Major Gossip Girl Spoiler: The Fate of Blair's Baby

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Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf has been the center of attention throughout Season Five, and for good reason. She's getting married to the Prince of Monaco, being wooed by two other guys and having a baby.

There's been so much going on with Blair, Louis, Dan and Chuck that the paternity test and the question of whether she'll actually become a mother this season has felt almost secondary in recent weeks.

Well, get ready for some major scoop on that front ...

Future Princess of Monaco

Margaret Colin (a.k.a. Eleanor Waldorf) let something pretty big regarding Blair slip to New York Magazine, saying that she “had to show up to work to find out that, you know, that she lost the baby.”

This is after Gossip Girl executive producer Joshua Safran gave a coy answer when pressed about B’s impending motherhood at the show's 100th episode dinner, saying she’ll “maybe have a baby.”

Given the rumors of a time jump in the coming weeks, it seems less and less likely that we'll be seeing a mini-Chuck or Louis come spring. The question is how the miscarriage will be addressed.

What do you think? Is there any chance this is a misdirection and she will have the baby? Would you like her to? Whose baby is/was it? How do you think this will all play out, and is it a cop out?

Sound off on this Gossip Girl shocker below ...

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Ok here is what I think will happen based on spoilers from here and there, mainly youtube. The baby is miscarried, and yes Blair does admit to Louis the baby was really Chucks! However, Blair doesn't want Chuck to find out that she lied about it and fears Chuck will hate her forever. Louis is determined to marry Blair because now it is a prize thing he wants to win against Chuck, so he pretty much blackmails Blair into going ahead with the marriage and breaking Chucks heart in return of not telling him the truth about the baby. Chuck believed Blair was marrying Louis for the baby and is crushed when Blair tells him she loves Louis and she will marry him regardless of losing the baby. Blair doesn't marry Louis because the truth is found out just moments before the wedding, and Chuck is mad at Blair for lying to him about the baby.


wait a minute... if they haven't written it yet, then how could the pictures of blair in the wedding dress and footage of he filming the wedding scene at the church be real? i think they have written it or some things wouldn't add up... unless the pictures of blair running out of the church in the wedding dress were fake or whatever....


I have a few ties to the show through my internship this past summer with Time Warner (parent company of the CW) and I can tell you right now that Alex doesn't know what he's talking about. They haven't written the season 5 finale yet and they are very tight lipped about any possible direction the series might take - last I heard the writers don't agree on that one. But if I was betting I'd say that Blair will lose the baby only to find out that it was Chuck's all along.


@alex: you've already watched the season 5 finale? are you saying that there is no hope for chair anytime this season? if so, ughhh..idk, i guess i really just dont know what to say or think anymore. i really do love chair, but i think what upsets me more than the fact that they're not together, is the fact that EVERYONE continues to bash chuck. hes trying to become a better person, yet the same people that think hes a bad person, refuse to let him change. will chuck at least be redeemed by the season finale?


Okay, I doubt that when the writer's say "time jump" they mean YEARS. I'm pretty positive they're referring to months, if not weeks. But that's just mee...


Is this really a surprise to anyone? They were not going to let Blair really have a baby. It just adds to the dramatic effects. It could be called from the beginning that either Blair was going to lose the baby or Louis was going to die. Since Louis is a Prince, cards are in favor of a miscarriage. If this show gets another few seasons, a time jump is the best logical way to keep it going by pushing the characters into different aspects of their lives. People watch this because it's the life of socialites. They're rich, they're beautiful, they're scandalous, they wear nice clothes, they have nice long as that continues, it doesn't really matter how old they are. A couple of years isn't going to hurt. Let's just hope it paves some way for a solid Dlair friendship at least because we all know that's the best part of the series at this point.


@A Thanks for the link. I guess good thing about getting another season is things dont need to be rushed in the last half of season 5. Bad thing is that this show has gone downhill and I dont see it suddenly getting better next year. I am still a fan but the writing is bad and episodes are overall boring. I also kinda feel bad for the cast. Most are better than this show, even Chace, and I want to see them in other stuff. I have been catching up on Breaking Bad recently though so maybe I am being unduly harsh on GG subconsciously after watching such a brilliant show. But go and watch BB and then GG and all of GG's bad characterization, lack of build up and delivery and use of lame plot devices will annoy you like 1000x more.

Avatar for your last sentence...i would say there is a pretty good chance that you are going to change your opinion by the season finale .. hopefully you are just going to see that it is perfectly okay to love them both...ohhh or maybe our beloved Queen B is going to be the only one to come to this conclusion:)


Alex, I am confused. Who should tune in when?


i am just going to remember you guys, that there are always multiple scripts.....containing different story-lines....the decision which turn the script/story-line takes is mostly defined by external factors(such as: ratings=renewal for a new season, and so on....:) so maybe non-chair-sympathizers should also turn in even though their time hasn´t come(just yet:)

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