Major Gossip Girl Spoiler: The Fate of Blair's Baby

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Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf has been the center of attention throughout Season Five, and for good reason. She's getting married to the Prince of Monaco, being wooed by two other guys and having a baby.

There's been so much going on with Blair, Louis, Dan and Chuck that the paternity test and the question of whether she'll actually become a mother this season has felt almost secondary in recent weeks.

Well, get ready for some major scoop on that front ...

Future Princess of Monaco

Margaret Colin (a.k.a. Eleanor Waldorf) let something pretty big regarding Blair slip to New York Magazine, saying that she “had to show up to work to find out that, you know, that she lost the baby.”

This is after Gossip Girl executive producer Joshua Safran gave a coy answer when pressed about B’s impending motherhood at the show's 100th episode dinner, saying she’ll “maybe have a baby.”

Given the rumors of a time jump in the coming weeks, it seems less and less likely that we'll be seeing a mini-Chuck or Louis come spring. The question is how the miscarriage will be addressed.

What do you think? Is there any chance this is a misdirection and she will have the baby? Would you like her to? Whose baby is/was it? How do you think this will all play out, and is it a cop out?

Sound off on this Gossip Girl shocker below ...

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Lol seems like most are wrong . she looses the baby but so far hasd ended up with chuck


why is everyone against dan and blair being togethe? they make each other happy and are adorable! chuck is bad for blair and louis is just a bad guy. dan and blair have been through as much together as chuck and blair, and dan is obviously very smitten with blair, although who wouldn't be? she's amazing


@alex and another thing if your in anyway affialiated with the show
Extra friend of a writer, intern whatever then you really should not be
"confirming" things you signed a contract your not allowed to post things


@alex how have you seen the season finale of gossip girl they haven't even filmed it yet.
I can belIeve youve seen a script but I don't believe you saw the finale when it hasn't even been filmed yet. They where ordered a full season,there's no way they have filmed all 24 episodes.


Dan and Serena belong together idk .
I hope Chuck is still alive thats the best part of the show. forget the prince!


Chuck will be paralysed in th next 3 episodes.blair has lost the baby.Serena is pregnant.


Oh and have the baby


I agree that chuck MUST be alive and blair should cancel the wedding and return back with chuch in the end...


Its simple
1)blair will cancel of the wedding with louis as she is in love with chuck
2) chuck will be alive but will have memory loss
3) blair is still having the baby and waiting for chuck to get better and so moves in with Dan plantonically


I so hope Chuck doesn't die. I don't know how that show would survive really.