being better than House, suddenly, especially when he has a specific responsibility that conflicts with protecting House that is precisely what he is attempting to do? Perhaps something did happen in that year House was away but I need to see what happened in that one year to so completely change all the years before. I absolutely do not -- CAN NOT -- buy him as Dean. While Carlos makes a great point about the absurdity of the show and that it is not realistic it does need to be true to itself. Too much of Foreman's history precludes his having gotten that job.
Speaking of true, House's saving grace has always been his brilliance, his continuous, consistent ability to save lives. As a character part of his "charm" has been the application of that brilliance to messing with his friends, colleagues, patients, etc. He did not need Taube's DNA to get his answer; there is not disputing the maternity of his children, House need only have compared their DNA to each other. What are the odds that both those women had gotten pregnant by the same man and it was NOT Taub? Only if the test proved they were not siblings would Taub's sample have been necessary. House should have caught that.
However absurd the world of any show, and no show need be true to reality, it must stay true to itself. That does not mean the characters can not or should not change and grow, they must do so in a way that is consistent with their characters and the events of the show. House is on its way with this episode, I look forward to seeing if it can go all the way.


This episode showed how important are the characters of Chase and Taub and how Park is not needed. She really has to go.


This was the best episode this season. Chase and Dr. Adams should be interesting in future episodes. The review said nothing about Dr. Park. She contriubtes nothing with her soft spoken, accented mubbling. She needs to go!


I enjoyed this episode and the return of Chase and Taub.I feel The POTW did a selfless thing by lying about the affair in the end ; you could see his wife was just hoping against hope that this confession had also been caused by his illness and she had already forgiven him when she thought it was true ,so it couldn't get worse for him,only for her.
I like the new team and seeing Foreman being developed more.All in all,everything's back on track faster than I thought it would be.


Doug, Virg, 2lolo, why don't you go to a real hospital, FILM THE PEOPLE THERE, and then make your own, REALISTIC documentary? The show is fiction, the hospital is fiction, the whole House universe is FICTION. I like the damn show, I like the writing for the show, and if you guys are too lofty for it, then why not just buy tickets to hamlet? May I suggest an italian opera? Or maybe you're more liberal, say a German opera? Speaking of cartoons, you are willing to allow Malcolm in the middle and the Simpsons to be absurd, but will not tolerate absurdity on House?? The whole premise of the SHOW is ABSURD and unrealistic!! SINCE THE START!! The board would have fired Cuddy and House a million years ago when he was banging her if it were supposed to be "realistic". And no, House is not a douche-bag to his little minions. They are there because they like it there. If they didn't like it, they would not be there.


WHY???? WHY Do anyone like this show???? HOUSE IS A DOUCHE=BAG!!!!!! Ever work with a DOUCHE-BAG Boss???


At least if the powers that be on this show sees something is not working they get rid of it. Still has a lot of work to be done on it to get it back to the great show it used to be but they seem to be trying.


I like many I know, are former House fans. House jumped the shark for the final time last season. No one would ever allow a doctor so completely off the rails to be working in a hospital, especially one with a major drug problem. Fox, do us all a favor and take House out to the field and put it down humanely. Look at it this way, it makes more room for yet another animated show on Fox because you all know we need more of those...cough..


I hate to say it, but I TOLD YOU SO... While everyone was whining about how the show wasn't the same, I predicted the return of the credits with the old team AND the fulfillment of better storylines.... Anyway, the show goes on, and promises to get better.

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