Gossip Girl Spoilers: Time Jump Ahead?

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Two more episodes of Gossip Girl remain in 2011.

Next Monday and the week after will bring us to 97 overall. With the royal wedding / 100th episode spectacular set for January 30, that means four more episodes to go before the event we're all waiting for.

Will there be some kind of time jump between now and then? Based on some of the rumors going around about the December 5 episode, don’t be surprised if the time warp happens then, TV Line reports.

Blair Waldorf Wedding Gown

“It [ends] you with a huge cliffhanger ... perhaps our biggest cliffhanger ever,” executive producer Stephanie Savage teased at the show’s 100th episode bash over the weekend.

Added fellow executive producer Josh Safran of the midseason finale, "Riding in Town Cars With Boys": “It is both emotional and personal. It will have you wondering what happens next, for sure.”

How far do you think the show will jump ahead, if at all, between now and Blair's wedding? What plot twists will that entail? ill Blair's pregnancy be involved? Share your theories and comments below ...

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chuck and blair did need to be apart yes they are good together and most-likely will end up together the always do at one point chuck wasnt good for her he used her to get bass industries back from jack witch dianna was on the phone with him at the end and he slept with jenny after he waited only 2 minutes for blair left chuck seems to fight for blair and make it seem like hes a good choice for her then when blair takes him back he brings her down hes done nothing but hurt blair yes hes changed now but for how long? jack is coming back witch brings out the worst of chuck maybe she does marry loui and then loose the baby because in an interview leighton meester "blair" said she had to go to work and read the script to find out she had lost her baby the didnt tell her in advance. so maybe she decided to actually merry loui and chuck try to fight for her even after maybe loui dies? like how lily decided to go threw with marrying bart even tho she loved rufes and admited it but then he dies leaving her be free too be with rufes that easily gets rid off loui because he loves her he wouldnt just let blair go so easily theres wedding pictures so theres going to be a royal wedding something must have changed blairs mind too decided to not call it off and i dont know what girl would allow it to reach the wedding day and let it get set up only to run away infront off all her friends instead of cancelling it privet witch she ws going to do before the crash like chuck said loui is right love not love that hurts and them playing games thats hurt like scheming eventually they will be together when the both are done with that witch i dont think they are yet if everyone was done scheming gossip girl would be done now wouldnt it witch nate dan and serena as they were talking about at the end was to take down gossip girl maybe they just might this time with how long do you think it would go on for? they are what now 21 22 in the show? u really think its going to go on till they are 30 or something? probably not because by that age by any age after 24 25 they really should have a life and not involved in gossip and scheming and all that even tho i really dread the day when it will end :(


i think blair and her baby will be safe .chuck's life is in danger but he will be safe in future.for baby's sake she agrees to marry louie but end up being run away bride .but i can't put my finger on things between dan, blair and sarena. dan expresses his felling or decides to stay calm .sarena helps him or oppose him .blair's reaction?????????.......


@suzanne stupid diana is friend of charlie's real mother thats why diana burn's chuck's mother photo when charlie brings all the files to her.


Trying to clarify. The woman in earlier season who claimed to be chuck's mother..did they prove she was or not? wondering if it turns out that Dianna is Chuck's real mother


Of course she'll lose the baby...look at her in the picture above. See a baby bump? and I totally agree with anongirl, I love chair too but all you complainers need to calm down.


im sooooo tired of all you fans that are obssessed w/ chuck and blair. All you do is talk about how the writers write bullshit and they just have to be back together or you wont watch, like stfu. i think chuck and blair would be amazing together again too, but for all of you that still watch and wine week after week about how chuck and blair arent together and how its ruining the show need to stop fucking watching the show and complaining about the show if you arent even watching it. like get a life. i come on here for the spoilers and to see peoples inputs on things, not 10,000 of the same complaints about chuck and blair not being together. In my opinion Chuck and Blair are the best characters on the show, and i want them back together too but im not on here whining about how them not being together is ruining the show and how the writers are stupid for not having them back together yet. its not "ruining the show" like actually watch it. If it was just about chuck and blair all the time and if they were together all the time then do you know how boring that would be? you are the same people that complained about how boring they were in season 3 when they were together. Like Wtf do you want then? They are boring when their happy together, and the show sucks when they arent together at all? Either way the show sucks overall to you then right? SO DONT WATCH IT THEN. im not saying you shouldnt watch if your a chair fan, just be content and patient w/ the show, there is a reason the writers write what they write people...and im sure chuck and blair will have an amazing scene when they get back together. so calm the fuck down.


I haven't been watching lately, and from what I am reading Chuck and Blair are still not together. I hope they get together soon, I miss the good episodes of gossip girl. I can't stand the whole Blair and Louis thing, I hope by the end of the year I can watch again. So dissapointed with this show, the writers need to fix it. I just want Chuck and Blair to be together again. It has been so long since they been happy together. Poor Chuck and Blair. I will keep watching season 3 till they fix this one.


I just hope Blair and Chuck get together! i totally love them they are so meant for each other... but i like Dan and Blair too, they are like soul mates BUT INTELLECTUALLY not romantically! it's nice they been friends but something more will ruin it all!
Louis needs to go away fast!


its just a dream i think..


Hopefully the pics of her running will be her running to Chuck

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