Lucy Griffiths Joins True Blood as Series Regular

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Lucy Griffiths has landed a major role on season five of True Blood.

The British actress, who has scant experience on American television, will come on board next summer as Nora, the ancient quasi-relative of Eric's who was also created by Godric. Look for this key character to be working as a double agent for the Authority.

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Nora will know Eric well and care for him passionately... but her dedication to the Authority will cause a major riff between "brother" and "sister," considering how season four concluded with Eric and Bill agreeing to team up against Him.

Nora is the first significant vampire to be cast. Look for a bevy of werewolves to soon join her in Bon Temps.

Filming on season five of True Blood kicks off the week after Thanksgiving.


I am a big fan of True Blood. This makes me even more excited to watch True Blood. We need more lead female roles. It feels like the show only revolves around Sookie, Pam and Arlene (whom I love alot)... but the cock to vag ratio in lead roles is rediculous. The guy lead roles: Eric, Bill, Jason, Andy, Terry, Sam, Alcide, the list goes on.


@Helen: totally agree with every word you said!


I love True Blood, but more characters? really? There were so many storylines in season 4 that didn't come together very well at the end. It made for quite a messy season. Id rather see less storylines and have them revolve around Sookies story a bit more...she is meant to be the heroine right? Im sure many people wont agree with me, but i miss the style of True Blood that I fell in love with in season 1 and 2 where we learnt about the world of the supernaturals through Sookie's eyes.


I can't wait for Season 5 to begin.
I really want to see Eric and Nora.
I'm wondering how she will get along with Pam,who's her "neice"
And I also wonder how she will get along with Sookie??
Will she approve of her or will she disapprove??


I remember her from robin hood on bbc wow the woman wow plays sookie's godmother was on there to

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